Friday, July 24, 2015

Runaway winner again this Week with Headshaker.
The good part is we might eventaully get the retarded Dave Clarke and the assclown Wayne Mardle to stop hyping the sweaty postman. For years most people have known his days as a top player were over but they insist of try to hoodwink us in thinking he is still a top player.
He has not won a ranking major in years, and his attitude stinks.

His aversion to playing in the PDC Euro events is proving very very costly now.
He along with the Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis have all suffered early defeats this week and sure enough all three have a habit of sticking two fingers up at fans in Europe by dodging PDC events after the fans turn up and pay good money to see these players.
That lack of competition has not only cost Barney any competitive edge it will hurt him financially now.
He looks pretty fucked now as in qualifying for the Grand Prix, and I hope he wont make it.
He needs to play he remaining players floor championships first and then hope that he can do better than those around him.

I personally hope he dont make it, and am glad Lewis andAnderson went out as well, if only Taylor the cunt would fo out now it would be sweet .
MVG might look like an autistic mongo cunt, act like one as well and deserve a smack for his bad gamesmanship at least the lad turns up to most Euro events and gives a shit about the fans, the people who make it possible for him to travel the world and make good money.

As for Lewis, he seriously needs to get rid of Deller, the guy has done nothing, in fact Lewis has got worse.
Also a special mention for Whitlock who lost a 9-3 lead in his match that saw Ian White win 7 straight legs.
Also Strephen Bunting, the player BDO mushroom gimps would have you believe  is the third best player in the World....yeah right.

And lets not forget the deluded fans of Barney, those who think he still is a top player.

Friday, July 17, 2015

It takes a special type of mutant fan to win Knob of the Week but this guy Steve Egerton is a natural.
He was one of the guys in BDO fanatics that started a go fund me campaign between the 3,000 plus members and made....wait for it....125 quid, roughly 4 pence per member.

Last week the PDC sold 17,000 tickets  for the 2016 World Championships in just  2 hours, now this this cunt take the news ?

This is what he wrote on twitter
How much of a bitter cunt must one be to type that shit.
No doubt another one of these degenerate pricks that spouts "the PDC bubble will burst",  trying to convince others and himself it will.
This deep rooted hatred of the PDC and top quality darts, the hoping the game suffers, and all this while claiming he is a darts fan.
The forums and twitter are full of these defective arsewipes who act personally threatened by the PDC and openly dream of the PDC going into difficulty.
Why anyone who claims to be a fan would want an organization to go out of business or hope for it  never makes sense to me.
I mock the BDO more than anyone, and even I would not like to see them fold, they have a purpose, all be it grass root, running pub darts etc, but no competition under any circumstance in the BDO should ever have the word WORLD in it, be it Bob Potters Jobber Jamboree, or the Catas Trophy.
They stick to the donky work for the pub players and leave the true World competitions to the PDC.

Anyhow tomorrow sees the start of the Matchplay, which no doubt will be a terrible time for the likes of Egerton, and all the other bitter mushroom gimps and minions of Sue the Gash,who will be forced at gun point to watch the PDC.where like last weekend in the PDC we will see more ton plus averages in one week than we saw at Lakeshite since the split.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hero to the BDO gimp mushrooms and who has been referred to by some as "the third best player in the world"  beaten by the euro jobber  Jyhan Artut..

Here is a guy that because he completely dominated the shitty BDO people automatically assume he is a top player.Then again at least he did qualify for the event, unlike BDO Lakeshite semi finalist Kong.
Wait til the new year when Bunting starts to defend money, most notably the initial 10k from the UK Open qualifier onwards, and we will see how he handles things from then in.

Also a special mention this week for the bearded spineless cunt Adams, who saw a tweet for the increased prize money at the world championships and thougt it was the BDO.
We all knew he was a bitter cunt, and an ignorant cunt and now he has proved he is a stupid cunt as well.

Also a mention for Scottish darts who had to depend on Gary Anderson to pay for the Scottish youth players to job in Denmark at the useless WDF Europe Event this weekend.
The Scottish Darts cunts are making handy money from the Scottish Open, yet somehow are skint.
They should get someone to check the books, sounds like the chairman is as thick and stupid as Tommy Thompson   when he did nothing or knew anything when tens of thousand of pounds were being robbed from the accounts.
Was Irene Mungins in Scotland ?

Friday, July 3, 2015

Seriously Kong fuck off back to the BDO.
You are simply not ever gonna be gopod enough to be even a PDC jobber.
Fuck off back to the rest of the pub players and the shitty lakeshite comp.

Tonight he lost FIRST ROUND in the Euro Qualifier #7  he lost to Connie Finnan
In tonights Euro Event #8 he could not even make it out of the Preliminary round losing 6-2

Total earned   - ZERO
That will go some way towards his DRA fine that was made public earlier this week.

Friday, June 26, 2015

It appears the poisonous dwarf and mainstay in the PDC JobSquad has again changed his mind and not left the PDC.
He is included in the list of entries for the upcoming players events, which begs the question why.
He knows, like the rest of the world knows he is simply not good enough for the PDC.
Maybe he is afraid he will miss out on traveling to events with fellow scumbag cunt members of the job squad who are as equally inept as he is.

The bonus about the PDC is that you can earn more money in the PDC by winning just a couple of games, but therein lies the problem, Douglas is lucky to win a single game on the floor, let alone a couple anywhere near a tv.

The other option is to return to the BDO and join Hankey, Fordham, Wallace and the other cunts who could not cut it in the PDC, and play the shit holes of Europe in their quest for Lakeshite points as members of the "travel club"

At what point does a jobber realize he simply is shit, do they ever grasp it ?
When does a deluded idiotic grasp they simply are not good enough and would be better off fucking off and let the better players get on with their thing without them vlogging up events.

Friday, June 19, 2015

After the PDC World Cup there was no shortage of Knobs, but the clear runaway winner this week is the Spineless cunt.
Here is someone who not only cheated on his wife, swore at a kid, stabbed his so called friend and pensioner Olly Croft in the back for his job, but was even worse at it than Olly ever was.
A bitter, vile horrible cunt and proven liar.

He showed his true bitterness when he said why he would never join the PDC or take part in their comps ever again.
1. He refuses to sign a contract......A lie as he signed one every time he reached a semi final at Lakeshite, however worthless said contract might be..
2. Claimed playing for England was his first love....again a lie as evident by the way he treated the EDO and Tommy Thompson
3. His dislike of Barry Hearn and how he wanted nothing to do with him or his competitions.

Now the "hero" to the gimps and mushrooms of the BDO  has yet again shown his true colors and abandoned and tossed aside all his principles for money, and Barry Hearns money at that, the same man he claimed he wanted nothing to do with.
Had the bearded cunt stuck to his principles he might have had gained a small modicum of respect, but not only did he sell out, but did so because he was told to by olf yellow teeth herself.So much for the so called independent man of principle, proving he is nothing but a puppet as well.

His moronic fans are quick to herald his inclusion in the GSoD, the same morons who also heralded him when he was also ddeclining the invites in the past.The morons showed their hypocrisy yet again.

Across the forums his fans delusion and retarded comments have already begun, a couple think he can win it, how fucking deluded is that.
One scottish inbred junkie and hibs supporter claimed if Spineless was more than 20/1 he "would eat his own shit", only apy since so much shit comes out his mouth anyway.
William Hill have him priced @ 66/1

I genuinely cannot wait til he bombs , and the crowd goes to town on the vile sack of shit, but fear not I am sure his fans are already working on the excuses as we speak.

Nothing will ever change the man is a cheater, proven liar and someone who sold out his made up priciples for the coin of a man he claimed he wanted nothing to do with.
This Spineless cunt should get an Honorary Lifetime Knob Award.