Friday, January 30, 2015

This weeks award goes to the Amateur Lakeshite Chump.
A pretentious jobber who now after winning a watered down Lakeshite has seen his ego get as big and fat as himself.
He whines like a bitch on twitter over any criticism. A perennial Uber Jobber who following in the footsteps of Spineless  milking a depleted Lakeshite field and thinking he is a true World Champion.
Reduced to boasting about winning a leg of darts on the radio shows his mentality.
Gary Anderson , the True World champion stated recently he would love to play Mitchell for real, of course the moron with the invisible dog refused to comment knowing full well Ando would tear him a new asshole

A worthy winner of Knob of the Week

Friday, January 23, 2015

Here is a jobber, a scouse one at that who thinks he is a top player.
A uber jobber, who only got a Q-School card  on points by scraping through.against players not good enough for the top 64
In this big mouth chav mentality he starts mouthing off on twitter as if he beat half decent players, he tweeted
"Made up to get tour card,funny how all the haters have gone into hiding,shame really I wanted a giggle"

He then entered the Euro Tour qualifiers and lost on both days.

Thing is the obese fat cunt who can barely walk with gout cannot take a "giggle."
This is how he reacted

In typical scouse mode he plays the victim, abuses people and makes false accusations, threats and its all the fault of someone else.

I called him a gimp and he responds by saying I interfere with pets, and then falsely accuses me of sending his daughter  a signed message.He claims he is going to the police., and he better do,

The obese sack of shit  with tattoos that look like they were done by a spastic with a permanent ,marker should be thankful I did not report him to the DRA.

Has he gone to the police ? I do not know since he has blocked me on twitter,If he does not go to the police I and everyone else will know the fat jobber cunt is a liar and made up the accusation, if he does go to the police he will find out it was not me and I expect an apology.

The ball is now in his court, I am not gonna let this go,  and the DRA finding out will be the least of his worries., he wants to make accusations like that and threaten police, then I can play that game very well also.
Lets see if he is man enough to admit he lied, or go to the cops

Friday, January 16, 2015

This week a whole nation gets the award, for their scum population.
The recent events shown around the world where the scum rioted was like something we have come to expect from the BDO.
Rampaging hordes of scum attacking innocent barmaids and assaulting bouncers might be all the rage in scotland at BDO Opens or drug dealing at the Welsh open but this is the PDC, the pinnacle of darts, the best of the best., where those with ambition, backbone, talent and bottle to compete with the best.

The Aussie scum blackened the good name of the PDC, then again is it really surprising ?
Here is a nation that is no more than the worlds largest open prison.A shit stain on the map, a country bred from the criminal classes, the mutant inbred offspring of gay british navy, the Irish Welsh English and Scottish criminals.

The shithole responsible for giving us that classless cunt Simon Shitlock.
Only a retard of monumental proportions would ever want to be Australian....step forward Paul Nicholson.
Dont get  me started on the Anderson brothers with the biggest heads in darts alongside Stephen Bunting and John Henderson.
At least the Anderson brothers are true Australians, the original people displaced, tortured beaten and had their lives destoyed by the "advanced"  white people.
A recent survey claimed that Australians were annoyed by the number of immigrants which numbers almost  100, 000 immigrants.....however  Aboriginal sources put the figure at 22and a half million
Listening to an Aussie speak is tantamount to totrure, squeaky voiced annoying cunts the lot of them.

Also mentions this week for Ross Montgomery, the sexual predator, which BDO fans were quick to brush under the carpet even though his actions seen on tv.
Speaking of which Scott Mitchell who kept on groping himself live during Bob Potters Annual January Jamboree,
Well done to Mitchell, who won Lakeshite and  trebled his career earnings, he can now afford to take the whole family to weighwatchers

Jan Dekker, one the seeds at Lakeshite who last year was beating spineless at  Lakeshite  who cannot get out of PDC Q-School, then neither can former World Champion, "the man of a thousand gimmicks" Johnboy Walton.
Robbie Green needs all 4 days to get through and still not certain yet.

Friday, January 9, 2015

This weeks KotW has been written by a member of  The Internets Greatest Darts Forum. after members were given the opportunity to add their input to this blog. So here it is

Commentators come and go. Dave Lanning decided to retire before he was pushed from Sky coverage. John Gwynne now pops up occasionally on Eurosport after leaving the Sky coverage before he was pushed. And, of course, Sid Waddell is no longer with us.
 Unfortunately, there remains one constant which goes by the name of Tony Green.Known for his gaffes in the past such as calling the Welsh player Martin Phillips the "captain of Scotland" throughout an entire tournament, he gets worse year on year and you could write a entire book of Colemanballs with some of his efforts and antics this week, which so far include:

- Not knowing the score between the Anderson/Taylor PDC final played the previous night, claiming he was "going to look for it"
- His very clear bias towards any player of English extraction (especially the "Old Guard"), he was no doubt sat there willing a 16 year old Dutch kid to get thrashed on Thursday afternoon.
- His worn out, tired cliches which are constantly peddled out, claiming every match is the best he has ever seen, constantly claiming the crowd give best of order etc.
- Gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. Too numerous to mention but a recent example was a player who started a throw on 207, hit two single numbers to which Tony said "well there is no finish on now". No shit!

The likes of Lanning and Gwynne knew when their time was up. Tony, do the honorable thing and fuck off, mate. You are making the coverage worse than it needs to be!
Of course, Lakeside week and the tail end of the PDC event means no shortage of candidates, and so the following could also be considered:

- Trina Gulliver. Talked up to the hilt by Ted Hankey before her QF match, she then proceeds to lose all six legs in a 2-0 in sets defeat to the very impressive Lisa Ashton, averaging under 60 in the process. Egg on face for the Count!
- Scott Waites. Now finally accepting he is a baldie, he may as well have stayed at home this week. OK he won his first round match but then he bent over and got raped 4-0 by Monty in the second round. The first man ever to lose to Monty in the second round and by that scoreline, an utter embarrassment and a pale shadow of the player he once was.
- Tommy Cox. His taunting tweet against Monty never winning matches at Lakeside seems to have spectacularly backfired on him (see above). He did end up bowing down to Harris though in the QF round.
- All of the ladies in the event (except Lisa Ashton). An absolute load of shite especially from Anneke Kuijten, who has set a new bar in recent times in terms of averages, losing her first round match with an average of 48.63! Lisa Ashton is exempt from this as she has been very impressive, better than the men.If all ladies could play like that, they might have a marketable product.
- The BBC. Coverage still stuck in the stone age, with BT Sport putting them to shame.

Sunday, January 4, 2015