Friday, September 19, 2014

For all the good the Uncle Barry and the PDC do they really have dropped the ball with qualifiers for these Euro tours.
The tours themselves are successful but the home nation qualifiers are not working and only serve to dilute the Eoro tours.
We had 6 Germans qualify yet again and they are all Uber-jobbers. Max Hopp has potential , but does not mean he will fill it, the others are either over the hill or simply shit.

Its time the home qualifers be reduced from 6 to 3 or better still merge them and the Euro jobber ones together and make up the shortfall from the superior quality UK section.

We know they are trying to promote the game in Germany and Gibraltar , the crowds are generally good but the Germans and others, simply are not gonna have a top player in the next 5 years at least.

Likewise in Ireland we have 2 Irish jobbers getting in to the Grand Prix ahead of other more deserving players simply for being Irish, comps should have players there on merit, not nationality, although allowances can be made for players from other countries in a World Championship and even then there is some merit.

Time to scrap this qualifying criteria for the Euro events, merge the home and euros, limit the number of places for useless cunts, and since the final rule and decision lies with Uncle Barry he then is responsible for some of the crap we witnessed today in the tour from German donkeys who should be nowhere near the stage.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Is there a more cranky and bitter cunt ever in darts ?
Here is a little cunt with a napoleon complex who moans about players playing in the PDC, another of these cunts that if anything should be thankful for the PDC or he would never got as far as he did without the split.

He is now moaning about code loyalty, not soon after he himself showed zero when it came to county darts. and nswitched teams, where was his loyalty ?
He now wants Madars Razma out of the Lakeshite comp.What the poisonous ignorant little orange cunt fails to realize is that no rules are broken.

The SDC that Madars played in not the PDC although can get you access to PDC world champs, Madars is not a PDC player, in fact he is not a BDO player either since first off he aint British, so why would any British Org have a say in an event outside of Britain.

This is if anything a situation if one exists for the WDF not the BDO,, but since the WDF have no issue with it and they are the World governing body, then why should a british based org get involved in something outside Britian.

There is no fair playing field in darts, sometimes Europeans might have an advantage depending on the comp and where its being played, most other times Brit players have a clear advantage, but in this case it s simply another reason for the wart infested cunt to have a whinge.

I bet he does not complain about the hypocrite cunt like Fitton, or whinge about Kong, O Shea etc who are quick enough to play PDC when the PDC invite them to the GSoD, where is Warty moaning then ?
He prefers to try take it out on those outside the "clique " and "family".

Another hypocrite scumbag

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Another dinosaur living in the past, with a blinkered selective memory of not only the past but the present.I like bobby in general, but some of his comments this week in the article on ESPN came across as bitter and deluded.

Article can be found here:  The Bling Dinosaur.

Bobby was never a true great, contrary to what he would have you believe, outside of the News of the World he only ever made a single final  in a world championship before the split, were it not for the split he would have not only never made another world final ,he more than likely would not be rammed down our throats every new year at Lakeshite with his genetic throwback gimmick. A chav's wet dream with his tacky gold, his nonsensical reports, and limited and predictable vocabulary.
He is a character, but one from a different era, that was not as great as he would have you believe.

Always amazes me that those involved in darts with the most hatred and bitterness towards the split, the PDC etc are those that gained the most, look at the likes of spineless who has been throwing darts since the early eighties, and won NOTHING, before the split, thats right, Zero, fuckall in over a decade, could not even qualify for the worlds, let alone win one.
Bobby George would not have made the world final in 94 without the split, his 80 average in possibly the worst World final ever was awful.
Bobby was a decentplayer who was in the right place at the right time nd made the most of the situation, for him to now try to claim players today average more or not as good is nothing but bitterness, sour grapes and bobby rewriting the past in his own mind.
Comes across as a cunt.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A runaway winner this week.
Here is a fat arsed cunt who said prior to his match with New Zealand jobberWarren Parry
 I am gonna win this week.....simple

He spent the early part of the match doing his usual  bad gamesmanship of celebrating every throw in an effort to intimidate his opponent, at 4-1 and 5-1 up he celebrated like the true cunt on the oche he is, the look on his face leaving the stage after blowing a 5-1 lead to lose 6-5, I thought he was gonna cry like a bitch again, like he did when Taylor battered him in the matchplay, wonder if he cried when Taylor also beat him last week in Perth.

I laughed as the hunchbacked prick left the stage beaten, was another beautiful moment, it was the icing on the cake after watching his fellow countryman Headshaker bottled it yet again.
Also a special mention for Simon Shitlock, who showed why he too is not only a bottler but a spaz, by giving away the throw against Kyle Anderson, and he proved yet again when it comes to bottling he is starting to imitate Tony O Shea.

Oddly the MVG fans are now claiming its only an exbo and it dont count, just like the Perth final MVG lost did not count, and while true they are only exbo's, the defeats are starting to come for MVG, lets hope the rot is in and he slips down the ranking and takes Shitlock with him.

Gary Anderson, James Wade finding form, Taylor back to his best, Lewis set to return soon, the PDC is really exciting these days

Friday, August 22, 2014

Normally what the PDC do, they do well, however this time the PDC hype machine has them believing their own publicity.
The Perth Masters is nothing but a knees up for selected top players and officials, a glorified exbo.
Credit to the PDC for promoting the event and attracting interest, but if its not going to be shown live then why in the blue fuck would anyone giving a flying fuck except for Aussies and lets face it they are all pretty fucking thick anyhow, what do you expect being bred from the criminal classes.

Not only is this not being shown live, its only being shown on the PDC website for those that pay.
Why would anyone want to pay to watch an exbo let alone one that is gonna be weeks old by the time it airs?
Unless there was multiple games where both players averaged in excess of 105, a nine darter or 2 or MVG gets stabbed in the face why bother. watching it ?
The Premier League is an exbo, but a league ahead of this, and if that is stale and out of date then have a guess how little this will matter in the scheme of things., and if Barry Hearn thinks people are gonna now sign up to PDC TV to watch a shit exbo that is gonna be weeks  old then he needs to come back to reality.

Friday, August 15, 2014

No real surprise this week, still no word on this huge announcement, then again I guess its better to hear nothing that more bullshit and nlies, surprised the " super series2 announcement was not dragged up again.
As for the rumour that the BDO might drop certain barriers, well hard to believe, it would be like turkeys voting for christmas.Why would grade a jobbers like Spineless, Wart , bottler O Shea and Mitchell want PDC players able to play the BDO tour and win things, it would only serve to show up how shit things are in the BDO.

Maybe the fact the BDO and Sue Williams  (who is possible the worst chairperson in the history of darts, even Spineless had the decency to stand down after stabbing his so called friend Olly Croft in the back for the job) are saying nothing and offer nothing might be a good thing.

Their product is not good enough for TV, their standard shit, presentation appalling, prizemoney pittance, and even has former diehards now realizing there is no defense for this shit.
There will always be players however that will bitch , cry and moan but never leave , threaten to join the PDC but never do, and retarded enough to keep buying into the bullshit,

Meanwhile on the other side of the divide the PDC continue to show live darts, today the world series, which amazingly upsets some people on forums, the idea that darts players are travelling the world, playing in superb venues, live on tv for good money seems almost like a crime to some gimps who take the success of the PDC as personal