Friday, April 21, 2017

This week the award goes to the Human Calculator, the man who in a total coincidence suffered an injury  which ruled him out for months the exact minute he was banned by the PDC.
All a coincidence.

This week he and his wife decided to relive the golden days of the last century in typical bdo style by advertising their new idea of a pub crawl on a bus which ends in an exhibition. See Here

Imagine that bus load of fucking pissheads , munters, jobbers and cunts ending up in your local after a days drinking, it would be some exhibition alright.

As one member on The Darts forum wrote:

Special mention this week for the Winstanleys.

After fucking up his career in the PDC and following his Mrs around on the munters tour, big Deano and his Mrs have decided to roll back the years and recreate On the Buses, 21st Century style, by inviting all to join them on a bus tour of the shabby working men's clubs of the West Midlands for the princely sum of £70 a pop. What better way to blow your hard earned than to join Arthur and Olive on a throwback to the days of the miners strike, the three day week , social disharmony etc.
Yorkshire v the Greats of the West Midlands, bring it on.

Also a mention this week for Sue the Gash and her cunt husband who are doing a wonderful job for the BDO. Still no mention of the prize money for the Catas Trophy, let alone the news of what TV channel its on...oh wait...darts on tv is a bad thing.
Lets hope Popcorn and the Cuckold stay in charge of the BDO and wont stop til they complete their mission of killing the bdo dead til even the flies in the shit fuck off..

A mention also for Gary Anderson who was 4-0 up on Taylor and then lost the next 7 legs on the trot....what were the odds on that...I bet Ando knew.

James Wade, time for him to be fucked out of the Premier League. as he is stinking up a comp that is already starting to bore me as it goes on to long, not helped by seeing Mardle and that squinty eyed shakin stevens impersonator rattle on.
Also the last time he was kicked out of the PL it actually helped his game..

And of course no weekend of PDC darts would be complete without one of the most consistent groups in the history of darts doing what they do best.

Yes I am referring to the JOB Squad, the likes of Pecker woods , a former Lakeshite semi finalist going out with a 71 average, the likes of Jeffrey Giraffe and Kong and other jobbers who did well at Lakeshite receive their usual beating in the first round.
No surprise this weeks KotW winner Winstanley was also a member of this illustrious group.

Friday, April 14, 2017

This week the winner was decided by members on the Darts and this is a write up by one if its members which is a thing of beauty :

What a calamitous week we have had with every man, woman and invisible fuckin dog vying for the most prestigious title in world darts, the one and only Knob Of The Week.
Multiple previous winner, chairperson of the BDO and Robbie Coltraine drag act Sue Getty Williams put in a valiant attempt to hold on to her thorny crown by turning the oldest major in "world" darts the Winmau World Masters into a mid-week camera free zone in fucking Bridlington......yes, good old Brid, a place that godforsaken the fucking asylum seekers cannot climb back in their dinghies quick enough to escape the Gaza Strip of the North.
In another stroke of sheer genius auntie Sue the woman that visits a archaeologist rather than a dentist managed to get the World (catas)Trophy relegated from Potters emporium of excrement to a even bigger doss hole in south Wales by the name of the Memo arts centre.
Hopefully this event isn't televised as the Memo looks like Cruise Missile practice range and the only reason the fucking windows are boarded up is to stop the rough sleepers from escaping.
Unfortunately all these efforts from the woman whose charred teeth look like vandalised gravestones are in vain as outright winner this week is the biggest joke in PROFESSIONAL darts.
Step forward Peter "snakebite" Wright who steamrollered this week's other contenders by sinking quicker than Andy Fordham dancing in quicksand not once but TWICE last night.
This painted spastic with a penchant for firing his population paste into the super morbidly obese found himself 4-0 then 5-1 up against the prozzie rider before the seal on his colostomy bag blew off like the top of Kurt Cobains head & the silly looking cunt could only manage to gurgle his way to a draw against his master.
This Heimlich manoeuvre masterclass was then followed by Ronald Mcdonald turning a 2-1 lead against the jock Mr Magoo into a 7-2 hammering as once again the clowns dinner hit his underpants quicker than Donald Campbell's skull struck Coniston Water.
Rolls Royce choking and a worthy winner indeed.

It was as succinct  as it was eloquent, almost brought a tear to my eye...calm down jabba, ....dont get your hopes up as I got 2..
The frightening thing is this was the first week Krusty has won the award, when you consider how often he chokes you have to wonder how bad were those who pipped him for the award.
I liked how Ando said after his first match against Chizzy thursay night how he was looking forward to playing Wright, think he wanted to batter him which he did for pretending to be a scot.

Here is the English cunt in all his glory

Other people needing a mention beside Popcorn teeth for moving the Masters to a slag heap in the land that time forget are Phil Taylor who blew not only the chance to beat Wade by a large margin he ended up losing the match, and Wade was shit for the majority of the match. Cunt should fuck off before he becomes any more of a laughing stock and object of ridicule and pity, we already have the bdo for that.

And of course Dave Chisnall, it is like Krusty, you just know the choke is coming, and sure enough he missed 7 darts to win the match. It was like Krusty at 5-1 you still could not see the Tony O Shea impersonator winning.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Apologies for the late news this week as I was in the pub,and that is my excuse.
What is Sue the Gash excuse for the silence coming out of the BDO ?

This week the winmau Masters which is laughingly referred to as the "2nd biggest bdo major" is reported,,,and by reported I mean a bed and breakfast broke the news that the masters will now be held in Bridlington  in midweek in September.
It took a player who once played on Bob Potters piss soaked stage of shit to break the news on forums that a bed and breakfast confirmed themasters news , and still nothing from the BDO.

I guess they are busy what with updating their site with all the news on the World Darts CatasTropy...oh wait...

As for Bridlington, this quote by a resident of the dump sums the place up
 A random patchwork of violent council estates and traveller sites by the murky waters of the North Sea, makes this town one of the worst places to live in England, even before the extra bonus of the entire Giro cashing population of Hull, Sheffield & Doncaster (three of the nastiest towns in the north) decamping here for the summer months.

Beirut with Seaside Rock & Tat shops, Bridlington offers those of a Chav persuasion two additional favourite hang outs aside from the usual joys of wrecking children’s playgrounds or necking Mad Dog 20/20 Kiwi & Lime outside Sports Direct – the “fair” and the arcade.

Both of these are Chav institutions, with the fair consisting of a sea of Chavs, screaming incessantly as they are packed onto badly constructed rides by mean looking pikeys, all to the backdrop of 300 strobe lights and 3 year old handbag house at ear bleeding volume. Chavs could then hit the arcade, where the kids are abandoned to play in the traffic outside the door whilst Mum & Dad (or partner anyway) blow the incapacity benefit on the fruities & jumbo dogs.

If you ever have to visit this god-forsaken corner of Yorkshire, make sure it is out of season, when the smog of Mayfair Superkings clears slightly, you can walk around without having to avoid pools of part digested chips and you don’t have to look at huge crowds of fat, bare midriffed biffers taking their alsatians for a shit on the beach.

The world would be a better place without midgets, and their napoleon complex's and insecurities.
One forum has mushroom midgets moaning so much it has practically killed their site and drove away its members. and speaking of stunted midget cunts a mention for the inbred yorkshite midget Doggy Dawson. This simpleton had to go on a facebook group to find out details about events seeing as Popcorn teeth was bushing fingering herself watching a Ken Dodd VHS to post anything on the bdo webshite.
The funniest part is Dopey Dawson has not even qualified for the event, which led to one person claim he already got a wildcard, for an event no one knows when it is on or even if it is on.
And if true he has won a wildcard, where was the announcement or why were others not made aware.

Another vertically and mentally challenged cunt that deserves a mention is that shitstain Warty Montgomery who in his typical bitter jealousy and dwarf anger has been taking shots at Paul hogan and Cameron Menzies. A truly poisonous little cunt with small man syndrome who even with his "17 pieces of lucky jewellery" has never been anything but a grade A fucking jobber cunt.
Moaning about Paul Hogan playing and winning a comp in Benidorm...with a 70 average as well as having a dig at Cameron Menzies for not going to Germany.
What the fuck has it got to do with that dwarf cunt is another story, and there is no shortage...excuse the pun...of people who think Warty is a total cunt.
I particularly liked this nomination
My pick for this week is the BDO'S answer to Tattoo from Fantasy Island & professional rulebook page turner Ross "The Boss" Montgomery.
This fence painting miniscule maggot and cack rash on the underpants of "toy" darts had a little sob this week as Paul Hogan took a few days off from appearing in police identification parades for "he touched me merchants" to lay waste to the competition in Benidorm.
McLoyalty went on a rant because Hogan and Daniella Westbrooks apprentice Cameron Menzies decided to give this comp a punt rather than head out to Germany with the rest of the travel club spastics on the piss riddled seats of the sunshine bus.
Hopefully some kraut nonce mistakes the petite porridge slurping parasite for a little kid this weekend and pulls a Ben Needham on the doss little warty wankbag.
The vindictive little cunt won't be missed.

Friday, March 31, 2017

As head of the EDO, the shower of simpletons responsible for that shit called International Darts that was sadly shown on some obscure 2 bit tv channel Tommy Thompson wins this weeks Knob of the Week.
How in the blue fuck can spending what little money the EDO have on showing that shit beggars belief. Then this is the man who did not notice when a treasurer of his in Lancashire Darts fed a slot machine thousands of quid.

Tommys chief lackey and Deta's personal servant claimed the darts was value for money.
Value for who? The only people that gained from the shit darts were frontrunner tv who got paid to show it.
Somewhere in an office last week a bunch of executives were pissing themselves laughing at the thought people were paying them to show that shit.
A global audience of a few hundred will hardly see it as value for money.

The production was utter shit and would have been inexcusable in the last century, let alone this one.
Camera work, graphics, sound, quality etc, you name an area and they managed to fuck it up.
Then there was the appalling standard.
In the entire competition there was 3 times as many averages under 49.99 as there was averages over 100.
Out of the 144 averages, 133 of them were under 90

The full list:

Weeks back when the fixture list and schedule came out everyone could see that it was gonna run late, but sure enough there was no one in the EDO could have foreseen this and what a hilarious thing that turned out to be when the only moment of quality in the entire weekend of shit happened and Pp P P Paul Ho ho ho hogan got his 9 darter frontrunner had already dumped that shit of its channel.

There was of course no shortage of biased mushrooms who tried to defend this shit which saw averages in the 30s. Some mushrooms even demanded the averages I posted be removed cos the truth  hurt them.
One simpleton claimed the TV channel showing the programme listed as International darts was not a tv programmme, even though said programme was on tv. Then that was also the same simpleton who said Phil Taylor was the only difference between the codes.

The normal people on Earth who were aware of the International shit did not watch that shit, and those who did  view for comedic purposes  were quick to point out its abysmal waste of time
Some comments from The Darts Forum
Frankly there's only one winner for me.
The British Internationals was car crash shite.
Woeful standard.
Why the fuck televise the dead sets at the end of games? Who wants to see some cunt who's team has already lost play a game against some other amateur jobbing cunt.
Twice now the retards have run out of time on their *ahem* TV broadcast.
How difficult is it to schedule matches that are best of 7 legs for fuck sake.
Hardly any England player played great and they still won 22 out of 24 games.
Can't wait for the British Pentathlon.
That will be even fucking worse.
another on missing what would have been the first 9 darter on British TV in over 27 years.
 Let's not forget the first BDO/WDF live televised nine darter in over 2 years was missed because they ran out of time to show greyhound racing

 And where were the current Bob Potter Run Down Hotel in Surrey Champions the Teeside Toxic Avenger and Lisa Ashton ?
Thats right no where to be seen, tells you how much they cared for that shit event.In fact the Munters champion would sooner job on the PDC Challenge tour than attend that shit mickey mouse crap in Leeds.

Other mentions this week go to the PDC for awarding Krusty a 7-0 win over Huybrechts.
Something that rightfully appeared to annoy a few players, which makes you wonder why MVG's opponent never got a 7-0 win when MVG missed an event over his back which he probably put out humping some prostitute in Bradistan.
So what if Kim was relegated, he has weeks to play the game as seeing as he was already relegated that leg difference could be a huge factor come the end of the comp.

James Wade was nominated by a few people as well for his petulant sulky behaviour, although in Wade's favour he hardly gives a shit about the PL anymore and has always been vocal about the clique in the PDC, which ironically led to his initial omission a couple of years back when the PDC tried to pretend they were doctors and it was over "medical reasons" and they knew what was best for him.
It also seems this "ref cam" that the comms were wetting themselves over was another issue Wade was moaning about as supposedly he could not see his score due to the ref in the way with his new cam on his arm, so hopefully that new idea will be fucked in the same bin as the quatro board..

Fatpot Adrian Lewis - His vow to knuckle down this year and get back on track has been a disaster.
It seems already he has pulled out of some European Tours and Players doubt getting pissed on a tugboat for Deller is more important.

Here is another hilarious nomination I received for Knob of the Week on the Darts forum where people can add their nominations.
 What a night in Cardiff it was as fat guts the weeping clown got more air time than any Fucker actually throwing darts and James Wade left Dr Jekyll at home knocking the back out of Sammi and sent Mr Hyde up on the stage to get turned inside out by the yawning tramp.
Enough of these halfwits as we move on to what really matters most, winning this week's award by a bigger landslide than the one caused by Joanne Wright when she tried a Zumba workout is the Frontrunner/EDO conglomerate that has taken the world of darts by storm.
After last week the EDO tried to extinguish the flames of racism by putting out a photoshopped picture of Adolf Eichmann worshipper Vic Sexton firmly ensconced between a pair of part time dart players and professional sunbed testers the lovely Olive and delightful Deta.
Unfortunately the photograph was that badly done poor old Vic had a arm that withered he looked like a Ian Dury tribute act with a Joe Cullen style combover.
Not to be outdone, Frontrunner managed NOT to televise PPPaul HHHHogan hitting a nine dart leg but we're more than happy to provide close up camerawork that looked like it was being done by a wanking Dave Clarke wearing the brand new PDC ref cam whilst riding a fucking spacehopper.
If you like your darts with a comedy edge then watch out for ponytailed Tommy and his dilapidated church hall full of drunken spastics coming to a shithole near you.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Award goes to this retarded bigot cunt this week.
This is one of the directors of the EDO who was also partly responsible for bringing us that shit event last week on tv.
This is the type of bigoted shit this racist cunt has been posting in the last week
Cunt wants to bring back Golliwogs.
What for ?
So he can laugh at it and pretend he is not a racist cunt ?

Wonder how this bigot cunt  gets on with fellow official Houseboy.
On the subject of last weeks hilarious viewing for that shit in the Isle of man, the viewing figures had me in stitches, 8,000 people watched on the that is not a typo, a global audience of Eight Thousand. This blog got more than that last week.
The Sunday got 5,000 when over a third of the people who tuned in for the comedy on Saturday fucked off as the joke got old.
Of course the usual prepared statements of " Frontrunner were very happy with the figures" and other such bullshit from other dumb cunts in the EDO, but no actual proof was posted.

Not content with the shit last week they decided to do an even worse job this weekend.
Live on youtube from what looked like a back room in some church with the furniture borrowed from the set of "are you being served" and a rag tag bunch of simple and stupid looking cunts like you would see in a queue in a Liverpool Dole Office, I saw bits of the worst darts I have ever witnessed.

There was 14 games played, and of the 28 players, only one player managed to average over 77.
There was even 3 dart averages of 36 and 37 , and 3 more averages of 42.
Thats right 5 players averaged under 43 and this was heralded as the pinnacle of International darts.
No wonder it had a global audience live on youtube of 269.
That works out roughly one person for every country on earth.
Where were the 2 million people who watch this shit on line we were always told about.
Of course even mentioning these facts on some places is called trolling, god fordid you actually highlight how shit they are.

And that welsh munters team....dear fucking christ is it any wonder the 2 legged pit pony coal scavenging leek loving welsh men would rather fuck sheep than them.
That stage needed reinforcing, those fat things that were originally born female before they mutated into these things they are now were fucking sickening to look at.
One of that bitches wore a top that could be used as a tent in Minehead she was that fat.

Also mentions for the perv Klaasen and that retard Kim Huybrechts who got relegated this week from the PL, and the excuses came out how Klaasen hurt his wrist wanking off to a special needs kid and how Kim;s mum is not well, but that does not cut it how combined they won only one game this year nor does it change the fact both should never have been picked as its not their first time being this shit in this glorified exbo comp.

I think this quote from The Darts Forum sums it up quite well
What a week for contenders fighting like drowning kittens trying to escape from a sinking sack to lay claim to this edition of KOTW.
Firstly a special mention to Lincolnshire birthday girl and shuffling sack of ameobic dysentery Bo Selecta as the wizened old crone hits sixty.
Fingers crossed the gay waiter and its feral offspring decide not to buy her the usual 45 gallons of hair dye and invest in a bouquet of Hemlock, Deadly nightshade & Poison Ivy instead.
On to this week's big guns and take a bow Kim Huybrechts and Jelle Klaasen, this pair of turd burglars are that fuckin shite they have caused next week's Judgement Night to be a non event as this duo of care in the community projects are already fucking relegated due to the fact they have managed to win a grand total of ONE fucking game between them in SIXTEEN attempts.
Klaasens excuse for this pitiful display is he hurt his wrist taking photographs of his shlong to post to a gurgling window licker and Kimmy boy is blaming the failing health of a family member on his culmination of utterly woeful displays.
It was only a couple of years back Robert Thornton left Dublin for Scotland, buried his mother, flew back to the Grand Prix and nailed a nine darter the same fuckin night, but I guess some professional darts players need a excuse and others own a spinal cord.
Winner winner chicken dinner this week is EDO official Vic Sexton who has been spending his down time plastering pictures of Enoch Powell & Golliwogs all over the fuckin Internet.
Talk about picking your moment to strike?, a prime example of how truly retarded the cunts from "grassroots" darts really are.
I guess his chances of having a three way sex sandwich this weekend with Deta Hedman & Olive Byamukama are fading fast.

A few other mentions.

The entire list of jobbers that represented Germany tonight in the Euro tour.
Shame as the fans love the game, attend in huge numbers and they have the shittiest player, its makes even the Irish seem well off they are that bad, and dont get me started on the useless Max Hopp who fans love, and the biggest German favorite since Denis Ovens.

Merv King- This cunt needs to fuck off and fuck off quickly, join Taylor and Jenkins, take Painter with you.
He grimaced when he was losing, then won a leg, started the next leg with a max and suddenly the pain was gone, it was a miracle , then he lost a leg and the pain magically appeared again, and sure enough disappeared again when he won in a last leg decider.

Chris Murphy,...I really detest this northern cunt and his accent. Three games in a row today we were told the winner of a match plays Kim Huybrechts in the next round, you would think the thick cunt would have his facts checked. How mny gams did he think Huybrechts was playing ?
Another of these northern mean tight cunts who probably thinks you get charged for pronouncing words and using the correct number of vowels. He is the second most annoying cunt on Earth after Jamie Carragher who sounds like he is trying to eat his own teeth whilst gargling semen.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The fat simple looking cunt in the pic above is Adrian Battersby, and before any of ye thick mushroom cunts ask he was not a character in Coronation Street. He is the guy responsible for the streaming of the EDO event on the Isle of Man last weekend, which left the fat  bitches and munters in a huff and spewing their illiterate ramblings on facebook the thing the unemployed and great unwashed use to pass their time to make up for not having an actual job.
The crying from some bitches made for hilarious reading, the calls of sexism and other liberal feminist nonsense was never ending, surprised they did not moan about how the Isle of Man is a sexist name for a "country".

I have to admit, I only saw about 40 seconds of the event as I was busy watching "proper darts" from the PDC, who amazingly streamed their events and was a far superior production.
The defenders of the EDO shit were quick to point out these "teething mistakes" were "something to build on", which is what was said last year, and the year before that too, so how many years does it take to master it ?

This is what one member on a Darts Forum wrote
The EDO and Adrian Battersby, the man behind the streaming, deserve a mention for KoTW, for the piss poor coverage and scheduling of the Isle of Man Open over the week on bargain bucket channel FrontRunner, a channel so crap it isn't on cable or half the Freeview boxes in the UK.

The issues with the coverage first, include and are not limited to:

- Picture quality of something resembling the quality seen during the 1986 Mexico World Cup
- Players with wrong nationalities on screen: Martin Phillips was English, Geert de Vos was Belgian, Dutch and then Belgian again on the same fucking caption
- Sound from the MC kept cutting out. And then coming back. And then crackling. Repeat ad nauseum.
- A player fucking off for a fag, and then a piss, before the walk on, leaving John Gwynne padding for time.
- Signs in the crowd you could barely read due to the piss poor picture quality
- Womens final on the Saturday showing a caption from the first mens semi final

On the Saturday they blocked off the stage from the hall with a big barrier and it just looked shite. The stage was atrocious, with a laptop showing the time just plonked on the stage in front of a load of empty cases.


John Gwynne blundered through 8 hours of coverage, waxing lyrical at Phillips 76 average and Fordham being "back" with an average of 83. As the broadcast fell around his feet he constantly apologised for the various technical fuck-ups, and at one point he and Little Richard had to pad for 5 minutes whilst the Cow Botherer finished a match elsewhere.

After numerous attempts at showing multi-day darts events, you would think that Battersby and his band of merry men would have sussed it all out by now. When you have Oche Balboa suggesting it's time to sack them, you know things aren't good.

To top everything off, the EDO then made what was arguable the biggest blunder of them all by scheduling too many matches on the Sunday, resulting in the men's final being swapped with the women's final and then the women's final being cut off after a few throws because their purchased TV time had come to an end and the greyhound racing was due on.
"We will get you the result on social media later", said a sheepish Gwynne.
Makes me glad I missed it, especially when that disgusting fat obese mountain of human shit Fordham is making a final, and if that was not bad enough his opponent was even older, that tells you the state of the game in the EDO.
I was told the obese cunt missed half a dozen darts for the match, and one of the darts for double 8 was on the wire...of the number 19....a foot away..

Then we had the EDO official Houseboy (property of Deta Hedman) in a quandry as he had to suck up to Deta and the munters while defend the EDO at the same time., and sure enough the usual shit came flowing with the excuses etc..

The Bitches cried their fat hearts out on facebook saying how the "ladies" were as good as the men.
Here is a bunch of useless and ugly heifer cunts who are nothing but parasites on the game.
They paid 15 pounds to enter the event, they would put on less after a feed in McDonalds the fat cunts, and contributed a total of 3k and got a payout of 8k....fat fucking ugly spongers.
If these vile hogs think they can do better why dont they run their own comps, get their own comps on tv on their own ?

Speaking of vile ugly hogs  great to see Bo Selecta lost today in the final of the Spanish Fact Finders Mission. She lost to global superstar and household name  ? Forsmark.

Still Bo Selecta should be proud, she joins that other cunt with a beard Martin Adams as a cunt to make a final at the age of 60.
According to wikipedia its her birthday next week though I suspect she munches her fat hole through cake all year round.

Other mentions this week.
Jelle Klaasen , who  must have given out free phones to the local down syndrome school as he did some damage to his wrist that needs surgery.

Kim Huybrects who shat his load when Tugboat Tubby gave him a mean look during their Premier League and lost six legs on the trot.

Stephen Bunting, the fat cunt has played in all 4 of the players championships this year and lost every game, even Jam-eye Cave-in did better than that, and to think some cunts claimed there was only 2 players in the world better than bunting.
Then the person who said also said that every time a nine darter is hit his heart sinks a little.....right after Joe Cullen in the PDC hit one.
Oddly when a nine darter happened an hour later in the EDO there was no mention of his heart sinking...
Then that moron once claimed Phil Taylor is the only difference between the codes.....I shit thee not.

Phil Taylor another cunt with an honorable mention, and this quote posted on the Darts Forum had me in stitches
Phillip Douglas Taylor made a late dash for KOTW as he lost seven out of eight legs from three zip up to collapse like a Emphysema riddled lung against fellow hunchback and streetwalker client, mongoloid Michael van Gerwen.
The former "Greatest player the game will ever see" is that shot he now resembles a much loved old pet dog that drags it's shitty back end round whilst whimpering and a one way trip to the vet would be the most humane outcome for all concerned.
Outright winner for me is the Belgian bottle job and Warwick Davis impersonator Kim Huybrechts, this fucking useless choking cunt went cap in hand to Wayne fuckin Mardle for help in the week to stop him shitting his knickers in public and what happened?.
Yep you guessed right, Tiny tears Huybrechts sphincter exploded like mount Etna when that sweaty fat sack of spew Adrian "spackpot" Lewis growled at him for bouncing on the stage, before going on to pepper the snot out of the spineless glove puppet with SIX straight legs without reply.
Huybrechts choking is fast becoming so legendary one wonders if Albert DeSalvo was rattling a mix into his mam thirty odd years back.

While I was never a huge fan of Taylor  the guy was the ultimate player and the best ever and it is sad to see the cunt linger on and have millions see this broken and mentally insecure fucker jobbing left right and center to players who Taylor would have destroyed in his prime.

Cunt should  have retired after the Worlds, but like so many greats their ego wont allow it.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The last time this many people choked in a week , Enola Gay was heading home after a successful mission, the same year the Nazis had the showers on full blast.

The King of the chokers was Ian "Tennessee Williams" White. At least all at least did it in the PL or elsehwere or in the UK Open at less important stage.
What made the flid looking Whites all the more ridiculous was after choking he somehow regained his composure due to Price seeming resigning himself to defeat only to re choke. This pathetic shaking and shit job was up there with the time Andy Hamilton shat his load against Taylor a few years back, at least Hamilton was playing the world #1 at the time.
Cunt showed why he never won anything or ever will.
Gurney another cunt who wont ever win a comp, a future Terry Jenkins, except Jenkins was never a rat hun cunt.Gurney is like that fat fucker Bellyboy  with his childlike sulk when things are not going their way, gurneys performance a joke the way he gave up and then laughed about it, and proceeded to dance and laugh on stage afterwards.

James Wade was abysmal yet again, he followed up a shit performance in the pl and then UK Open with yet another miserable effort against Krusty, and as bad as Wade played he had chances to get a draw and blew it, but if his pathetic performance was bad on thursday then Kim Huybrechts produced an even bigger joke when he shat his load at assuring himself a point against MVG and lost a game he should have at least drawn, but not to be outdone Klaasen went one step even further .
Leading 4-1 in legs, and had multiple darts to break Barneys throw yet again and lead 5-1 he not only lost the leg but lost the match, losing 6 of the last 7 legs.
At least Wade was playing Wright a player who won his first proper trophy, and Huybrects played the best player in the World, Klaasen the mongoloid loving pervert cunt lost to a postman with mental issues ripe for the picking.
Speaking of which, the head shaking hypoglycemic  muppet spent all christmas time telling everyone on twitter how he was going to focus and make an effort this year and enter all events, which amazingly was just prior to the premier League participants being announced, and lo and behold this week the diabetic dickhead is once again telling people how he is no longer in love with the game and darts is no longer his priority.
Well at least he can take the weekend off  for the first European Tour seeing as he lost to John Bowles tonight and wont be qualifying.

Neither will Jamie Cave-in as he again jobbed and lost out, on his birthday.
Thorntons shit run continues as he joined Barney among the top players who failed to qualify, as did that cunt Gurney, but glad he missed out.
Seems like there is not a week that does not go by where that fat farmer cunt mitchell does not show himself up to be the retard he is.
This week boasting how he got salad from some grease house, who in their right minds orders salad from a takeaway ?
Fat obese cunt did not get that fat on salads, and was kissing the hole of some chav cunt on twitter cos the chav had a winmau dartboard in his tattoo,
What sort of deranged mental illness is that ?

The Isle of Man shit is on this weekend and already on friday Phantom of the Opera Glen durrant is knocked out of an event.
Thebrain dead carpenter Waites departed in the last 256, he wont be missed, the last 8 is like a who's who of jobbers.
Cameron Menzies v Geert De Vos
Kyle McKinstry v Jim Williams
Jamie Hughes v Martin Phillips
Gary Jobson v Scott Mitchell

Checkout the video release by Frontrunner TV, munters hitting a 7 in the "promo video"
 Jobber promo

In keeping with recent weeks I thought I post some feedback from the darts forums