Friday, November 27, 2015

Following the commotions earlier in the Week where Tommy Thompson has spent  his time complaining about the treatment Lancashite Darts is getting all over social media to anyone that listens, his counterpart  and equally as fucking stupid old yellow teeth herself  continues to show their levels of retardation and capped of  the week by kicking out Lakeshite qualifier Vladamir Amderson.

His heinous crime you might ask ?
Seems he was caught swearing at an event in Denmark and chastised and banned by the DIF, some little known Danish Org, who have zero jurisdiction to hand out global bans, which is the job of the utterly moronic and useless WDF.

Not that the BDO give a flying fuck of course, this is just the excuse they need to fuck Anderson out and get in Sam Hewson who is great friends with the scumbag couple of the Jacklins who by an astounding coincidence are now working with the BDO.

On the issue of the EDO and the equally useless BDO, lets hope this civil war as it has been called gets worse.
I enjoy a good laugh and seeing the mentally deficient fans of these organisations come up with the most stupid excuses to defend their favorite codes.
I hope it gets to the stage where lawyers get involved and end up costing the codes a fortune, not that the EDO has much in the Coffers, not since Irene Muggins fucked over 40k of their money in a slot machine.

BBC dumping lakeshite would be the icing on the cake, but highly unlikely though as the BBC is getting that for pittance, would not surprise me if the got it for free.
In fact the BDO should be paying the BBC to show that shit.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Some might think it harsh giving this weeks award to a player who reached the final of the Grand Slam of Darts, but this was a major fuck up by Taylor.
This defeat could well turn out to be a crippling defeat in more ways than one.
If you look at the bigger picture, this was a final where he was totally in control, led 4-1 at the break and should have been 5-0.
I have said in the past that whilst MvG is without doubt the best player on Earth at the moment there are times when you might have to question his bottle when the pressure is really on him for a change.
All well and good for MVG when he plays floor players, kids, chokers and midcarders or even the top players when he gets a great start.
In the past over the long distance he struggled when under real pressure, his final against Thornton in the Grand Prix showed us that, along with other matches like the 2013 World Final.

This was Taylor;s chance to not only retain the only title he held , but let MvG know he was still the man, despite Taylor being nowhere near his peak.
I believe it was 8 legs that he had shots at doubles first and lost the leg, you simply do not give MvG that many chances,and putting aside the 50k difference in prize money, it was another kick in the balls for Taylor and if anything MvG will become even more invincible now with the confidence of this win.

Thanks Taylor you prick.

Also a mention to the BDO who appear to be taking over the Turkish Open next year.
I know the BDO see Catalonia and Jersey as official countries, but in which part of  Britain is Turkey?.
To make things even more ridiculous they are working with the Jacklin Corporation, whoever the fuck they are, probably that scumbag couple  Des and his wife Bo Selecta  who play for Lincolnshire.

For years the BDO claimed to care about the game, hid behind slogans that meant fuckall when in the end it was always about money.
Wonder how long before the grass roots darts is brought out

The new slogan for the Turkish Open

Friday, November 13, 2015

Well done Sue on your selection process for the BDO qualifiers for your annual hammering in the Grand Slam of Darts.
Okay the BDO was never gonna cause a major miracle and go far, but at least organize a process where you send your highest ranked players to a comp that they do worse in every year.

The showing by the BDO again this year was abysmal, worse than even last year, which when you consider the PDC had Keegan Brown, Steve West Robbie Green and a load of other shit, this was a chance for them to at least pick up a few wins against the minor players.

Andy Fordham , despite being a visible disgusting cunt was typical of the BDO, a genetic throwback from the 90s which the BDO has never left.
An obese mountain of shit who we were told everyone loves and should respect.
Respect that fat barrel of monkey spunk ? How can you respect someone who does not even respect himself, destroyed his own health by self infliction, got a second chance and fot thin and ballooned up again, fuck him, hope I never see him on tv again.

Mark Oostenhuis and Michael van der Horst were abysmal, but  they were expected to suck and they did not let us down, but the real issue is why the BDO allowed this qualifier to go ahead in the first place, did they thimk beavis lookalike Wesley Harms and Jeffrey Giraffe would come through that qualifier.

Larry butler did ok, in that no one really expected much from him, even if he did manage to win a game against Andy Boulton, but totally out of his depth

Spineless Adams did very well in his first game against White, who had a shit comp, but Spineless was lucky to beat an inconsistent Klaasen , and got a win against PDC super jobber Steve Beaton.
At least Spineless got out of the group, although that was as far as he got, and he was the most successful player for the BDO.

Martin Phillips was appalling, we were told this guy could play, being a BDO Major winner, possibly the worst performer of the lot, as the 2 Euro jobbers were expected to be shit.

Scott Mitchell did well, had a tough group and can hold his head up, but he was never in the class of the PDC players, even if he is a Mickey Mouse World Champion

Geert de Vos, the BDO's version of Klaasen  did great in one match, but he was shit in the other 2 that mattered.

8 players from the BDO and just one maged to get out of the groups.
These were groups where 2 players could qualify so no excuses
In fact bar Scott Waites on his own, the BDO have provided fuckall to the GSoD in the history of the event, and each year the performances of what the bdo fans call "Team BDO" get worse.

The BDO had just 3 ton plus averages, the PDC so far has 26
What the BDO fans seem to be avoiding is that they hit as many sub 80 averages as ton averages

They lost the head to head with the PDC players, yet again.
Now that the BDO players are gone and battered , the usual excuses will come to the fore, how their so called best player was not there.
Well its not like he was not given the chance, if he cannot get past Larry Butler , then that is Durrants fault
We are now at the stage to avoid further embarrassment , the BDO need to sort out a system that they can put their so called best players in, though what the actual fuck Durrant a natural born choker, and the likes of Jeffrey Giraffe will do is another thing.

Still it was lovely to see Spineless on the PDC stage willing to take the PDC coin after all the years he said he would never play PDC, his principles firmly fucked out the window.

Uncle Barry is like Santa to these beggars, he won't adopt the Olly Croft approach of saying he dont owe the players a living.
Speaking of Olly Croft its his birthday Tuesday if he is still alive by then, so the PDC winning the Grand Slam of Darts yet again should hopefully spoil his birthday if he is still in control of his mind come the 17th.

Who knows maybe Barry Hearn knew the BDO was worse than ever and allowed all this to happen, and let Sue Williams and her pathetic board form their own way of providing players, knowing full well they were gonna shame themselves.
Well it worked, any darts fan who watches both codes will be thoroughly convinced nowof the gulf in class in the codes and how it widens each year.

A comment I read on a forum summed it all up
The PDC inviting these BDO jobbers into the GSoD  is like the champions League giving a wildcard to Accrington Stanley.

Friday, November 6, 2015

30 Years Les France has been promoter for the Isle of Man event and this is the tender has been won by the EDO and he and his son have spent the time whining and crying like bitches as if it is "theirs".
Seemingly the biggest moan is about loyalty, this sad blazer wearing old cunt, who is even older than Olly Croft, seriously needs to fuck off.

The Isle of Man event has as many bdo points on offer as Lakeshite, yet results from there use to take up to a week.
The prizefund was too heavy and old fossils like this cunt need booting out of the game.
Who knows, this retarded throwback might end up on the WDF board, he has all the credentials

He is so backwards he makes Tommy Thompson seem modern, but even the EDO should do a better job promoting and sorting this out.
Seems Rab Butler, Lisa Ashton and a few male players are upset, and of course the inbred dolescum of BDO Fanatics are in uproar.
I am sure Rab Butler will stick to his word and miss the event and be a man of his word and a man of principal like bdo cretin Martin Adams who said he would never take the PDC coin, .......hang on, that cannot be right.

Special mention too for that obese mountain of shit Andy Fordham, grinning like a spastic in a recent interview on SkySports recalling the game he was too fat and lazy to complete with Phil Taylor years ago.
He spoke of how instead of going to hospital which a genuine sick person unable to play a game of darts would do, he said how he went back to the pub.
Too fat to walk but can plank his fat arse on a stoll all night supping.
Wonder if Uncle Barry will be adding a stair lift this week to the stage to help the disgusting cunt up the steps for his darts hiding on the oche, providing his heart can last that long.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Is it any wonder the BDO run Lakeshite, and as bad as they are at least they are not as bad as the WDF, who amazingly are even worse at running comps than the BDO and that takes some doing.

Thankfully its only a mickey mouse heap of shit but that does not negate the complete shambles this ridiculous clusterfuck of county players and global jobbers this world cup has been.

Put aside the lack of a stream, let alone tv coverage, the abysmal averages, and the financial costs incurred to organisations that could spend the money on  other much needed areas of improvement, England spent 40k for their team.

On the plus side for the WDF, they must have made a killing this week selling rulebooks, in multiple languages as every cunt seems to be trying to use this to win games rather that doing the damage on the oche.

John Michael the captain of greece, booted out of the comp for so called rules infringement.
The Greek general secretary will have to shoulder a lot of the blame if it is confirmed he did actually contravene some rule, but for the WDF to accept no responsibility is absurd
Strange how no one objected to John Michael all week, and the moment he gets to the semi final againtst one of the most vocal anti PDC players on that side of the divide, the player who recently qualified for the PDC World championships gets kicked out,,
Gimps are running around citing rules are rules, but since when were rules adhered to in that code ?

Remember how Walton was out of the Masters, and the rules broken to allow him back in, the official tweet stated Walton was back in as sportmanship prevailed, odd how sportsmanship did not prevail, this time. I guess a PDC player and John Walton get different treatment on that side of the divide.

That side of the divide is littered by politically motivated cunts, like that time the gibraltar Darts representive went around getting people thrown out of comps a while back, or how the hideous Julie Gore was claiming legs to win a match.

Olly Croft who will celebrate his 86th birthday just days after seeing his former bdo players destroyed in the GSoD is one of the directors of the WDF, which gives you an indication of the type of people milking expenses in this retarded bunch of colossal pricks..

Just as well no one really cares or  is aware of this atrocity of an event, as any true darts fan cares more about the proper darts on this weekend in Belgium with the PDC European Championships.