Friday, October 13, 2017

Regardless of his victory in the Grand Prix in which he equaled Peter Wright in being another player who won a major where top players were missing and devalues the title, his actions in the final against Simon Shitlock were that of a total prick.
Even the braindead muck savage spud munching Dubliners in the audience turned on him.
Seen people on twitter saying he would not have got away with that shit against the likes of Painter or Thornton, and it is hard to argue with this.
If you are going to play the bad boy it helps you dont cry like a fucking bitch every time a game is over. They guy is a total asshole and I think its only a matter of time before he rubs up more people the wrong way. While it appears he does have the talent for the Premier League I seriously doubt he has the temperament for it.

Other people deserving of a mention

James Wade:  As one member of the darts forum doublefinish  said Wade was  the best mop up man in the business when it came to titles when top players went out early, to see Wade of today is embarrassing. In past years he would have taken advantage in the Grand Prix where there was no Taylor or Ando, and the likes of  MVG, and Fatpot were already out, and Wade goes out to Steve West.. He failed to make it to the Champions League of Darts, and now tonight got absolutely battered by Nathan Aspinall, which now rules him out of the European championships.
It was the fourth leg before the cunt even got a shot at a single double.
Now people can bring up his mental illness, his depression etc but to me it looked like he simply has no hunger or is complacent at the very least.
Its all well and good thinking you are a great finisher, but if you don't score well enough to get to a finish then what good is his so called  great finishing, which itself looks more than suspect at the moment.
The biggest payday he had this year was the Premier League and that was non ranking. The plus for Wade is he had bottle, and is defending little in the coming months, but with his form, and missing the european champs I think his slide is gonna get worse, as he does not look like he is gonna change anytime soon.

Adrian Lewis : Along with Wade and Taylor he is the only player to remain in the PDC top ten for over a decade, and with Wade and Taylor soon to be dropping out of the Top 10, I expect this lazy cunt to join them.
Wade and Lewis are only in their 30s and play and act like they simply dont give a flying fuck, have zero desire or hunger. These guys should be approaching their prime not going the opposite direction. Mensur is older than both Lewis and Wade and look at how he is improving. Even Shitlock has managed to turn it around, cos he seems to give a shit, and this is what Lewis and Wade are lacking.

Gary Jobson Fans :   The jobber Gary Jobson has qualified for Lakeshite solely because of people turning down their Lakeshite option. Yet Gary Jobson fans took to social media to congratulate him as if he earned the spot by right and he achieved something special.
Then only fitting Jobson be at Lakeshite, since it represents everything the likes of Jobson represents.

Christian Kist: The most over rated player I have ever seen on the pro tour, a limping cunt with a goldfish mouth managed to lose tonight with a 66 average, and this guy won Lakeshite. If that is not proof how poor lakeshite is, was and always will be nothing will.

The PDC need to implement some sort of ruling where their top players are expected to compete in a certain percentage of euro tours. I love the euro tours but when Anderson, Barney, Wade, Lewis etc all ignore players champs and euro tours it is not only bad for the PDC as a whole, but a fuck you to the fans in the Euro tours who pay money in the hope of seeing the top players.
Allowances can be made for Taylor who is retiring, MVG and Krusty to their credit do a lot of Euro tours, but Ando , Barney and Lewis treat the event like shit, but you just know in the coming weeks Barney will spout his usual bullshit how "next year I will compete on the full tour" like he does before every World championship in an effort to bullshit people and make out he is serious again and remind people he wants to be in the Premier League.

As I said last week its one thing to piss on the Euro Events, but when a Major like the grand Prix has Taylor and Ando fucking it off, Lewis  and Wade who are their PL stars act like they would rather be anywhere else, you have to question the attitude of them.

I am a Wade and Lewis fan but if this is gonna be their attitude I hope they both fall down the rankings and fuck off, I rather watch Shitlock or anyone else that actually gives a shit .

Friday, October 6, 2017

After watching up to the final so far of this weeks PDC Grand Prix, the number of negative attributes among the players this week has been staggering.


Michael van Gerwen:
No one can knock his motivation dedication or bottle 99% of the time, but this week in his match against Hendo he showed a lack of motivation , it was almost as if he was complacent as he thinks he is unbeatable when Taylor or Anderson is not around. I for one was glad to see the fat dutch cunt roll of the stage ready for another sobbing session of tears, and his exit made the comp better, however again his attitude was not that of a top player. He lost to John Henderson....John fucking Henderson, and the kicker was Hendo won with a 76 average. I laughed like a bastard as the fat arsed hunchbacked cunt waddled of the stage with his fat head frowning and his eyes welling up.

Phil Taylor:
There was a rumor that Taylor copped a ban of the DRA, hence his absence this week , if this is not true, then Taylor seemingly deciding not to play out of choice is not good for the PDC.
The fact Taylor would rather do an exbo in a warehouse in that shit stain on the map Birmingham this weekend does not make for good publicity for the PDC. If Taylor cannot be motivated for what is generally considered the 3rd biggest major in the PDC after the Worlds and the Matchplay then it can hardly be a plus for the PDC.

Gary Anderson:
Yes I know Jockanese cunts falling over themselves to defend their fellow scot will tell us his girlfriend was pregnant and that's why he could not turn up.
I am not a maths teacher, but suspect he knew more than 2 days before the competition what week his girlfriend was due, so why not withdraw well in advance ?
We all know he is a lazy cunt anyway and misses plenty of Euro Tours and Players Championship, so he could have, and should have withdrawn earlier. Yet again this looks poor from a PDC publicity standpoint that the #2 in the rankings is not bothered.
And besides, that coal scavenging welsh shaky plumber got an unfair bye, which thankfully he wasted.

Adrian Lewis:
The greatest  waste of natural talent and possibly the laziest cunt in darts, at least when Ando does enter a comp he tries, Lewis was as pathetic this week as he was in the CLoD on BBC.
I could not care if he slides down the rankings, if he don't give a shit why should anyone else ?

James Wade:
Here is a guy who in his prime should have been called the Vulture or the Hyena, a scavenger of the highest order in a great way, There was no one better than him in darts when it came to cleaning up in comps after Taylor suffered a loss. This week with no Taylor. Fatpot jobbing again, MVG sent packing, all before Wade played his match you would think he of all players would think here is a chance of winning 100k, fly back up the ranking, add a title etc. He could not even muster up the motivation to appear to give a shit, so like Lewis fuck him and his slide down the rankings, if a player cannot motivate himself with all the top players out, then fuck him.


Stephen Bunting:
I still laugh today at all the simpletons on facebook, dart forums etc who thought this fat cunt would be a top player in the PDC when he joined, just because he won a Bob Potter tin cup at a run down hotel. One simpleton wrote on a forum he was the third best player in the world, and if that was not mental illness, countless others actually agreed with the spastic. I said then once he gets a few hammerings, and the 2 years were up he would be lucky to ever get within smelling distance of the top ten. Needless to say I was right, and in the 3 years the fat scouse loving donkey has played PDC its worse he has got, another cunt like Beaton, Kist, and Webster, an over rated cunt cos of Lakeshite.
His choking against Krusty was hilarious, as  it was almost expected.
Even when Fat Bunting was 2-1 up in legs and throwing for the match, I still thought he would choke,. He even threw first, got off first double, and Krusty missed all 3 darts at his double .He had a 6 dart lead, throwing first , at one stage in the leg he had a 185 point lead...and this was before he hit a maximum in the leg as well.....and the choking fat cunt still lost the leg, after missing match was the ultimate choke and it was hilarious.
Whenit was over he stood there with his stupid smile, like the good loser.
Show me a good loser  and I will show you a loser....this for me was Knob of the Week

Dave Chisnall :
Larry Butler and Peter Evison, have won more TV majors than Dave Chisnall....let that sink in.
Even Mark Bosnich who was given a trophy by Phil Taylor in the World Series has more TV trophies than Chizzy. Was gonna go in to detail on his match but thought fuck it, why bother, everyone knew he was gonna choke, was only a matter of when....we should do a Chizzy bingo and predict how many match darts he can miss in a match...was 5 in his match this week.


Justin Pipe:
Here is a cunt so slow everyone hates him.Boring to watch, irritating to listen to and has a complex  where he thinks he is something special. Norris was equally as shit but at least he won, and Pipe then tried to blame the retarded Irish cunts in the audience for his defeat.
Lets face it, if Pipe quit darts in the morning no one would miss him. In fact almost everyone would welcome it. .

Kim Huybrechts;
Another poisonous vile cretinous cunt, who has no problem trying tactics and gamesmanship if he thought it would help him, but the first to cry if anyone tried it on him, loves to cry about others celebrations, but has no problem acting the maggot when it suits him. I was delighted to see Thornton knock him out, pity it was not physically as well on the oche. Odious Belgian prick even threatened audience members and was seemingly asking people in the crowd "outside2 as if challenging them to a fight. The cunt would not handle a Irish woman on beer let alone a bloke. They would dance of his gomey skulL.

 The overall performance by the top players this week was not good for the PDC.
2 never bothered to attend, the rest went out early and were motivated or complacent. If I were Uncle Barry I would not be happy, if this was a Euro tour event then what harm, but said earlier this is supposedly the 3rd biggest Major in the PDC,

The flip side, which the PDC were rightly quick to promote is the comp was refreshing in that it made it more open for a change, and that was out of chance not really design and hopefully Uncle Barry will take the attitude of some players like Lewis, Wade and Barney and fuck them out of the next Premier League .

I would rather watch Mensur and Whitlock in the PL as those 2 and a few others acted like they actually gave a shit this week . Give me a player that tries and puts his heart in it over some complacent prick anyday. Even that vile cunt Gurney who acts like a deformed mutant, and cries as much as peter Wright and Stephen Bunting on their periods deserves a PL spot more than most who usually get them.

Meanwhile in in the land of the Rising Sun there was a WDF World Cup on.
Remember how all bdo fans and especially their brain dead players harp on about how important International darts ?
Well no England  at this World Cup, seems the EDO who exist to promote England Darts could not care nor afford to send a team, they only had 4 years to get ready for it, and the EDO amazingly did not think sending England to the World cup was not important.
Then again Scotland could not be arsed either to send a team, defenders of England and Scotland claim the WDF is not that important.
If this is true and the WDF is really not important, they why do they always claim lakeshite as "official" id the WDF dont matter ?
Seems to me its only important to mushrooms when it suits their cause.

Ask anyone on the street what is the official World Darts Championship and almost every one will say the PDC, the casual fan will tell you the one with Phil Taylor of MVG..

Has anyone seen any footage of this WDF World Cup yet ?, any mention in the tabloids ?
Any news on the sports headlines ?

Thought not.....

Friday, September 29, 2017

Sue Williams:
After numerous fuck ups in scheduling this year by both the bdo and the EDO where late sessions caused not only some matches to run into the early morning and some matches not being aired, including a munters final, you would think Popcorn teeth would have taken this on board and given themselves enough time to get the session done on time.
But no, they decided not to start until 5pm as the earlier time was given over to the cripples, and lets be honest, thats even worse than munters darts, and before any cunt starts crying that I am laughing at the cripples , just remember I am not singling them out, as I treat able bodied, the munters and defective dripple cunts in the bdo all with the same equal contempt. Thats the type of decent lad I am I do not discriminate.....everyone gets treated the same.
I noticed too from what I saw all the defectives were male, so what about disabled munters, is their a womens game for cripples as well ?
40 stone heifers in wheelchairs fucking darts like Michael J Fox on a trampoline  in the dark.
As the evening progressed it was clear the live comedy was gonna run late, and that was with the player ranked 84th in the PDC ploughing through the field  like an isis terrorist in Paris.
By the time Krzysztof was laying waste to Melted Plastic Nag face, it was clear those who were still hanging around the emptying hall were all not happy to see the Pole doing well.
Even from the off in the first leg, Durrant even complained that the cameras were too loud, as someone pressing a button on a camera was upsetting him.
Watching McGeeny and his arm with scabies in the final was like watching a person getting raped while drugged with laughing gas, he got destroyed and just had this retarded smile on his face as the Pole(excuse the pun) tore into him without mercy and McGeeny was the victim.
By the time the ordeal was over for him the crowd had fucked off, and was practically the next day as it was midnight before it was over, and Eurosport finished showing the shit.

Where was the presentation ? We were told this was a "major" and a so called "prestigious" one at that. I wanted to see the presentation, if only for the cunts faces as the Pole collected his trophy and the 25k prize money.
If Krzysztof  had not won with such ease against the so called best of the bdo, it could have seen this continue long after midnight, and there was the chance Eurosport would not have continued showing it.
So it begs the question, why did it start so late and will the bdo board ever learn ?
When the head of the BDO cannot even get the most basic things right is it any wonder things are the way they are,.
It was bad enough it was played in a shithole, and midweek , and in front of a handful of people but timing issues like this should never be an issue.

I wonder how long before the gash, the wart, the gay waiter and the rest of the xenophobic cunts in the bdo come up with some excuse to stop players like Krzysztof from entering events.
The pole broke no rules, and the crying on facebook and forums was a joy to read.
Some even complained the 25k Krzysztof won would end up in Uncle Barrys coffers....then thats better than giving 10k to a con artist and criminal in the BDO like a certain bdo player did.....

In fact if Krzysztof tells the bdo to shove bobs mickey mouse tin pot comp  and opts for the financially more lucrative option of Ally Pally there will be one player in the BDO happy....Gary Jobson.

All in all was a wonderful event result wise. Seeing a PDC ranked 84th player ripping up the field was hilarious, the crying on social media from the mushrooms, and even Uncle Barry laughing about it on social media saying a PDC player winning was no surprise made it even funnier.

Anyhow, the business end of the year has now begun so from here on out we will be getting the announcements of announcements on a regular basis from the BDO as we get closer to that day in January where the entries for PDC Q-School are completed.
Every year some simple minded cunt always takes to facebook or twitter to announce the bright future and upcoming new events in the bdo like the welsh quiff Williams,Scott Mitchell and Tony O Shea who go on about "the bdo is gonna grow", "players returning to the bdo" and other bullshit.

Other notable mentions this week

Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant.I have never seen a more mentally weak player that is hyped as much as this insecure cunt.
You can visibly seen him crumbling, speaking to himself trying to  boost himself as he obviously has little self belief.
He was acting like he was in shock as his mid 90 average was not enough to see his opponent crumble like usually happens in the BDO when opponents just roll over.
It was another game where the sparse crowd were obviously not rooting for "johnny foreigner" which made the win all the more better, and besides I even predicted prior to the match on a dart forum the pole would win.

Chris Mason:
The guy who once called the BDO car crash tv and then pretended it never happened when he got a job on comms with them. He was atrocious on comms and he made idiotic statements, called a few wrong checkouts, and had no idea of certain players like Rachna David a former Lakeshite player.I read on a darts forum that he supposedly made some racial comment as well.
A natural successor to the equally stupid Tony Green.

Mark McGeeney:
This time last week he was the BDO #1....I shit thee not.
He was without doubt the worst BDO #1 since Steve Farmer, even James Wilson was not as bad as him.
Reached the final with his 83 average only because his German jobber opponent was ever more shit than him.
Got destroyed in the final and the only shock was the fucker managed to win a set. He accepted defeat by the third set  and did a stupid grin to pretend he was not bothered. Then maybe he was not bothered, as he certainly does not appear to be the type of player with any bottle so accepting defeat might be almost natural to him.

Ross Montgomery: This toxic dwarf who got bowled out after chucking an average in the 70s then cried like a cunt on fanatics cos "johnny foreigner" who entered the Master actually had the audacity to win his matches.You just know it was not only because he was foreign and was upsetting the "clique" but because Krzysztof played PDC event.
I bet he was absolutely seething at the result chucking his 17 pieces of lucky jewellery at the TV in anger,
When asked on twitter by fans  about any possible GSoD decision he went and banned those asking questions. Ignorant little cunt with his napoleon complex, the stunted cunt should be playing disability darts as being a midget is surely a form of disability.

Tony O Shea :
The greatest jobber in darts bar none, and in the bdo he has plenty of competition, His choking yet against that coal scavenging jobber with the quiff Jim Williams in an atrocious match was awful viewing, but some cunt had to win it and was Williams.

Jim Williams : After his atrocious match with Bottler O Shea where he won with an 80 average in this so called "prestigious major" he went out and rolled over for Cameron Menzies.
Cameron Menzies then turned out in his next match and rolled over for the Pole Krzysztof.....anyone sensing a pattern of jobbers win one lose one ?

Gary Jobson:
Here is another guy without a set of balls or belief in his so called ability. He missed out on the spot at Bob Palace of Piss and opted not to enter the qualifiers. He opted to play the waiting game and hope the Pole goes to Ally Pally and he might get in to the January Jobber Jamboree that way.
Had he any belief in his own ability he would have entered thew qualifiers and won and not have depended on others or handouts.

Speaking of handouts, I think its a joke that the selectors for the Cidercan Masters, or Finder or whatever name this 2 bit comp is called these days has given the obese hun cunt Fordham and Jeff Smith wildcards. Nobody should ever get invites or wildcards to a ranking event regardless of code.
Same with BDO scum being invited in to the PDC Grand Slam of Darts now its a ranking event.
Give wildcards to the CLoD or the Premier League or whatever, they are exbos, but it should never happen in ranking comps.

What has Jeff Smith and the Elephant done to deserve these wildcards, what majors have they won in the last 2 years ?
Nothing, they are only in a ranking comp because they are part of the clique in the BDO.
Or maybe the selectors think these 2 cunts are the nearest the get to any "name value" and lets be honest its an event no one will really be watching bar the most hardcore fans who would watch it regardless whoever is in it.
No one who was not going to watch will now watch because they are in it.

I heard a rumour but cannot confirm it but was told Taylor missed the Grand Prix due to a DRA fine over his antics against Cadby in the World Series, and whilst I have no way of verifying it , it does seem plausible as the DRA have a history of keeping certain fines private when it suits certain players, and might explain why Taylor would "opt out" of what is to me the best Major in Darts after the World championships at Alexander Palace.

 Biscuit Update :

With so many people now threatening to come to my home to sort me out and stupid enough to think threatening me will somehow make what I say any less true or change the facts, I feel I should let you know what biscuits I will have on offer each week for those who call.

This weeks biscuit  :  Pink Wafers

Saturday, September 23, 2017

since I went for a few pints tonight , this weeks write up is by a guy who has written a few in the past

This week's award was a absolute slugfest between four of the biggest names the PDC have to offer all shown live on the BBC, so any soap dodging kiddie fiddler hoping for yet another win for that neolithic organisation terrestrial television have forgotten about may as well crawl away and die right now.
Hoping to snag a early lead in proceedings was Dave "chizzy" Chisnall as once again the St Helens sharpshooter who talks like a drowning mongoloid with a cleft palate folded quicker than the bonnet on Marc Bolans yellow mini.
Also making a early burst for the winning line was "mighty" Michael van champion, World number one and a sex pest supremo that has put more prostitutes on their backs than Peter Sutcliffe's hammer, as the downy looking fuckstain fell at the first fence against a resurgent Ray Barneveld sporting a brand new Pritt-Stick & public hair wig that Sylvia had cobbled together in the players lounge.
The second round saw the other two contenders for KOTW make a appearance as father of the year Peter "the painted spastic" Wright and Adrian "male breast cancer awareness week" Lewis both got their cunts smashed in with woeful performances.
Round 3 and the race hotted up as Chizzy's sphincter started twitching morse code messages to his underpants, warning of oncoming heavy traffic & skidmarks aplenty.
Mvg tried his usual antics of coughing like he's dying of pleurisy against Taylor yet still got fucking shafted out of the tournament and Snackpot the man who last saw his genitalia around the same time Michael Jackson stopped breathing, rolled over for the third successive game against the headshaking postman.
Winner winner chicken dinner is the one....the only....Peter "fuck paying child support" Wright as the toxic plastic jock spunked eight...yes EIGHT match darts to beat Gary Anderson due to the fact he soiled his underpants faster than Goatse having a sneezing fit the morning after consuming 10 pints of Guinness & a mutton vindaloo.

Friday, September 15, 2017

On the eve of the PDC being on BBC yet again, the BDO must think where did it all go wrong.

A quarter of a century ago the players could see Olly Croft was stuck in the past, but for all his flaws, and there were many, he at least had BBC for his Lakeshite comp, and he even managed to get most of the Winmau Masters on tv from recollection.

When that bearded prick stabbed only in the back the excuse and reasons given at the time was that "change was needed", and it changed alright under the bearded cunt, it got even worse, and has managed to go backwards ever since.
Under the "leadership" of the Williams  they are now in a worse position than they were at the time of the split. If Barry Hearn wanted to fuck up the BDO he could not have done the job Sue did for him.
Barry Hearn who once made a 2million quid offer  for the BDO a few years ago must laugh every day at both his moment of madness and how things worked out.

Surely this dozy wench must realize she simply is not fit for the job, never was.
Gone are the days of live BBC coverage where most of their TV is now a stream on winmau's website, and with their deal with Channel 4 coming to an end after Lakeshite I look forward to their announcements of announcements, promises of a "new era", and a "bright future"
The mushrooms will of course lap that shit up as usual and mouth off how things are gonna change, but the same mushrooms are the ones complaining about the hike in ticket prices, wont attend events and barely watch the bdo shit on youtube as it is.

Its so bad now they are no longer trying to stir shit with the PDC they are busy fighting among themselves. They wont promote EDO on the BDO website out of sheet pettiness and do what they can to scupper their events.
A load more were whinging over Trina Gulliver leaving her county team to go to Lincolnshire.
I am no fan of Trina, but if its true her relationship broke down you can hardly blame her for wanting to make a new start with a new team, even if it is that shower of shitbags Lincoln.
Morons on bdo fanatics crying about her Loyalty, its county darts ffs, no one only the simpletons who play it and their partners give a shit about it, its not 1977, its 2017.

County darts is up there with brass darts and raffle tickets  as a reminder of how pathetic the bdo is.

I also see that Sharon Prins, a seed for the winmau Masters has pulled out and will be playing in the World Cup.
I always see the retarded mushrooms harp on about how the Masters in the oldest "major", and the second most important event in the BDO.
Yet the same people spout international darts is the pinnacle of the game. So  Prins would rather play in the WDF World Cup than play in a so called bdo "major", and that is a seed that put country before the masters. So if she is right and International darts is that important, then it means the failure of the EDO to send a team to Kobe for the World Cup is even more embarrassing.
Then the EDO had only four fucking years to get ready for it.

After what will be a successful weekend for the PDC on BBC you can almost guarantee the BDO in their seething will make some announcement of announcement in the coming week or so to try and seem relevant.
Already this week I have read comments by dozens of simple bdo fans who cited the Champions League of Darts is only an exbo, a non ranking comp, etc.
 It is, and what does that tell you ?

That the BBC would rather show a non ranking exbo than ever show that bdo shit again.
Let the weekend of seething commence.

Friday, September 8, 2017

This cunt is suppose to be the "players director" yet spent the last couple of weeks promoting every 2 bit piece of piss scabby European event from the Swedish open to the Antwerp to even the godforsaken mickey mouse Vizcaya Open, yet now the England Darts Open at Selsey is coming around not a single peep from the cunt or the BDO.
Could they make this bias and agenda any more obvious.
The funny part are the simpletons who think this chubby fat barrel of monkey spunk was going to be a bonus to the BDO board, instead he is just another bitter , grudge bearing dinosaur , that continues the trend of utter morons on the bdo board.
Speaking of the EDO Tommy Thompson has decided to do a Q&A session with me, and hopefully have this for next week or the week after.

A mention this week also for Robert Thornton who looks like he might miss the World Grand Prix, as Richard North has now got in to a spot via the players oom, and if Norris or Whitlock get a run this weekend then Thornton is out of the Grand Prix via the main OoM as well.
That is dome fall from grace for the guy that won the Grand Prix against MVG only 2 years ago in 2015.

I reckon himself, Wade and a few others are on the steady decline and bar an odd performance looks like their days at the top are numbered..

Been another good weekend so far for the Polish Eagle Krzysztof Ratajski, and seems he is almost certain to qualify for the PDC Worlds, and quite possibly could qualify for Lakeshite also, looking forward to the mushrooms having a cry when he chooses the PDC Worlds over Bob Potter piss soaked dilapidated January Jobber Jamboree, and who other than the inbred simpletons of the BDO could blame him when a first round loser makes 11k regardless or 18and half grand for a second round defeat,
He would have to reach the semis finals of Lakeshite to earn 15k.
Cannot wait til the complaints start when he turns up at BDO events later in the year, suspect the cunts like Warty will be the first snidey little tosspot to moan about Ratajski  ( behind their back as usual).
Another mention again for the most over rated player on the European circuit Max Hopp.
Here is a guy who only is where he is in the rankings over the advantage he has of so many Euro tours being held in Germany, if he had to qualify in the main qualifiers in the UK he would not be making it.
Today he lost to Jamie Caven....seriously when the telescope inspector is beating you , the likes of Rod Harrington who kisses the teutonic hun's hole must feel like a total spaz.
The dipstick even got a world Series spot.
Time to do away with the home nation qualifiers for the euros and lump them in with all the europeans.
I remember the crying, and rightly so when the Irish players were getting an unfair advantage in the Grand Prix solely on it being held in Ireland.
Players should be qualifying for events on merit and not because of the nationality in European Events, lump all the continental players together.

Anyhow off to bed, got in at 6.30 am.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

As we approach the fifth year anniversary of Knob of the week good to see the first ever winner still manages to win the award.
Its about the only thing this blubbering fat hypoglycemic mess will ever win.
The lazy sweaty postman could not get of his diabetic arse to even enter this weekends euro tour in his own country. I know other top players could not be arsed either but this dutch prick is the cunt who every december promises he will do the full tour the coming year, mostly to keep himself relevant and keep himself in contention for a PL spot he never deserves.

The bumbling fragile mess of a cunt only qualified for the Grand Slam through the World Cup, and he should never have been in that in the first place as this year like the last he only got in undeservedly after the other dutch cunt hunchback the whore humper cried and had the rightful  player Klaasen kicked out,

Sick of the cunt getting preferential treatment like selection for the PL, the World Cup etc. It gets more like the BDO with their favoritism and old boys club.
Its over a decade since the prick won a ranking tv major, and we still have that shaky string of piss the squinty eyed Dave Clarke mouthing "el Classico" everytime he plays Taylor like its the top match in darts.
Sick of hearing how he is a five times world champion when he has only won one world title as lakeshite titles dont mean fuckall, let alone be worthy of the accolade of World title.
I am sure there are some knuckle dragging northern inbred bdo mushroom cunts who will spout that lakeshite is official cos the WDF said so, but lets face it, no one gives a fuck about the WDF.

See the BDO diary was released and there is no mention of the World Darts CatasTrophy, hopefully it is dead, or else they will shoehorn it in somewhere where it will clash with another event and cause more infighting among the bdo as they stumble from one clusterfuck to another, why change their habit now.
Will provide more comedy for us PDC fans to witness in the coming months.

Also a mention for the truly simple cunts who bought tickets for Bob Potters January jobber Jamboree , at their increased prices, and bought seats at the back of the venue thinking the seats they bought were near the front because they were too dense to understand the seating map.
These people are truly retarded.

Checkout this buffoon who wrote on bdo fanatics.
Dan Moult

Forgot to post this the other day. I've grown up watching faithfully the world's at Lakeshite every year and was lucky enough to go in 2016. Anyway, on Tuesday our league had its individuals first round and as I trundled upstairs to the board I was playing on I came face to face with Daryl Fitton (we were at his home pub and they wanted a chuck, not realising we were on), I actually felt quite star struck and a little giddy, it was akin to a teenage girl seeing "Dave?" from love island (I imagine) it just felt weird.
Anyone else ever got like that or just me?
(I also felt the same with a similar situation with Tony O Shea a few years back, I am fortunate enough to see him a couple times a season now and I already knew a lot about him through personal reasons so it was a little different)
My name's Dan and Im an addict.........

 I guess I wont be on Dan's Christmas card list, thank fuck.