Friday, March 16, 2018

When you sexual assault someone its a sure bet you are in contention for Knob of the Week. Of course this is hardly new news the story of Ross Montgropery is dominating darts news, I already mentioned this years ago when the initial assault happened live on tv. Its not that the podgey fat queer waiter will do about the Tom Thumb impersonator in his capacity  as discipline officer in the BDO.
I bet the "its in the past" line will be trotted out a few times yet. Its already been bandied about forums and social media by those cunts who are as guilty who think this type of behaviour is acceptable or no longer matters cos it happened a few years ago....oddly the same mushroom nonce protecting cunts did not adopt the same attitude when it was the scummy Phil Taylor committing a sexual offense. Odd that, how the "it is in the past" part was not brought up then. Then the lenghts the bdo fan will go to to defend the scum of the BDO never ceases to amze me.

Here is a code that has had child rapists, sexual predators, drug addicts, alcoholics, wife beaters, philanderers, ex cons, cheats and countless other cunts among their ranks, so Warty fits right in to this "family" which gets more like the Manson family each week.
Only last week at the Isle of man this poisonous little cunt was so drunk he could not see the board and could not play according to people on twitter, but the was over shadowed by the news other players were ejected from the building after they were caught snorting coke in the toilets. This is the "family" day out the BDO have to offer and then wonder why every half decent TV company want nothing to do with them.

Off course a certain EDO official was quick to declare on forums that no such drug taking was actually caught and the players ejected were only thrown out for being pissed and threatening and abusing security. Then this is the same wimpy EDO cunt that was the target of Scott mitchells fury at the last Lakeshite but he too claimed that never happened despite being others witnessing it.
The same  bastard who once called me a liar over a story I wrote about Tony Eccles return to the BDO after his stint in the PDC and the actions of BDO players in the Lakeshite bar. That too was denied by him until I was proven right.

So in this week of players snorting coke, making threats, being ejected from comps we have the poisonous sexual offender then comment his actions were "just a friendly slap on the bottom".
The comments this week have been priceless, one person on a forum tried to claim Helen skleton was trying to entrap Ross, another forum Admin even spent the afternoon trying to take the discussion about Warty of topic and make it about someone else, then that same forum admin has not been the same since Wayne Williams threatened him and the wimpy little bastard shat his load and now does not allow any comments that might be deemed anti BDO.

On the plus side some of the comments this week have been priceless.
One person asked what sort of punishment he should get and the reply said playing at Lakeshite was punishment enough.
But the best comment was this one sent to me
Sad news for the mushroom fans of "poverty stricken" darts as this week's winner of darts answer to the Academy awards is the one, the only, Ross Montgomery.
Video evidence has emerged of the Scottish sex pest cracking on like a miniature Sid James on viagra by sexually assaulting a pregnant woman whose partially developed foetus is actually bigger than it's mother's attacker.
Poor Helen Skelton getting groped live on television by a fiend that resembled a sexually repressed Jimmy Krankie was that much of a ordeal for the traumatised bitch she took to ramming her arm up cow's cludgers on Countryfile to get over the horrors of the ordeal.
The disgusting pervert should have his arm chopped off for such behaviour,...... word is Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital are doing somersaults at the thought of adding to their transplant stock.

In other news, another good week in the Premier League watching the Gerwyn Price get a thumping, and see Krusty the Clown getting another 7-1 raping....oh wait I should not use that word as some player in the BDO might think that raping is ok, as everything else seems to happen there.
Pity shitlock could not beat Gurney, still seeing those 3 cunts amss just one point between them fine and come judgement night 2 of the pricks should be out the gap.
Again this is another week where I know fuckall what is happening in the BDO, or whats happening with their EGM or whatever, and truth be told I don't really give a shit about the players, the comps etc...much like the BDO board  don't give a shit either about their players and comps.

Friday, March 9, 2018

This week goes to Adrian Lewis, here is a guy with all the natural talent and completely wasting it.
Tonight was another dismal night in a long list of nights. When you cannot even qualify for a Eurotour event twice in the one night you know this lazy fucker has possibly reached a new low.He was battered by Lakeshite cheat Ryan Searle in qualifier #3 in his first match, and beaten by  Stephen Burton in qualifier #4, the same Burton who previously only ever qualified for a single Euro event.
I early thought that taffy manlet Gerwyn Price was a knob for blowing the lead he had in the Premier League, but at least he can make the Premier League alongside Daryl Gurney, 2 players who are well out of their depth it seems in the PL.

Stephen Bunting gets a mention for his double failure and his poor form, to think some mushrooms thought this fat fucker was not only a top player, but some people even thought he was the third best player in the world....a sure sign of the levels of mental illness in bdo fans.

At least we will be spared seeing Jamie Caven and the cunt Justin Pipe in 2 euro tours later in the year. Well done Paul Nicholson who beat both of them tonight, and his win over Pipe earned his a spot at one Euro Event..Cameron Menzies qualified for both events hitting a 9 darter in the process, which of course had mushrooms claiming the PDC boards were easier, yet Menzies average in the 70s in another of his games, maybe he is just an erratic player, its still a mystery to me if these boards are so easier how come the money grabbing leaches of the BDO who come begging for the PDC coin failed at the Grand Slam this year just like last year, and the year before that etc....surely they would be cleaning up them boards, like Jamie Hughes, Tony O Shea, Daryl Fitton, and former Lakeshite champs like Bunting, Kist etc.

I see the PDC have put on an extra night of darts to compensate for the cancelled PL night in Exeter,and came as no surprise that an event the mushrooms love to call  "a glorified exbo" had no problem selling tickets despite the short notice and it being played in Europe.
PDC glorified exbo can sell tickets quicker at short notice than the BDO can sell tickets for their so called "Majors" at home in Britain despite so many of their fans claiming to be "fanatics".
Odd how they don't attend events they claim to be fans off.

Speaking of retarded mushroom cunts, they are also quick to spout the bullshit the PDC is the same 8 players, and MVG wins everything, except he did not win the last matchplay, the last worlds, the last UK Open, or the last champions league of darts. In fact the PDC has been more open than ever, yet this weekend the final of the Isle of Man classic is Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant , the same guy who when saying he was staying in the BDO used the word "unfortunately", and he plays scabies arm Mark McGeeney. Yes , at least the third time both these 2 muppets meet in a final this year alone I am aware of, it could be even more and the bdo fans say the PDC is predictable,,,,,work that one out.

These stupid bastards tonight in the Isle of Man had a mixed fours comp.
If that was not spastic enough,  checkout the format for this complete clusterfuck
One leg where a pair play each other
I mixed pairs leg....and if it is 1-1 after this joke it goes to a deciding leg where all 8 players play in the one leg.
So if the team throwing first win the leg in 4 visits, that means one of the players on the opposing team can lose the leg they were in without even throwing a fucking dart if its 501,
Then lets face it no 4 person team with half them munters would win a leg in 4 could take them that to hit a double.
Any wonder any half decent television station wants nothing to do with these imbeciles.
But with an EGM coming up I am sure promises of improvement will appear soon, "a new era", where "things gonna grow" and other worn out phrases will be rehashed again.I am looking forward to the BDO EGM if only to see the infighting, bitching, sucking up, tantrums of which all will be played out on social media for our enjoyment. As I said before I hope it involves solicitors, and costs them a fortune, who knows maybe they might even reduce the prize funds for their already pathetic comps so they can give the same 8 munters equal prize money as the useless cunts in the mens game.
That would be hilarious to read the crying.

Friday, March 2, 2018

The award goes to this utter bearded cunt for his pathetic and bitter whining in an interview earlier this week.
Fair play to him for highlighting prostate cancer and all that shit, and I am genuinely glad he beat the cancer, but it does not make up for him still being a total bitter cunt.
Check out this "interview"
Bearded prick acting like the bitter cunt he is.

It seems Phil Taylor was only a good player on his day.....a day that lasted over 2 fucking decades.
He says "money isn't everything", yep the same cunt who lacked a set of testicles and a backbone stayed in Popcorn teeth' circus to rape the Lakeshite pot . The same cunt who after his wife left him for a camera man, ( god only knows where she met a tv camera man, cos it was hardly a bdo event) he came crawling to the PDC for the Uncle Barry coin, the same Uncle Barry he openly stated he would never play for.
Guess money was important that time when he sold his principles down the river.
I laughed at his comment how he had no desire to play at Ally Pally, considering he would be lucky if he could ever have qualified. Afterall it took over a decade for the prick to get to a weaker Lakeshite, and even then the top 16 in the world had to fuck off to form the then WDC....and then spent another decade before he won Lakeshite, after his master Barney fucked off.

He thinks 30quid is too dear to spend on a ticket. Easily know he is stuck in the last century, is he even aware what a ticket to Bobs run down slum costs ?. Could you imagine the tight bastard going on a date if he ever found a blind and stupid mental patient on day release,  if he thinks 30 quid is a lot these days. His rose tinted glasses were on when he claimed lakeshite fans dont sing, and he thinks bobs pints of salmonella infected piss beer is not over priced.
Remember this is the same Lakeshite that a few years ago charged £3 for a bag of chips, £3 for a burger, but both together were £8. No that is not a typo......beat that.
I am glad he showed people that even after his cancer scare he is still very much the bitter pathetic sad cunt he has always been.

As usual the mushrooms were out in force this weekend moaning the UK Open was going ahead, were it cancelled they would have moaned as well, and I am certainly glad it did go ahead and made for an even more exciting comp without the crowds and provided a whole heap of upsets.

I was delighted to see the cunt Hunchback get sent packing by De Zwaan, a glorious result. Even better was his best friend the elongated lanky string of misery VvdV was knocked out also. I am sure Fatpot Adrian Lewis who was abysmal and cried about the cold will have the ferry times for the cunts.He might be on the ferry himself if Deller can organise it.
 You would think fat cunts like fatpot with all that fat would be able to handle the cold better, there are starving polar bears in the melting arctic with less fat than that cunt.
Another disgrace, and hardly surprising was the pathetic efforts of another dutch cunt in Barney. Even at 2-0 down to Mervyn king he looked like he had completely given up.. Both King and Barney  had ear defenders in...why ?  its not like they were trying to block out the crowd.

Seeing Krusty go out to an 18 year Irish lad was another glorious moment, so he joins Shitlock, Barney, Hunchback, Chizzy and Fatpot in being knocked out early. Just a shame gurney and Price did not join them to round off a perfect day of darts.
So the big question left this weekend is which of the losers will be the first to take to twitter to make excuses.

Fatpot about the cold ?
Krustys wife moaning about someone as usual ?
You just know hunchback was seething, and his bottom fat lip sticking out and his mouth open catching flies as de Zwaan sent him packing. I hope he cried like a bitch again.

The UK Open now promises to be a real exciting  prospect now, although Cross and Ando are clear favorites, there are other PDC major winners ( Gurney and Wade) still in and capable of upsetting things, Jamie Hughes will be raring to go after getting a bye, and with other fat fuckers who should be able to handle the cold like Bellyboy and Corey Cadby in the draw it promises to be an exciting 2 days.

I have no idea of any news in the BDO this week, nor do I care, much like the rest of the planet.

Friday, February 23, 2018

No surprise this week the BDO should win it.
In a week where the PDC were live on tv around the world playing in front of 12 thousand people in Berlin, the BDO board were busy having their own little in fighting to take control of a code that is beyond repair. Rod Harrinton spoke during the Premier League how far the PDC has come since its first days of the PL, back them it was crowds of just 600 in venues like colchester and Kiddinmister, today the BDO would love a crowd of 600 let alone a regular TV deal.

In one corner you have the Selectas trying to take over, yes those lying cunts who last year said on a darts forum they had no intention of taking over the BDO. These people who threaten and abuse others, intentionally and illegally sold copyright material now want to take over.
In the other corner another couple just as retarded, whose modus operandi is to try block everything and anything with threats of a solicitor, which they have done in the past, even threatened me for using the BDO logo.
Still at least Popcorn teeths cuckold husband wont be driving around the country this week threatening forum owners and their wives and their businesses.
I laughed when I saw the date for this proposed EGM as April 1st sums up everything about this clusterfuck of an organisation.
From what I have been reading the belief is the Selectas want to also take their mickey mouse so called "world pro" away from bobs run down hotel, while the Williams might want to stay at Lakeshite. For once I agree with the Selectas if this is indeed true as its better to get out of that now before bob snuffs it, and they would be in even bigger shit.
In an effort to drum up support of others Des Selecta went on a bdo fans facebook to garner support, the very same group he previously called a "hate group", and as soon as he was asked the simple question id the group was still a "hate group" he promptly left in a sulk.
This is the guy people want to take over.
Meanwhile Tommy Thompson who is still alive despite Des previously wishing his cancer treatment would fail, met up with Des "unofficially" then used his official position to then try sway thing.
I have zero sympathy for the Williams either as these useless cunts made Olly Croft seem like a genius.
If I am honest I hope the Selectas win, because its a fact the Williams were hopeless, and the Selecta could only be as equally bad. Either way I hope it is long drawn out, messy, and tears the bdo apart financially as well.
As for the player...fuck them, fuck the delegates, fuck the counties fuck them all, for years these inbred retarded cunts have allowed things to get this bad and done nothing, they deserve all they get.
If the players that remain lack the balls and spine to play against the best in the PDC, then fuck them too the PDC wont want useless chicken shit cunts.
I cannot wait for all the crying, excuses, and of course the mushrooms defending all this shit being played out on facebook and forums showing how utterly inept this whole code is.
My local pub run their darts better than these cunts.

I read on a forum this week a certain "female" player decided at 3-1 in her game in the scottish open to finish the game , when she knew it was best of 7 and when informed, refused to continue the game.
I wonder what the disciplinary officer will do about this...oh wait, he is hardly gonna charge his own wife.
So lets hope these proven cheaters, liars, and criminals who threaten people, mock cancer suffer  and insult people win their little internal battle so we can all look forward to more fuck ups and the comedy the bdo always provide continues on.

I am sure by next week some moron will be spouting "new era" when the announcement of announcements are made.
Uncle Barry must be pissing himself laughing, to think he once offered 2 million for this shit.
I doubt he would take it for nothing now.

Another week of decent results in the PDC Premier League, never tire of seeing Price and Gurney lose. Wayne Mardle said prior to yet another Barney pathetic performance that Barney last week was poor which was odd. No Wayne it was not odd, he is a lazy bastard  always has been, glad he lost again.

Another mention for Tommy the Jew who this week said "what is the in between walking down the street in a KKK uniform or a Burka"...this is the guy running England Darts.
This proves just how insignificant the EDO and BDO are, cos if this was England football or rugby this would be all over the media. Tommy was even to thick to realize the initial picture was a photoshop..

I updated my site as most will have noticed and added hundred more retro pics to the site, with hundred more to come.
Updated the wallpapers section and removed a load of ones of certain forums, and rehosted all the old dead pics, lookalikes and other stuff.

If any mushroom cunts spots any typos or spelling mistakes be sure to complain, as we all know you would never have that issue when it comes to the BDO.
As for Knob of the Week titles, the record holder is Popcorn teeth, if she is ousted her record should be safe for a while, but in time i think the Selectas who have amassed a good few already could beat it. Popcorn Teeth total makes the totals for The mincing Farmer, Bearded cunt Adams, Dead Fats, and the Scottish poisonous dwarf look small.( excuse the pun)

Friday, February 16, 2018

In a quiet week the award goes to this useless dutch postman cunt.
Its like being stuck in a time loop with this hypoglycemic cunt. Every November he runs his mouth how the new year will be a new start and he is going to take things serious, and play the full tour etc, which is all done in order to make it appear he actually gives a flying shit for when he is undeservedly picked every year for the Premier League. When December starts we get around 2 decent performances, before the inevitable head shake and his blubbering excuses and he fucks off home to tulip land. Sure enough he gets a PL spot  and for what ? This lazy cunt has not won a PDC televised ranking major in ELEVEN YEARS. I know Fatpot and Wade probably deserved to be dropped from the PL, but Barney should have joined them as well. To leave out a double world champion, and a multiple major winner  and leave in Barney stinks not only of favoritism, but a marketing ploy simply because he is dutch.

His performance this week in the PL was a disgrace  and it would not surprise me if there is even worse to come from him. He compounded it tonight by failing to qualify for  the first 2 European Events of the year. He lost in the last 72 ( yes 72)  his first match of the night to Ross Twell, and failed in the second qualifier when he jobbed to a coal scavenger dwarf. No not Gerwyn Price, the other one Johnny Clayton. Was a bady night for the slag heap dwelling sheepshaggers as Pot Noodle boy and the shaky plumber as both got their arses handed to them.

Was also good to see the telescope inspector cunt Jamie Cyclops Cave-in fail twice tonight, who knows maybe his brother who doubles for his wife can convince him to challenge me to a game of darts again., he certainly won't be boasting about his income again,  thats for sure as there are people on the fucking dole earning more than that cunt.

A mention for Krusty who proved he can be moody and childish a cunt as his fat wife. I have no problem with anyone who does not want to shake hands with someone else, that is his right, but it was his crying afterwards on twitter where he spoke how he was going to report Cross to the referee. What a whiny bitch. He said
"I would like to apologise to all my true fans for my behaviour last night. But I did shake Robs hand after the match. It was the second had shake I refused, due to issues during the match which I should have brought to the attention of the Ref. Instead I got on with the match."

It was lovely to see Ski slope face lose a 5-1 lead in the PL, he took a break from kissing his necklace to spend the second half of the match in his usual head down, bottom lip sticking out like a down syndrome kid sulking. This cunt has no place in the PL, he has as much charisma as Wes Newton on ketamine. The only draw back was seeing that welsh cunt celebrating a draw. That manlet has a face like a constipated humpty dumpty . Hopefully he will be knocked out of the Premier League as fast as he was knocked out in Cardiff in 2010 when his mouth ended  him up in hospital.

2 players I was glad to see have decent runs of a sort lately has been Ratajski and Hughes both who have failed to win tourcards in their respective Q-schools.. I would rather see those 2 with tourcards over the majority of cunts that won them, and especially those foreign cunts who never use them.
The other side of the coin being those same cunts who won them and never use them at least gives Ratajski and Hughes an opportunity into a few select events, and tonight Hughes did manage to qualify for one Euro Event , so a run in that and the UK Open and his failure to get a tourcard wont be half as bad.

No news from the BDO, as I cant be arsed to go looking for any false promises and lies they might have spewed again this week. Its not like they had any event on tv this month or likely to have any next month either that I could comment on, and to be honest I am glad, as the bdo shit does more damage to the game than good.

And lastly a mention for me. I have not being keeping up with dart news much recently bar last night and the odd viewing of the PL, and believed Dimitri van den Bergh had failed to qualify for the UK Open.
I even gave him  a brief mention prior on here prior to an edit, for failing to qualify......that makes me a knob also for that stupid mistake. Unlike the bdo and others in darts, I have no problem admitting when I fuck up., you wont see me blame others for my mistakes.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Knob of the Week has to go to the DRA. Not for fining Fatpot, but the amount they fined him for his non tv altercation with the Spaniard.
No mention as to why Fatpot did what he did, but it was hardly worthy of the fine he got. You might expect this type of DRA shit from suits who never played the game and were appalled by what Fatpot did but when you consider its people like Richie Gardner, Warriner and Manley who are running the DRA it reeks of shit. I am not excusing what Lewis did, but on the bright side the lazy cunt Lewis  at least showed he is starting to give a shit again.

The fine he got for an incident that was held in a leisure centre not on tv , is the same amount that the cunt Justin Pipe got for blatantly and deliberately cheating live on TV, how in the blue fuck is that comparable ?
These DRA cunts are fining players for the most little things and publicly doing it, except when its players in the "clique" like Taylor was and their punishment is kept secret.

A mention for Rob Cross who lost 7 games on the trot prior to today and was battered by Shitlock in the Premier League, and like Barney and Ando earned zero prior to today, at least Ando had an excuse in that he missed the first 3 events.
Both ando and Cross  made sure of their qualification for the UK Open today, with Ando going all the way and winning the event and getting 10k. To think he won more in an non televised leisure centre event  that was badly streamed earns as much as you can make in a so called "bdo major" shows the diffence in the codes.

Normally I spend some time discussing the goings on in the BDO but not tonight, mainly because I could not be arsed to find out. I have no idea what is going on in the BDO, much like the BDO board themselves.
Even their own deluded mushroom cunts who call themselves fanatics spend more time on their shitty little facebook group discussing PDC matters such is their lack of interest in a code they claim to be fanatic about. I cant really blame them though as the BDO is totally insignificant.
I am sure an announcement of an announcement will be forthcoming and the simple cunts will lap that shit up when it comes, which will no doubt turn to shit like everything else.
The only thing I know in the BDO  this week is that the bearded cunt Adams is back in the England team, and if that is not a sign of how desperate things are , they have Dennis Harbour and Nigel Heydon in the England team, how fucking pitiful is that.
No sign of Phantom of the Opera in the team, probably spending his 100k from Lakeshite getting the badly needed plastic surgery on his bells palsy head. But in he end who cares, another meaningless shit event that that these cretin  would have us believe actually mean anything.

Hunchback seething after he lost to Krusty in the Premier League is always a joy to see, and was lovely seeing the coal scavenging manlet  Price and the depressing Gurney who took time off from giving cunnilingus to his necklace also get beaten thursday night.

Friday, February 2, 2018

 KotW has to go to Gary Anderson who lost this week in the PL
Ando was 5-1 in a best of 12 he had 3 darts for the draw and not only fucks up the leg but loses 6 legs on the trot to lose 7-5.
If I did not know better I would think he had a bet on the game

Then there was Barney, a guy who has not won a ranking tv tournament in over 11 years who still gets invited to the PL while people like double world champ Fatpot cruises the north sea channel.
The funniest part while Barney is from the country known as the house of Orange, he was cheered by the Irish crowd because the he played Gurney who is more an Orange cunt that that lazy postman cunt will ever be.
And as usal the postman failed to deliver , makes you wonder if he failed to deliver when he the same delivering posts.

Did anyone see the abomination of a poster the EDO released last week ?
Not only did they release one fuck up but it appears there has been different versions each one as fucked up as the other.
Here is the one I saw on a forum.

I know not everyone is familiar with computers, photoshop, paint shop, gimp or whatever, but these fuck ups go beyond this, as this is complete levels of retardation. This is not just stupidity but complacency. You just might get away with the green line under the word announcement and pretend it was intentional, but to leave the cursor on the document and still print it takes the biscuit.
They even typed End at the end, these people are so fucking stupid.
But the best of them all was them putting in the town as Woking. It was meant to be Worthing.

The excuses came quick, and the main one being it was late when it was made and they were tired.
Too tired to notice a green line ? A cursor that should not be there, a word that should not be there, or getting the name of the town wrong ?
These are the people responsible for Darts in England.

Also a mention for Warty, who spewed this nonsensical bullshit this week in an artivle in the Daily Record when he said

“I’m not going to lie, Q-School did cross my mind,” The Boss admitted.

“But a couple of things stopped me. The chance to beat Jocky’s record is a big reason and I also gave my word to the organiser of a new tournament in the BDO, the West-Fries Open, that I would play in it, so I didn’t want to go back on that promise.”

The West Fries Open....who the fuck is he kidding ?