Friday, April 18, 2014

Simply for his lazy performances yet again this week.
This is what I wrote the last time he won KotW

There is no doubt on form Lewis is possibly the most naturally gifted player in world darts, and I can accept he never does well in the PL and may view it as I do as a glorified exbo, but he owes it to the fans to at least put some sort of effort in.
For a double World Champion his performances in the PDC outside of the Worlds have been awful.Yes he has reached a few finals and other than a second tier major of the European championships he should be doing a whole lot better.

He was 6-0 down before he got his fat arse into gear against Ando and looked totally disinterested against MVG, took  out a lovely 126 on the bull and showed zero interest, even went for the bull with 50 left when he had 3 darts and seemed to rush through the game to get it over with.

I still think he will be a threat in the Matchplay over the longer distance as he fares better and gets stronger the longer the games go on
Still the last time he won KotW he then went and won the UK Open, so hopefully he can go and win the Matchplay next.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ok , some will say she knows fuckall about darts, does nothing of note in the game, but then again the same can be said of Sue Williams.
Lorna is also another woman that has darts in the news for the wrong reasons, wonder if her parents named  her after  Olly Croft's cunt of a wife.

Here is a woman crying cos her ex sent her 3 emails, and claiming to be some victim, the said emails would not have been sent if she did not have the audacity to cash a cheque which was not hers.

I never advocate the assault of women, but its easy to see how a bloke might easily become frustrated with a woman like that. Chris claimed she cashed his cheque ffs,, how low is that.

As for Chris Mason, he should move on with his life, he is young enough, and while his dress sense leaves a lot to be desired at least like other Bristolians  he aint a tracksuit wearer,  so already is in a league above others in that town, add in the fact he has an actual job he surely must be a catch in Bristol.

As for lorna, reckon she must be part scouser , she has all the credentials, orange like the rest of them fuckers, loves portraying the victim and thick as pigshit if her posts on forums are anything to go by.

No doubt this post will illicit more responses from people with threats and other such bullshit, so fire away, I enjoy a good laugh.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Following on from the calamity of the news the previous week of how 40k was managed to be stolen from Lancashire Darts  and how TT seemed oblivious to it happening , they have now announced that the  England Darts are now showing the England Open, the England Masters and the England Classic......wait for via android phone.

You could not make this shit, seriously, I knew that were stuck in the last century but his confirms it.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The most annoying cunt on TV decides to have a cry at Peter Wright for the way he conducts himself on stage. The irony and hypocrisy is staggering.

The fat arsed oompa loompa with a hunchback who looks likes he is suffering from progeria's disease has the nerve to complain.
His fist pumping with his short arms like a thalidomide victim, his face gurning like that of an octogenarian are far more off putting in my opinion. Wright has broke no rules and a lot of what he says is tongue in cheek.

The fact that Lewis is involving himself is another example of the levels of ignorance among dart players i have often remarked upon. Lewis himself no stranger to showboating when he wanted to.
Wright hung around last night waiting for the fat arsed moody dutch cunt to shakes hands, instead he was like some fat kid on a sugar rush trying to lap up attention from the crowd.

Friday, March 21, 2014

With 60 left and 2 darts in his hand  to win his match and claim two valuable points in the Premier League, he goes and busts it by hitting a treble twenty.
Add this to last saturday's first round exit to Joe Murnan in the players championships where he was seeded #2, plus another round round exit on the sunday.

All in all a pretty miserable showing.
Like Gary Anderson, he is fascinating to watch, sublime scorer, dodgy on his doubles and manages to throw away games he should have won.