Friday, November 21, 2014

Michael Smith - Sadly he is starting to look like another of those players the tv viewer does not want to see, a talented player who despite doing so much on the floor is incapable of doing it on tv.
The new Jamie Caven,
Reached only his first quarter final last saturday and quickly put in a pathetic performance.
He managed to lose thirteen consecutive legs, failing to hold his throw seven times., and what did the fat sack of shit do, threw a strop acting like a petulant child, easy see why choker Gary Anderson sponsored him.
As for his nickname "Bullyboy" who in the blue fuck is he ever gonna bully ?
Should changed  it to Bullshitter, would be more apt.

Still at least he manged 3 legs at the start of the game, so  Scott Waites record of the biggest hammering in GSoD history is safe for another year.

Friday, November 14, 2014

No shortage of contenders this week, then in darts there never is, as there is always some moron or scumbag or short sighted backward thinking official that makes the selection process very easy.
I suspect most people might have expected me to give it to Paula Jacklin,( what a sick thought)for the atrocious shit that some of us had the misfortune to see at the 6 counties piss up, and to compliment the one her scumbag husband got last week.
I have even ignored some of the others who managed to hit averages in the 40s...yes forties, that was not a typo, or the likes of Hughes, the guy that came from 5-2 in sets to beat Spineless at the Winmau Masters who averaged 69, and there were even worse averages in the mens.

Instead I am going to concentrate on a "proper" darts competition that was dragged down by the inclusion of the "malignant seven" from the BDO who some people thought would mount a challenge this year....yeah right.
Thats not to say the PDC did not have its own share of jobbers, out of form and useless fuckers.
Ronny Huybrects is shit, Thornton was awful, but seeing as he lost a family member recently it obviously has affected his game, Lewis is one lazy bastard, thinks he can just turn up and win, glad the fat fuck was turfed out.
Vincent van der Voort is a choker,and not really a surprise, although nowhere near the king of PDC chokers like Gary Anderson.

As for the Malignant Seven
Waites was woeful, and if honest I was glad, horrible cunt who should stick to putting up shelves in some godforsaken damp yorkshire shithole.

Dekker was abysmal, he almost made Ronny Huybrechts seem ok.

Harms is another over rated jobber , with mental issues, going around with gloves at a certain temperature in case his little ginger haired hands get cold...bless him.

Poor ol Richie George, the only BDO player to actually live up to expectations, no one was expecting anything from him and he did not let us down, shame though as he seems a good lad and nice to see he earned almost as much from the GSoD than he made all year in the BDO.

Robbie Green offered nothing against headshaker Barney in his first game, played well in his second which had bdo gimps falling over themselves to rate him, fact is he only beat a Robert Thornton who had a shit comp, and struggled to get over the line against another jobber in Vincent van der Voort who was also shit, but Green qualified, and the longer format would give him the chance to prove what he could do.....that went well, he went out without a whimper.

Then there was the new golden bollocks of the BDO , desperate dan lookalike Chuck Norris, another that promised much, who in his first game was lucky to beat belgian jobber Ronny Huybrechts, to his credit put in a very solid and fine display against Jenkins who looked utterly useless, this reinforced the hope for BDO supporters that a BDO player other than Waites might actually go far in the GSoD.
Doubt was quickly restored when Waites saw Norris off in the final group match.
Like Robbie Green he had a chance to prove himself over the longer format, and guess what...that's right he bombed to Kim Huybrechts, who hardly has been setting the PDC alight lately.

That left Top Lad Tony O Shea, the eternal bridesmaid of the BDO, could he reach the final and eventually win a big comp.....who are we fucking kidding, this guy is the worst choker in the history of the game, makes Gary anderson look like a winner and that takes some doing.
His loss to Mervyn King in his first group game was without a doubt the single worst choke of the entire event, cementing his place as the Greatest Bottler in the history of Darts.
He did managed to eventually hold on against another tv jobber in Caven for a win, and lets face it no one deserved 2 points in that match.

The beating of his chest when he got a 180 against Wade was embarrassing, useless cunt was 4-0 down at the time smirking like a simpleton.
Thank fuck the selection process and criteria is changing for the GSoD, sick shit of watching over rated BDO jobber cunts sponging like parasites of the PDC, parasites not good enough to compete.

So do us a favor Tony O Shea, take your Knob of the Week award and do us all a favor and fuck off and retire.

Friday, November 7, 2014

If I said it once I have said it a thousand times, there is no other game or sport that comes close to Darts when it comes to utter scum and the vilest of people involved.It makes rugby and  football supporters appear smart, intelligent and full of class.

This weeks knob is Des Jacklin a complete scumbag who is captain of the Lincolnshire county team. This is a guy that told Tommy Thompson of the EDO that he hoped his cancer treatment did not work and he died..
That gives you just some idea of the type of scum this guy is, and what utter scum do when confronted with the truth, thinking slapping someone or acting like an animal is the rational way to do things.Welcome to the BDO, one big happy family.

On the pathetic website Lincolnshire darts has, which looks like something that was created by a harpic drinking mentally unstable  pygmy there was a  few quotes that stood out like that were written by this weeks knob such as

despite the antics and somewhat underhanded tactics from someone who can only be described as the most RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL M.C. Lincolnshire has ever come across, but quality will always prevail !!!!.

Beggars belief this scumbag going around calling people rude when you consider his attitude.
This warning from their own site seems to have been lost on him

Considering all this was at a county match against Lancashire ( their player Andy Heaton was not much better by all accounts)  it will be curious at to what Lincs will do if anything, as I heard the cunt already had received warnings for his behavior in the past.

Still when he and his wife "kickass" turn up at Lakeshite and join the BDO family we will be told how these people are "darts people".

I am glad I am not one of these people.