Friday, June 24, 2016

The only thing the England Team won tonight is Knob of the Week.
They led 6-1 against the useless micks and lost, and should have lost by more.

Dennis Harbour played 5 times, lost 4 times and the one scabby leg he did win  was only cos the thick paddy bastard missed a slew of doubles.
Scott Mitchell who should have felt at home in sligo where pigshit in theair is the natural smell in that dump lost 3 games.
That fat little cunt hillbilly lost 3 games.....when this heap of shit is what is representing England you just have to stand back and laugh.

The venue was empty, the stream was utter shit and the almost 200 countries in the world with access to the stream saw it reach almost 200 viewers, the equivalent of one per per country in the world, such is the demand for this.

Then why else would they hold in in a fucking dump that is sligo.
Sligo is like wales, lovely scenery in parts, but it smells, the people retarded, there is fuckall work and if there was the people would rather be on the dole.
Its gypo central, a built up area in Sligo is a larger than normal halting site, traveling through the town is like an episode of time tunnell.
An ideal place to bring your kids if you wanted to show them what Ireland was like in the only fitting for a BDO event.

The averages for some mysterious reason have not been published yet.....I wonder why.

Friday, June 17, 2016

In a quiet week all round, this weeks Knob Of The Week goes to the darting association of a whole county.


A county so flat, featureless and boring, as well as being home to a certain Martin Adams, held its annual county open last weekend.£1000 to the men's winner, not a terrible prize for a small event.

Earlier on in the week there was the announcement on Lincolnshire County Darts Facebook page that the stage finals would be streamed on Facebook, using a phone. Straight away we guessed the quality wasn't going to be great, but at least we would be able to see the board, right?

Well, this is what we could see

Absolutely fuck all. Nothing. And this was after a test run. But yet they continued filming, even apologising for the glare but yet doing fuck all to correct it.

A grand total of 39 viewers at one point makes you wonder what the point was, and that's before you look at the lop sided ladies draw where anyone of note was in one half....and Paula Bo Selecta Jacklin was in the other. One assumes she and her "lovely" husband Des were responsible for the streaming, the worst streaming attempt since the World Cup in Canada where they tried to show you 8 boards at once.

Notable mentions this week:

- Peter Wright, who continues to have his silly protest at the PDC by refusing to do his hair.
- Lee Hayes, the darting saviour of Southport, who saw his missus jailed today for 3 years for biting someone's ear off. Not his fault of course, but his attention seeking on Facebook has been legendary.
-Dave Chisnall, for being the only top PDC player in New Zealand today to almost lose his match, going 4-3 behind before pulling his finger out of his arse and breaking twice to win.

Friday, June 10, 2016

This weeks award goes to the collective that makes up the bulk of the JOB Squad.
A group of players who because they were able to travel the shitholes of Europe to get ranking points, and did well in  BDO events, mushrooms were falling over themselves to claim they were top players.

You only need look at the useless cunts that make up the JOB Squad.
A collection of fuckers that had success of some sort in the BDO but have been absolutely useless in the PDC.
You have Pecker Woods who made a Lakeshite semi final, but cannot even qualify for most Euro Tour events.
There is Robbie Green, another jobber that reached a January Jobber Jamboree semi final who also struggles to even make a Euro tour.
Same again for Jan Dekker yet another Potters Palace of Piss semi finalist.

Lets not forget the Human Calculator, here is a full blown PDC jobber, but he was reaching the final of Lakeshite and the Winmau Masters.
Christian "Goldfish mouth" Kist must be the pick of the bunch, this guy is the absolute pits, and he actually won Lakeshite. I remember when mushrooms said he would do well in the PDC like he was some sort of top player.
Lakeshite is like the Spastic Olympics, dont matter who wins, they will still be a spastic, as someone has to win regardless of the quality., however there will be no shortage of inbred simpletons all to quick to make out they are top players.

Ted Hankey, Andy the obese hun cunt Fordham, the cross dressing alcoholic criminal Les Wallace, and Johnboy Walton all ex Lakeshite champs who could not cut it in the PDC.
Add Kist to that list and make room for that welsh muppet Mark Webster.

Then there are the players who were supposed to be top players who reached the #1 in the BDO rankings for periods of time due to their "consistency"...step forward  Stuart Kellet, Steve Farmer and James Wilson, a sorry bunch of useless cunts,
Wilson at least managed to actually beat other jobbers to qualify for this weekends Euro tour but lost out to another jobber making his debut.

Every year its the same thing, some player who only moved up the rankings cos those above them previously left for the PDC the year before is being touted as the next big thing.Then he switches and bombs.
It is over a decade since Klaasen won Lakeshite and only now he is starting to perform.

Barney came in with confidence the first year, won a few comps then got raped mentally by Taylor and its coming up to TEN YEARS since the hypoglycemic headshaking lazy postman cunt won a Major ranking PDC title.

Then there is Bunting, he too came with a load of confidence, had mushrooms salivating at the thought of him doing well in the PDC, one workshy dwarf  even claimed that Bunting was the third best player in the World, then the same mentally and physically stunted  attention seeking pygmy also claimed the Phil Taylor was the only difference between the codes.
I knew and said from day one the fat sack of scouse supporting shit Bunting would never be a top player and still stand by it.

Jeffrey de Graaf already looking like prime JOB Squad material , and went out to another jobber this weekend.
Daryl "the rat bastard illigetimate lovechild of jimmy hill" Gurney and Desperate Dan lookalike Alan Norris are the only 2 recent switchers who look like they might be going places
Every BDO refugee came to the PDC for the chance to earn a living, something not given to them in the BDO, and for every player that has made the grade like Chizzy, there is a long long list of useless cunts like Stuart Kellet, Steve Douglas, Tony and Steve West, Steve Farmer, James Wilson, Andy Boulton, Christian Kist, Johnboy Walton, Les Wallace, Ross Smith, Ted Hankey, Andy Fordham, Jan Dekker, Dean Winstanley, Robbie Green, Brian Woods etc etc etc.

Only a matter of time before Darryl Fitton is being called one of the best in the World by mushrooms surely, after his recent mid 80 average won what was laughingly referred to as a "major"....major disaster more like.
Then Scott Waites won 2 "world pro" titles with a mid 80 average.

Also a mention for Popcorn teeth Sue the Gash this week as she, her cunt husband, and the rest of the board are silent as usual and nothing from them in regards to a venue.

As for the scumbag Jacklins, delighted to see the the EDO and Tommy Thompson get an event going to coincide with the Turkish Open  that Bo Selecta and Co. are organising.
Some are whining and crying that TT did it on purpose to get back at those who wished him dead, and so what, you cannot blame him.

Friday, June 3, 2016

No surprise these bingo winged, potbellied beached whales, carpet munching dyke, dolescum, and council estate scum passing themselves of as females should win the award.
The darts by these "things" last weekend were as atrocious as expected.
Sick of hearing how these munters can compete with the men,  Lisa Ashton hit a 98 average, but that was a one off, and that type of average on a regular basis would win you nothing in the mens game in the PDC, although 98 is over 10 points more than what Mr Potato head Scortt Waites won 2 Bob Potter piss soaked lakeshite mickey mouse cups.

We were told its the start of a "new era", and who is the first face of this new era ??? A fucking dinosaur in Darryl Fitton, , there are people on the dole who made more in the last 2 years than he did.
When that old jobber is the face of the "new era" it shows how shit things are. did a good job with presentation, but as a friend said, you cannot polish a turd.
No decent presentation can paper over the cracks like the shit averages and the munters.

Des Jacklin also deserves a mention this week, this is the prick from Lincolnshire darts, who threatens people on forums, makes false accusations, told Tommy Thompson of EDO darts he hoped his cancer treatment did not work, this weekend confronted a fan at Lakeshite with fellow scumbag Wayne Williams  and threatened him, all this in the presence of a child, and Jacklin when asked to stop because of the kid ignored the request.

Guy is a fucking scumbag, I think people should ring him and tell him so.
Here is his phone number 07957380947
Oh and Des if you ever decide to come visit me in Ireland and you can get that thing you are married to pass animal quarantine, come threaten me face to face,...I will make your feral offspring fucking orphans. You wont threaten me.
Like Wayne Williams, Des Jacklin in his search for info on me contacted people who rather help me out than that scumbag.

Also a mention for fire damage feature old Melted Plastic Bag face himself for another choking in a darts comp.
He and bottler O Shea battling it out for the title of biggest choker in the history of darts.
Great to see a PDC youth player batter the bearded prick spineless as well.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Who else could be more deserving or fitting on the eve of what promises to be a clusterfuck of all clusterfucks in terms of so called BDO Majors.

The so called 2 sponsors that was promised turned out to be one sponsor which was only announced hours ago....and they are Sports Direct, a tracksuit and trainers provider, which is perfect for your average free loading bdo dolescum fan.
A company owned by Mike Ashley, the fat cunt who owns the losers of Newcastle, and has a share in the scum club Sevco, only natural he gets involved with the BDO.

Speaking of scum, Bo Selecta and it's degenerate husband took to BDO fanatics to actually compliment Sue the Gash on the so called good job she has done for the Catas Trophy.

Already reports are coming in that Dole giros cashed by Bob Potter  are down on the normal Lakeshite averages, but still a record high for summer in Surrey..

So who is paying for all this , ???
There is no way on earth is Sports Direct coughing up 50k, let alone the 100k needed to cover the prize fund, money wasted in a vain effort to save face, money that is not even Sue the Gash's , but entrusted to her by the counties to put to good use an.....ah fuck it, who are we kidding., she could stick the bdo money in a fucking slot machine like that other cow Irene Mungins of Lancashire darts did  and the counties would do nothing and just accept it like the retarded cunts they are.
Why the fuck should Popcorn teeth care, she knows she can do what she likes and those muppets will continue to buy into that shit.

In  a sort of perverse sick way I am looking forward to this joke of an event which kicks off  with a physically deformed choker from that shitstain on the map Middlesboro against a obese sack of human shit so vile and disgusting people will only watch in the hope his long awaited heart attack happens live during what is laughingly referred to as a darts match.
Follow that up with some midgets from Yorkshire, some potbellied munters, a sprinkle of euro jobbers led by a ginger cunt wearing gloves and a medallion, some yank nobodies to make up the numbers.......hang on...I remember the mushrooms complaining non stop years ago when the PDC had american players in their comps making up the numbers....or maybe I imagined that as the mushrooms would surely never change their minds on things to suit their agenda.
All the ingredients for what promises to be heaven for all of us sadomasochists.

Even the newspaper ad doing the rounds has Ted Hankey and the bull dyke in the picture as if they were some household superstar names, and no sign of their amateur champion in the pic.
But my favorite ad , has to be this picture....look at the crowd in the poster.

A mention also for the dutch cunt MVG, his tears today were a joy to watch when Ando beat him in the Dubai Exbo.

Also I hope Krusty will kick the gimmick into touch to get back at the PDC, his attitude and serious player style against MVG is the type of player I would rather see.
While I always hated his clown gimmick he did use it to his advantage at the start to put him in the PL, he does not need it anymore as he can rely on his quality darts now

Friday, May 20, 2016

It would be a bit foolish to award Knob of the Week to that poisonous hunchbacked cunt MVG this week seeing as he won the Premier League, but it wont stop me telling some home truths about this vile 2 faced hypocrite cunt.

While I am not ever defending what Klaasen did, if the PDC think he has paid for his crimes then that should be it, you cannot keep going back to the well to drag up his past crimes whenever it suits or to please the cunt MVG.
Here is a guy who has maintained his bitterness and stance against Klaasen as if he was some upstanding member of society and a leading light on moral behavior, this is the lard arse hunchback ugly bastard that like Taylor, spineless Adams and others in Darts has no problem cheating on the wife, in MVG's case with prostitutes.
This is the same dutch cunt who seemingly has an issue with Klaasen  and refuses to shake his hand, but has no problem rimming a cunt like Taylor with a conviction for sexual assault.
If he has a problem with Klaasen and does not want to play, then he should be the one to step down from the Dutch team.
While there is no proof either way to suggest Barry Hearn and the PDC had some influence in the statement by Klaasen my own personal opinion is MVG put pressure on the PDC and got what he wanted.
Like it or not there is a clique in the PDC of pretentious cunts who have this sense of entitlement, and MVG is one of them.
Another is that fat head shaking hypoglycemic postman cunt who is feeling a little bored with darts at the moment ...bless him ....and I read reports he is unhappy on how qualification for the european championships is now done.
Well the choking prick does not attend Euro events so why should he get in the European champs, but this is Barney, a cunt with a history of getting things he does not deserve, like multiple Premier League opportunities, and this week a place in the Dutch team for the PDC World Cup.
Had the diabetic downy dipso any solidarity let alone self respect he would have not taken the World Cup spot he knows he did not earn, but then he is used to handouts, dutch prick aint won a ranking major in a decade.

Then there is Taylor, another member of the clique. His performance in the PL final was a disgrace, he basically resigned himself to the fact what all knew all along and that is, he is MVG's bitch.The only saving grace for Taylor  is after decades of top class performances I would not begrudge this one choking incident,my worry is he will hang around too long like a punch drunk boxer, best he gets out now,  but supect his ego wont allow that happen.
Taylor is defending a winners cheque at the Matchplay so in line for a major drop down the rankings.
Come next year when the PDC World Cup teams are to be announced and Wade and Lewis are above Taylor, will Wade be expected to do a Klaasen and pull out citing some made up commitments ? Will Taylor do an MVG and make demands on the PDC as well ?

Wade  is not part of the PDC clique, as evidenced when the PDC "doctors" decided he could not play in the Premier League a few years ago, which oddly was the same time Wade spoke out about favoritism in the PDC...go figure.

Gary Anderson did his weekly choke in the semi final,  and if he did not choke against Taylor , he would have done it against MVG....
And as for Fatpot Lewis, call it laziness, call it choking, call it a disgrace, but here is a guy who has talent but has completely wasted it.
Runs his pie eating hole in interviews only to do fuck all.
Here is a guy that won 2 World titles, a UK Open and a scabby European championships, all combined about a month of playing well in ten fucking years......what else has he done, his PL record is abysmal, he rather play exbo's on the UK-Holland ferry for that cunt dellar who is aiding him destroy what once promised to be a top class career.
Seems like a lifetime ago Lewis was beating MVG in a world matchplay semi final with proper darts, now look at the fat lazy mess...sickening.....and that is why he is Knob of the Week.

But enough about MVG, Ando, Lewis, Taylor , Barney and Hearn, after all I was told I only slate the BDO.
Speaking about the BDO here are the 2 new sponsors that were promised for the CastasTropy ?
The Williams must be pissing themselves laughing at those who run the bdo counties.These people must be the most retarded cunts in history, week after week, month after month, the Williams promise them things, and never deliver, the county members mumble and groan on facebook and twitter  but when it comes to doing anything they go silent.
Is it any wonder the Williams keep on pulling the same shit over and over, knowing full well these fuckwads will simply accept it.