Friday, August 18, 2017

Phil Taylor the winner this week after his match against the Son of Mullet Corey Cadby last weekend.

I love a bit of shenanigans as the commentators called it, happens down the pub, and want to see more of it on the oche, I am sick shit of the DRA cunts killing the game and making any emotion or outburst seem like they committed a murder or rape all in an effort to rob the players of earnings so the DRA can fill up their coffers. It seemed in good form at the start, Cadby even tried to explain why he was doing the shoulder motions and Taylor was not interested, and again no issue with that either, it will be an education and experience for Cadby like when Peter Manley made Fatpot Lewis his bitch and he learned to cop himself on and even when Taylor started to use Cadby's towel that Cadby was using on his face and Taylor was simulating that he was wiping his ass with the towel I still had no issue.
As said I want to see dramatics on the stage, sick of precious snowflakes and the DRA choking the shit out of the game. You see worse in a dart game down the pub.

So why you might ask has Taylor won Knob of the Week.
He won it not for his actions, but for the fact he had to resort to that level in order to try put of Cadby off. When you lose a mental battle to Corey Cadby you have reached rock bottom, and you have to stand back and think can you go any lower. Its like losing a chess match to Dave Chisnall.
TV, he refused to sign the board and made the PDC Matchplay Champion look like a complete bitch after Taylor thought he was being funny throwing the pen, checkout the short video below.

Lastly on Taylor, I did enjoy the fact the mushrooms on fanatics and forums were up in arms over Taylors antics, and could use that as the excuse they needed to slate the PDC.
Still good to know so many mushrooms were watching the PDC product so attentively, since they have given up on their own BDO.

A mention for PDC jobber Robbie Green who this week called me vermin for daring to post the screenshots of what the chubby waiter said last week.. He loves getting involved and then playing the victim, typical scouse cunt.He likes to Wade in with his fatman act when it don't concern him.
This fat gout ridden scouse lump of puss with tattoo's that look like they were done by Dave Clarke standing in a hammock using a magic marker in a blackout would rather try slate me for the screenshot rather than slate Selecta for what he said.
Then that ignorant prick is another cunt who loves to threaten people as well, thinks it makes him a tough man, instead it just shows how common he is. Cunt better be careful the DRA did not see his comments and fine him for breaching rules, as he is not in the BDO anymore and as a full member of the PDC Job Squad, he must be careful what he spouts. tThankfully for him I am not a rat bastard who would report him.
Wonder if he will call me vermin again for reporting his own words ?

He was not alone this week as other pro Selecta gimps were out in force to defend the Chubby Waiter, seems the person who threatened people, mocked cancer victims, confronted and threatened people at events is ok but those that mention his actions are "vermin".
Work that one out.
Imagine if a Tabloid newspaper got wind of the fact the Discipline Officer of the BDO and now a full board member was threatening people, mocking cancer victims etc, would Robbie Green be calling the newspaper reporters vermin ?
Would Bo Selecta's waiter be threatening to slap said reporter ?
Cos we all know in the world of the bdo mindset a slap will solve everything.They think it makes everything disappear quicker than tv rights for a bdo major.

No doubt more threats will follow this week. from Kong the Ninja and Super Waiter the Streetfighter.
My security team will have to pull double shifts.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I would like to do a Question and Answers with Tommy Thompson, so I contacted him, and in true BDO style, he never replied. Its the BDO way. you read something you dont like , you either ignore it and pretend it never happened or take to facebook issuing threats.
To be fair, Tommy is not the sort to issue threats, maybe he is still depressed after his defeat at the yearly BDO Open Zoo extravaganza., and his lapdog defecting to the darkside must have been another kick in the gonads.

Friday, August 11, 2017

When I first started Knob of the Week I recall many people telling me there would never be enough happening in darts on a weekly basis to give me enough material to keep it going. I thought otherwise, afterall with the BDO I could nearly do a daily Knob of the Week.
Almost five years later since I first started doing this it seems after the recent BDO AGM Open Zoo extravaganza I will be kept busy for another five years.

When you think of morons you have to stand back in sheer fuckin awe when it comes to the BDO, The comedy gift that keeps on giving and now promises to continue as they implode from within. Personally I find it great.
The scumbag homophobic, internet hardman who loves dishing out threats was voted on to the BDO board, in a move akin to being made supervisor of the boiler room on the Titanic.
What can possibly go wrong.
Yes the very same cunt who wrote on a forum not long back the following

So here he is now on the BDO. Then this does not surprise me, Here is a guy who threatened pensioners, told Tommy the Jew that he hoped his cancer treatment did not work, threatened a guy with learning difficulties at Lakeshite abuses people on social media, made threats they first gave him the job of Disciplinary Officer. You could not make this up.
Then he is in good company with that vile bastard Wayne williams, the old cunt who went to the home of the Darts Forum admin, but got no answer as the Admin was afraid to answer the door to a pensioner. He then traveled to the workplace of the Admin of The Stars of darts forum, and that admin, a little stunted dwarf shat his load in front of his wife at the pensioner.

What the fuck is wrong with these people, 
Here is another old facebook social media post of  the waiter.

For those wondering WCDPA is the name Houseboy...aka Deta Hedman's bitch and Tommy the Jews lapdog goes by on forums.
Yep the guy abusing people on social media is the disciplinary officer of the BDO.
Another of his posts.
I was pissing myself laughing at his acceptance speech that he put on facebook.
Kids in Ireland aged 7 would not be as illiterate this this moron

Where is Belgum ?
What is "upmost" ?
And this "Roll" he speaks of, is it a ham roll, or a breakfast roll ?
Don't get me started on the use of the word "was".

The BDO board would soon work with a scumbag like Des the Hog Humper than work with Barry Hearn, If that does not ell you everything you need to know about the BDO nothing will.
All these quotes are genuine and on forums and facebook.
Of course in typical mushroom ignorance and arrogance the so called fanatics were out in force trying to convince themselves this was "good news".
however there are those in the BDO far from happy, mostly those associated with or friendly towards the EDO.
I liked this little gem I found
Needless to say the most crying came from Tommy the Jew who managed it seems to survive the Lancashire troubles, a small victory in a week where he was reduced to rambling incoherently across social media.
His errand boy Gimpmaster General cried like a bitch again how Tommy proposals were not even listened to, and stories about how the Chubby waiter told him to shut up and sit down must have made him come close to a fuckin seizure.
Was it wrong the proposals were not listened to ? Yes, but in the end who cares ?
I certainly dont, I want them to continue to implode from within and hope all its members are at each others throats, I love it and seeing the infighting provides me with hours of laughter.
Gimpmaster General wrote this
Tommy the Jew has taken it as bad too, I believe he posted a picture of a tombstone with the BDO on it whining how the BDO is now dead as an organisation....I could have told him that back in 1993, the thick fuck.

It seems the waiter with a set of teeth that could eat an apple through a letterbox was now officially a Players director. What exactly that is unsure but it seems he will now be attending all events , no doubt paid expenses, all courtesy of the counties that he refused to listen he can try intimidate any player that might think of switching to the PDC...well not every player, the top old farts are ok to go to the Grand Slam, but the rest of the rank and file are there to be treated like dirt, and part of me thinks they deserve it for tolerating that shit.
 I saw tonight reports that Des Selecta is now handing out roles like making Jeff Smith he Canadian players rep.
How the fuck can someone in the BDO...remember the B stands for British dictate what happens outside the BDO, is that not the job of the useless WDF ?

The fun and games in store over the coming months is gonna be great, and as for those counties that are still sulking , get fucked as ye brought it on yerselves by allowing it happen, you wont get any sympathy from me.
We all know Tommy the Jew won't stay silent, his ego wont allow it, nor will his pet lodger houseboy.
Bo Selecta and her waiter are the same, they wont be able to keep their buck toothed mouths shut for long on social media and will be off spouting the sort of shit they always do, regardless if it breaks BDO social media policy, the same one he was formerly officer of.

So what happens the kangaroo court panel and that Disciplinary Officers role ?
Does the hog humper retain that role as well or will some neanderthal on day release from prison be offered that position ?

Strap yerselves in lads, this could the funniest  year in the BDO for a while.

Other mentions this week

Bob Potter, was fined 46k....hopefully it will have some impact on Lakeshite prizefund.
And lets be honest there aint many of them Lakeshite left as soon as Bob Snuffs it, there goes the venue.
The funniest part was he got 46k fine for cutting down a tree,
The poor lad that died in the lake only got him a 85k that one out.

Peter Wright for his pasting by Corey Cadby.....Corey does look a great player, even if he does act and look like something that was spawned by bdo scum of the North of England



Been reading a few forums and reports about my blog and I and how I am abusive, yet the abuse posted by Jacklin was ignored, odd that.
Strange how the chubby waiter threatens people and its ignored, the chubby waiter lies , contradicts himself and is a proven liar, and again no one seems to focus on that.
I dare anyone to prove the screenshots I posted are not true or correct. 
Then the retarded cunts of the bdo would rather shoot the messenger who posted the facts than  comment about the things Des actually said.
I love how people like Tommy the Jew, Tony Martin and others are accused of feeding me information,my only contact with Tommy ever has been on open forum , never any private conversations, messages etc, but I am sure the morons who ignored the chubby waiters scumbag behavior will conveniently  ignore this fact as well.
Tony Martin's only communication with me has been to have some posters made for him, as I am fuckin sound like that, he deserves proper posters, not those atrocious pieces of shit that litter the walls of scumbag councils of the north of England..
I do get info from within the BDO, and have done for years, but I promised not to reveal who it is.So  ye can keep guessing away.

And lastly, to all those people who claim to never read this site but always do regardless, and tell others to stay away from here which they wont do themselves, views are increasing week on week, month on month
 So to all ye bitches that claim to hate me or would sort me out, etc I just want to let ye know it is ye cretins that is making my blog so popular.
Thank you all for your obsession with me, and making this darts blog the busiest darts blog ever.

Now fuck off.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Step forward Krusty for your deserved Knob of the Week Award, the only thing you will win this month or any month ya choking fuck. So unanimous was his win among people who contacted me I thought it only best to post what one person sent me and is as hilarious as it is true....

Stepping out from behind the double-decker bus sized shadow of his wife to seize this week's award is the one and only Peter "snakebite " Wright.
Yes indeed folks the one man walking stag party does it again as he irons out the competition once more with his sobbing and fucking bleating on live television.
What glorious scenes indeed as everyone's least favourite painted spastic got smashed clean out his cowboy boots by a bloke that old and withered he needed a Stannah Stairlift just to get him up onto the fucking stage.
How this doss cunt managed to sire six kids without owning a pair of fucking testicles is beyond me as yet another trophy slipped through his grasp much to the disappointment of the Mendham manatee he married that rules his pitiful existence with a rod of iron.
I almost felt sorry for Joanne Wright the world class Grotbags impersonator and walking advertisement for the merits of gastric bypass surgery as she clapped her bingo wings together vainly trying to spur on her pet spastic as he was getting systematically abused from a rampant Taylor who had no intention whatsoever of pulling his shlong out of the painted care in the community project until the trophy was his for a unprecedented sixteenth time.
There's plenty of chokers in professional darts but there's only one so called man who falls at the final hurdle time and again then sobs his heart out like he's just heard the prostate transplant he received from Martin Adams was successful.
Utter cunt and deserved winner.

Lets not forget were it not for the flid James Wilson who could not beat Krusty in the earlier rounds with Krusty chucking an average in the 80s , we would have been spared the consolation speech we were then subjected to.
The last time I heard a speech as sad and as pathetic as his was the day in Las Vegas over 10 years when the Sweaty hypoglycemic postman Barney ended his career as a serious contender for major ranking tv titles.
Barney has not won a major ranking tv title in over 10 years, and suspect Wright will never win any , as his UK Open title  was won in a depleted field and he can spin it anyway he likes but until he wins a major ranking tv title in a full field , his trophy cabinet will be as bare as Dave Chisnalls.

Other notable mentions this week.

Stephen bunting - I am giggling like a lunatic as I type this. It is still hilarious thinking back to all the retarded simpletons who tried to convince others that this scouse loving cunt was a top player just cos he won a tin pot mickey mouse cup in Bob Potters run down hotel.
Bunting who did not last long in the Matchplay, thankfully for us and his dad in the carpark, tonight went even better.
In the qualifiers for the Euro tours #10 & 11 he lost in the first to Robert Owen, and got destroyed 6-0 in the second to Andy Hamilton..
Only 2 years ago people were trying to convince me Bunting was a top player, bunting is not even in the league of Darren Webster for fucks sake.
One simpleton on a forum said after Bunting switch to the PDC 3 years ago that there was only 2 players in the World better than bunting, the saddest part is some people actually believed him.
Thats akin to saying the winner of the 100 meters in the retard olympics could switch to the real olympics and make an impact.

James Wade- Lost tonite in the qualifier. The fact that he is reduced to even having to qualify with the jobbers shows how far he has fallen. He could be out of the worlds Top Ten by tommor evening dependent on results in the Players championships.
Tonight he lost to Andy Boulton, and 6-2 at that, its not like it was even fucking close..

The BDO - Their AGM is on this sunday, and its promises to be like Britain's largest open zoo.
Bo Selecta, the gay waiter, Vic the racist, Tommy the jew and his lapdog houseboy, Sue the Gash and her Cuckold husband Wayne will all be there.
The potbellied, the freaks, big worm the pimp, steve egarton the poster child for malnutrition, dwarfs, geriatrics, cripples and dykes....PT Barnum would have nothing on these cunts.

I could devote pages to the flaws for these cretins plans for the future but the reality is I simply cannot be arsed , so gonna make it short.

Tommy the Jew wrote
"The Players” who I might add have no compunction about leaving the BDO when it suits them, I mean the likes of Dave Chisnall, Stephen Bunting, Christian Kist, Alan Norris, Stuart Kellett, Mark Webster, Simon Whitlock, Ray Barneveld and especially Mervyn King who always said he was BDO through and through, all these players and many more, who did the tour, have no loyalty to the BDO"

This sums up the level of mentality among these fucking fools.
This loyalty shit that is dragged out, even today the ponytailed spaz cannot get over Merv King leaving, how tragically sad is that.
They claim Darts is a sport , well if that is true then loyalty means fuckall.
Would a kid at a lower league football club turn down tens of thousands  a week to play for one of the bigger football clubs  ? Of course not, true sports people want to play the best, at the highest level, or at the very least make a few pound out of it, fuck loyalty in sport.

Tommy never asks why they left, just slates those because they left.
To give you an idea of how fucked up things are in the BDO. Warty the scottish poisonous Dwarf for example is in line for a spot in the Grand Slam of Darts.
Now should he decide to dump his so called principles, just like prostate hole Martin Adams sold his principles for the PDC coin, Warty could turn up at the Grand Slam, lose every single game, not win a single leg and still earn his 3rd highest pay day of his entire miserable career.

What does that tell you about the state of the competitions and prize money in the bdo, and  Tommy the Jew thinks people should not leave because of loyalty.

What a stupid bastard. in an organisation packed with stupid bastards.
The BDO are dead, cooked, goosed, done and dusted as far as tv events and their hilariously entitled "majors"
The only majors in the bdo are the major fuck ups.
Let them stick to pulling tickets out of raffle drums for pork steaks, catering to pub players over the age of 50, and living in cloud cuckoo land.
They are done but to stupid to even realize it.


Seems people in Lancashire darts are sick of Tommy Thompson and want his resignation .

Was sent this a few moments ago, I wont reveal who by,

Watching the bdo fight with the edo and county darts fight among themselves is like watching down syndrome kids fighting.Its tragically sad, but you cannot help watching  and laughing whilst telling yourself this is so wrong on so many levels
Dont matter who wins either, as they are all retarded.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The baldy hunchbacked cunt that loves to fuck whores in bradford and try get away without paying left it late this week but boy was it worth it.
Not only did he get taught a lesson by the greatest player ever in Phillip Douglas Taylor, he cried like a bitch and refused to do an interview.

For the last 2 years I have got sick of sheep new to darts rimming the obese hole of that Hunchback dutch cunt and claiming he is the greatest ever.
He is not , and will never be. He has not even reached the level of the mighty Eric Bristow let alone the 16 time World Champion Phil Taylor.
In years to come people will look back and see the achievements of the flid from the land of kyke killers, tulips and dykes and wonder how he fared against the greatest ever in Taylor.
The history books will show not only did Taylor beat MVG who was in his prime in multiple big matches, an almost 60 year old Taylor far far from his best and in the middle of retiring not only beat MVG in his prime, but he battered him, and battered him mentally too.

Lets also remember some of Taylors greatest victories over the futch cunt.
The 2013 PDC World championships Final. Taylor beat MVG comprehensively
The 2014 PDC Matchplay Final where Taylor battered the dutch cunt and made him cry like a bitch
The 2016 PDC CLoD where Taylor won the inaugural event  bashing MVG twice in 2 days
and last night where he made him cry like a bitch again

So the next time you hear people acting like crosseyed halfwits saying MVG is the greatest, just remember the true greatest who is far from his best is still better than MVG.

The vile scut from Holland is an arrogant obnoxious prick who thought he was unbeatable, signing autographs in the middle of a game, texting his best friend the elongated dutch Mervyn King during the MVG- Whitlock matches and being a general prick.

Tonight was just magnificent. Not only battered, but to be made cry yet again, by a man far from his prime. He refused to do an interview, and Taylors comments were gold, and how he asked the crowd about Mardle spouting rubbish. Back in the studio you could see the former fat dancing spastic was utterly seething. Taylor then laid into MVG.

I always wanted Taylor to go out with one last hurrah and thought it would not happen, and regardless of whether he wins the Matchplay or not , that was one magnificent moment in the game as he winds down his career as the Greatest of All Time.
Also remember that is the 5th time in 7 matches on tv that Taylor has beaten the Hunchback, and should have been 6 had he not blown the recent one in the world Series in China.

Check out this video when Taylor speaks about Hunchback crying, discusses how MVG struggled to knock up his wife  and other stuff.

The Matchplay has been overall another great event and you could argue the number of seeds that fell made it great or bad depending on who you support.
But that does not mean MVG was the only Knob this a few more mentions.
or be left anywhere near a TV event ever again, he is beyond shit. He could not even beat an atrocious Krusty who  had one of the lowest averages of the entire comp and still won.

James Wade  & Gary Anderson - Wade for thinking his name is enough for him to win early rounds.After missing 6 match darts in Las Vegas last week he missed match darts again this comp to beat Darren Webster ffs., and his excuse was the same as Anderson- they were tired.
Ando made an ever bigger song and dance about it.
The jockanese haggis munching cunt cried how he only got home on the Monday and had only 4 days off before he had to play a game of Darts.
No one was asking the cunt to jog from his home in Somerset to Blackpool and swim 10 miles in the ocean, before bench pressing weights on the blackpool stage for 9 hours... he had four fucking days to get ready for a darts match.
And when he won he had another 3 days off before his next game, and the cunt acted like we were suppose to feel sympathy for the cunt who had to travel the world playing a game he is making a fortune from.

Barney- The scooty eyed human food mixer  Dave Clarke almost spent the evening prior to the Taylot Barney game jizzing himself over this useless dutch postman, telling us about the rivalary.
What fucking rivalry, that ended over ten years ago. Barney has not wont a major tv ranking  competition in over 10 years. He was a disgrace yet again.
Still it was nice seeing Taylor rape another Dutch cunt.

Wayne Mardle - Has surpassed even John Gwynne and Stuart Pyke as the worst cunt even on comms in the PDC. Was lovely to see the cunts expression tonight like he was gonna cry when Taylor gave him some grief.
The last time I saw that look on Mardle ugly face was when he made a spastic of himself on dutch tv a good few years back , and always worth a watch, so here it is again for all those that missed it.

Dave Chisnall - I like the lad, but fucks sake he will never win anything of note ever, a Grade A choker.

Sadly it is now looking like Krusty the Clown is the clear favorite for the Matchplay now.
That wont sit well back stage with a lot of players as I have reliably told his wife Jo has alienated so many people and her treatment of Rachel Anderson a few months back was the final straw and why Ando was not worried about losing in the world Cup as she is a poisonous bitch.
Then birds of a feather and all that, still maybe if Krusty wins and picks up a nice 6 figure winners cheque he can look after his 3 , not the 3 he has with fat Jo, but the other 3 he has outside that marriage that he has neglected and pretend do not exist.

Anyone interested in discussing Darts should join up here
The Darts Forum
and the admin on there are not wimpy pricks who shit themselves when confronted by the bdo board member and cuckolded pensioner Wayne Williams.
One admin of a darts forum -a dwarf shat his load in front of his wife
The other forums admin was to afraid to even answer his door.

I am off to now rewatch the Taylor-v- Hunchback match again

Friday, July 21, 2017

Who else could be more deserving the BDO this week.
It is almost impossible to pinpoint any one member in particular, Popcorn Teeth sue the Gash and her cunt of a husband who looks like a corpse that spent 3 minutes in a microwave , the rest of the BDO board like the racist Vic Sexton or the chubby gay waiter from Lincoln and his disciplinary committee.
So this week the award goes to the entire BDO, the board, the counties, the players, the so called fans and every single braindead retarded cunt and heifer munter,  in it and connected to it.

Recently the BDO allowed the chubby gay wildlife humping waiter  to have his little kangaroo court and bring before the BDO disciplinary committee a person NOT even in the fucking BDO.
The non BDO member was accused of betraying the BDO ( which he was not part of) and a hearing was set for him which he decided not to attend, all played out on social media.
In the end the BDO disciplinary committee  consisting of 3  retarded people, and of which 2 were "anonymous" and did not even have the balls or backbone to stand behind what they were doing, found the non BDO member was guilty of posting a business sensitive email which broke the rules of the BDO of which he was not a member.

His punishment was a suspended sentence as they even admitted they had no way of fining him otherwise.
Seriously, how fucking retarded are these people, bringing a person in front of the BDO committee who is not a BDO member.
Who will it be next week ? Me ?
I can picture it now, a one million pound fine and a letter of apology to the heifers of the BDO or I wont be allowed enter the qualifiers for the Bob Potter Urine Invitational.

Here is what the disciplinary committee released - click for full size

I am still laughing like the cunt I am at the recent viewing figures released for that joke of a comp, the Catas Trophy aired on front runner.
The only day that got a single  viewer was the final on the Sunday and it got a global audience of 5000 views....five thousand.
It barely made the top ten for that weekend on that channel.
Repeats of the Indoor League made decades ago got more viewers than the bdo....the real kicker was the pub arm wrestling was the highest viewed programme on the channel

7 day data (000s) 28 day data (000s)
1 ARM WARS (SUN 1900) 7
2 BIKE WORLD (MON 2100) 6
3 WORLD POKER TOUR (12) (THU 1930) 6
5 MOBIL 1 THE GRID (MON 2030) 6
6 WORLD POKER TOUR (12) (MON 1930) 6
7 WORLD POKER TOUR (12) (THU 2900) 6
9 WORLD POKER TOUR (10) (MON 1200) 5
You should see some of the bdo fans trying to make excuses for the bdo and the atrocious figures on the forums, its fucking priceless and makes the hilarious figures even funnier.
The are 2 groups on facebook calkling themselves "fanatics" and must number in their thousands.
They are quick to defend the BDO, make excuses for it, and act like they are being personally attacked, yet these same so called fanatics do not attend bdo events, its quite evident they do not watch it on tv either, so essentially these cunts and liars  falsely claiming to be fanatics are the ones responsible for the dire hole the BDO are in and deserve to be in.My hope os after Lakeshite 2018, channel 4 tell them fuck off as well.
Who knows maybe Bob Potter might tell them to fuck off also if he is still alive, and lets be honest he wont be around forever, and when he draws his terminal breath there is no way his wife and family are going keep hosting the bdo yearly piss up in surrey.
Its going to be great watching it all collapse. I cannot wait, and already looking forward to the scum fans getting upset and issuing threats about how they would sort me out like that would solve the problem.

 On to the PDC

By the end of this year we will have had the following comps in the PDC in 2017.
World Championships
The World Cup
The Unibet Masters
6 UK Qualifiers plus the UK Open itself
22 Floor championships
12 European tour events
20 Challenge tours
20 Development tours
7 World Series events
The World Matchplay
The Grand Prix
The Champions league of Darts
The Grand Slam of Darts
The Players Championships finals
The European championships
and then there is the Premier league which makes it 98 comps and that is counting the 16 nights of televised darts in the PL as one single comp, and thats not counting World championships qualifiers, and other regional events like the USA Championships, Nordic tour , Australia etc....

With the exception of 2 Events, which unsurprisingly are my 2 favorite events in the PDC calendar, The World championships and the Grand Prix,  every single event is legplay. It is beyond a joke, I can accept leg play is the most natural form and easy for things like TV, but having  96 comps out of 98 as leg play is taking the fucking piss.
Hence why the Matchplay which is usually a good comp is vastly over rated, as to me its just a glorified Euro Tour dragged out over a week instead of a weekend. Yes it ticks the boxes for a major but personally for me it is not as some would have you believe the second biggest comp after the World champs.
In a year or two when Uncle Barry wakes the fuck up and stops giving charity to the bdo scum  who come begging cap in hand every year for the PDC coin before being battered by the PDC players and sent on their way, The Grand Slam of Darts , along with the current Grand Prix are all events that now outshine the Matchplay.
I guess a lot of the love for the Matchplay was not helped by Taylor ranting on endlessly how it was his favorite comp.....well next year the groping prick can watch in peace at home on his own since he wont be in it.

As for some predictions, Wade who lived on his reputation for years is cooked, was going to say the lazy fatpot was too but he has the ability to string a few ton plus averages over the longer distance together if unlikely, it has been years since wade did that and think his time in the elite is long gone.
Taylor will be out the gap, and the sweaty hypoglycemic postman wont be far behind.
The young players are coming through and the lazy cunts like Barney, Taylor, Wade , Lewis etc who have been skipping events will pay the price for their laziness.

Friday, July 14, 2017

This weeks award goes to that vastly over rated scouse loving lump of protoplasm Stephen Bunting.
Here is a guy that mushrooms were falling over themselves to claim would be a huge star in the PDC cos he dominated the shit bdo and won Bob Potters January Jobber Jamboree at Piss Central in Surrey.
Some retarded cunts even went to claim he was the third best player in the world, and that in 2 years after the switch he would be a TV tournament winner. I said at the time when he starts to defend money against players who wont be rolling over and dying against his 90 averages, but faces players who actually are better than him the heap of mucus would end up another midcard switcher.

Now three and a half years later he lies in 22nd place in the main Order of Merit and is dropping.
One simpleton who claimed he was a top player also claimed after Cullen mocked the bdo in a euro tour a couple of years ago that Cullen was a one match wonder, yes, the same Cullen now ranked higher than Bunting.

In the pro tour Order of Merit  he lies 4 places behind Rob Cross who has earned more in the last 6 months than bunting did in his first year.
One retarded simpleton claimed a few years ago that in 2 years time we will see where Bunting is and where Ian White will be cos Bunting was a class above Ian White.
And here we are today, with White 9 places above Bunting in the pro tour OoM, and ten places above Bunting in the main OoM with over 100,000 pounds more earned.

Last Friday in the Euro tour qualifiers he was the number one seed of all the jobbers vying for a place in the European tour and lost to Ted Evetts....Ted fucking Evetts.
The following day he took part in Players championships 15.....a field that had no Taylor, MVG, Barney, Ando, Wade, Lewis, Chizzy, Wright or Price
He lost in the last 64 to Joe Murnan
The following day lost in the last 32.
He spent the week crying how he might pack up the game, thinking people would beg him to continue, fact is no one would miss him, in fact I would not be surprised if most people wanted the sobbing fuck to piss off for good.
He said he might take a job.....and lets face it a liverpool supporter with a job is as rare  as a 100 average at Lakeshite.

Notable mentions for the following

Max Flop : The hugely over rated German jobber, who was only selected for the Vegas comp because he was German. This choking shit obly reaches the Euro tour because they are held mostly in Germany, if he has to qualify in the UK qualifiers he would not make it into one event.
He was not unlucky tonight in Vegas, he deserved to lose, and at one stage had 120 left  for the leg, hit treble 20, then had a bounceout and then hit treble twenty again to bust his score, and then lost the leg.

James Wade for yet another pathetic showing in the Las Vegas jaunt, although unlike Max Flop he had 6 darts to win the match and threw the game away, it still makes him a Knob.

And the EDO..........for weeks Tommy the Jew's personal lapdog spouted on forums how Front Runner TV were happy with the viewing figures for the EDO darts.
Also made the claim that sponsors paid for events to be shown.
When Front Runner went off freeview and admitted viewing figures were atrocious the claims that Front Runner were not paid to show darts emerged.
It got so bad that anyone daring to even ask questions were subjected to abuse.

Adrian Battersby....remember him ? The guy begging for money for another event so it could be shown on Front runner, when he was asked what he needed the money was for by a guy on Facebook called Lancelot, his response was hilarious.
Checkout this level of retardation

Adrian Battersby ‬
‪Easy when you think you are hidden isn't it - Not so hidden though when you ask facebook through their reporting system for racial abuse... Good job your a successful businessman as you might need that money later and then the disciplinary meeting will be fun‬

Lancelot Darts ‬
‪Well then Battersby, if Frontrunner don't charge a fee to show darts why did you beg for donations on the internet?‬

‪Adrian Battersby ‬
‪you truly are a dope but we all know that now - I'm just filling in the online form to get your IP details from facebook and will pass this onto Tommy - will be a nice pay day for anti-Semitic comments and plenty of solicitors will take that on a no win no fee Tommy Thompson‬

Lancelot Darts ‬
‪Antic semetic comment LOL where? This is hilarious PMSL‬

Battersby not only thinks the guy Lancelot is me,  but he thinks facebook is gonna handover his IP address to him.
I might not have a facebook account but even I know facebook will send him packing.
As for anti-semitic comments, that guy Lancelot never made said comments, I did  and calling a Jewish person a Jew in not anti semitic , any more than calling me Justin the Catholic, although all religion is bullshit, its just Santa Claus for adults.
Unless of course Tommy is not a Jew which begs the question why he wears that gold star of david constantly.
Who knows, maybe someday I might even do a question and answers session with TT if he feels up to it, like I did with Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant a couple of years ago before he went off crying when he got his feelings hurt.
As for a disciplinary hearing, that is just priceless, do these cretins think they are some special branch of the police force where they just round up people for some kangaroo court and dish out fines that people in England will pay, let alone a mick cunt like me.
These people truly are the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Normally Tommy the Jew as leader of the EDO might get the weekly award, however this week Tommy the Jew cannot take all the responsibility for the abysmal business decisions made by the EDO, he had to have backing of racist Vic Sexton and others.

In the aftermath of the EDO paying thousands to have the shit they call Darts shown on the shit TV channel Front Runner, said TV channel released a statement in relation to them no longer being on freeview.
So this could explain why the viewing figures for the shit EDO and BDO darts were never released, yet viewing figures on the weeks no darts were on were released.
This cannot be a coincidence when Front Runner have now openly admitted how shit viewing figures were.
It now seems likely that not a single household in the entire UK ( in conjunction with barb) watched the shit darts.
This now begs the question,...Tommy the Jews lackey and Deta Hedman's overweight pet gimp on more than one occasion took to dart forums and declared "Front Runner were delighted with the viewing figures for the EDO darts".
That has now been proven to be yet another lie. Lets not forget the line "sponsors paid for the TV coverage". Who are those sponsors ?
When the simpleton making the claims that sponsors paid for the coverage was asked who said sponsors were, he refused to answer.
Tommy the Jew must lie awake at night thinking of all the money wasted, all those thousands of pounds gone forever, like an Irene Mungins slot machine flashback.

So what next. Front Runner are now no longer free, and if people wont watch their shit programs for free they most certainly aint gonna pay for it.
Any guy that has sky is not gonna bother with that channel when they have the proper sports channels.
The fact frontrunner think they might increase viewers not they are no longer free, and buried away on some high number channel is almost bdo type of delusion.

The funniest part are the simpletons coming out of the woodwork making claims that bdo and edo shit darts was worth watching.
One such muppet was jockanese mental defect and pub player Alan Souter, who took time off from licking windows to post on social media.
Alright Front Runner, has the BDO darts been good viewing figures? British Internationals, 6 Nations are all great events. BDO Darts is still a massive pull with loads of players and spectators? Interested to hear your side?

I would like to think he is on heroin, and thats the reason he made such a retarded statement, and being a porridge swigging jock, its not uncommon for them. to abuse said substances.
The EDO had 280 people watching live darts on youtube, and even less on that shit channel, out of a planet of over seven fucking billion.

I saw another travelers horse race recently ,on a country road nearby, where the horses pull sulkies. It not only had more people watching live on the roadside, in fact it had more that the youtube audience the EDO got, and the money at stake was more than on offer at a bdo event on frontrunner.
Maybe Frontunner should have shown that....would have got more viewers, and the travelers were better class of people than the bdo and edo scum supporters also.

Now for a few other mentions this week.

Phil Taylor- I know there is no shame in losing to MVG normally but the cunt was 5-0 up, and even today it is still evident to anyone watching the dutch quasimodo is still afraid of Taylor at the start of matches, how many times has taylor took big leads over the wife cheating hunchback to only fuck it away in last leg deciders.
In the last leg hit a score of 41 to leave 165, the sort of mistake Taylor should not be making.

Dave Dismall - If ever there was an example of why the simple fucker will never win a tv comp that was it. Got on stage and shat his load from the start and ended with an 83 average. He even makes Krusty who I thought was a choking cunt look like a superstar.

Stephen Bunting - Yep, the fat cunt who dominated the bdo and had mushrooms falling over themselves to claim how great he was and would be in the PDC. I said it before and will say it again, another midcarder at best in the PDC. Just because he won some 2 bit mickey mouse heap of shit at Potter's run down palace of piss he must therefore be a good player.
Tonight he lost yet again in the qualifiers to Ted Evetts.
At least we wont have to put up with his scouse shit at that Euro event.

Robbie  Green- He to lost out tonight in the qualifiers, and another scouse supporter we wont have to tolerate in said Euro tour. No one turns on darts from Europe to hear scousers play the victim, and if I had my way scousers would be banned from Europe for life with their track record in it.

I remember that depressing dutch cunt Vincent van der Voort recently saying in a Euro tour interview he was going to be careful what he says as the DRA fine everyone for the most minor thing, yet controversial topics like Hillsborough where scouse supporters are allowed spew inflammatory  comments are allowed....scousers should be banned from spewing their political agenda and lies and stick to darts.