Friday, October 21, 2016

How long have the mushrooms being spouting the horseshit that the Winmau World masters is a proper major, the oldest comp, etc and other such bullshit ?
If this is true and they really believe this shit of a comp that is basically a watered down joke of a comp is as good as they claim, why is Sue the Gash and her retarded sidekicks not promoting its tickets on sale ?

So why are their fans not buying tickets ?
Is it because the bdo is full of pub players, euro wankers, old men ,and the ugliest women on the planet. Or is it the fact that people in the crowd are threatened, intimidated and harassed ?
They are selling less than one ticket every 3 hours on average, for something their own fans are claiming is an important major.

Yet the PDC premier league which mushroom despise out of sheet bitterness and jealousy  and are quick to point out is nothing more than a glorified exbo, which it is, can sell 8,000 tickets in minutes.

Popcorn teeth and the geriatrics don't seem too bothered though as they would basically have to kill people before anyone would think of replacing them on the board, so guess why should they care, they rather promote the scumbag Jacklins shit event in greasy Turkey.

Good to see Cave-in get another first round beating today, even though those who previously rushed to defend him on forums have deserted him.
Still I am sure the baldy diabetic moron could always challenge me to a game or darts or boast how he has made barely the average minimum wage in his "career" in darts.

Good to see that lazy postman Barney lose early today to Lewis, as I hope Barney loses his spot in the Players champs finals as like Lewis in the Euro events, the smug cunt thought he could skip the earlier events and simply turn up and make it..

The "global" wildcards for the World Series event were also announced today and 4 of the 8 were from the UK.

I would have liked to see a more "global" aspect to it, with guys like Corey Cadby, Graham Philby of South Africe, Ilagan from the Phillipines, or any of those Japanese lads.

I will give Uncle Barry credit in that all the 8 were at least young and good prospects, none of that over 50 travel club piss party shit you see in the bdo.
At the end of the day its a well paid exbo and non ranking so wildcards dont really matter.
Its when ranking events get wildcards like the CiderCan Masters then it makes a mockery of things and becomes all about favoritism.
Speaking of which, the Cidercan Masters still has 2 spots left open, the most recent winner of a wildcard was Bottler O Shea, who got it reason other than being in the clique, and I will be shocked if the final 2 wildcards are not  given to Gary Jobson and "Darly Finton the Dazzlur" under the "loyalty" ruling.

Also read this week how q-school s a rip off according to some blinkered and bitter fans.
The chance to join the PDC and win just one match in every comp sees you in profit for the year is seemingly a disgrace.

Odd how they dont complain about the cost to travel to Romania, Luxembourg, Belgium, Turkey etc in the BDO and for what ?

5 bdo ranking points, 3 raffle tickets, and a set of brass darts(flights not included).
There has been bdo comps abroad where players had to reach the semi final to hope to break even.
I even remember once reading how deta hedman in the munters has to win a comp in order not to lose money on the weekend, so imagine how much the other ugly cunts were out , with their 10 pound for a last 8 or whatever pittance it was.

But no, the PDC with multiple comps with 6 figure first prizes, comps on all year round are the cunts seemingly.

The CiderCan masters is a "bdo major", despite it not being British which the B stands for in bdo.
First prize in this joke of a comp is 5k...and that is euros.
The lowest comp in the PDC the floor champs pays out 10k in sterling, and people moan the PDC are ripping players off.
As if Barry Hearn is going around the clubs and halls kidnapping people at gunpoint and press ganging them into the PDC.

The players, like the fans, want to be part of the PDC, God bless those lads who show ambition, desire and hunger to give it a go.

And then there is the hypocrisy, the bdo players like Warty and the bdo fans who slate the PDC and want no PDC players in the bdo., while then crying and moaning that there is not enough bdo scum in the Grand Slam, yep, these begging cunts who come cap in hand and contribute nothing in terms of quality, let alone finance to the eunning of the event want more bdo scum in the event.

how is that for hypocrisy.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Adrian Lewis was too busy too play the PDC Euro tour with its ranking points this weekend, much like almost all the other Euro tour weekends, he would rather horse pints and regale pissheads on a boat sailing out of a shithole in the northeast of England on its way to a land full of joyless inferiority complex cunts.
Wade is just as bad, but at least he had the sense to make sure he had qualified for the European championships first before taking part in this joke of an exbo.
The likes of Fatpot, missing these events due to a combination of laziness, and utter stupidity in keeping that spastic Deller as his manager shows what he thinks of serious competition, when playing on a boat is more important to him than winning actual TV tournaments - the Deller effect.

The PDC got it right in the way he has missed out, only fair as the likes of Fatpot, Gando, Taylor, and to a lesser extent Wade and Headshaker have treated the euro comps like shit, and basically stuck up 2 fingers to the german fans who buy tickets.
They buy tickets to see matches like Lewis -v- Gando, Taylor-v- Barney and instead get Pieman versus Terry Jenkins, and a battle of the West scumbag brothers.
Players in the PDC have been fined for missing events in the past- rightly or wrongly, so how come Lewis and Wade can skip these and play on some ship ?

Wonder will Lewis who has a history of moaning about creaky floorboards, draughts and other nonsense will moan about a rocking oche.
I hope he suffers an early loss in the Worlds as well.

A mention also for David Ballantine, another retarded useless cunt in the BDO, who this week came out and apologized for awarding  Hewson 5 golden bdo ranking points (worth their weight in gold) for some mickey mouse baltic competition, stating they should have been awarded to Daniel Larsson, ........until he realized they did not make a mistake afterall and retracted the apology, these people are utterly clueless, the BDO fans as usual tried to play it down while the normal people laughed yet again at their ineptness.

On the subject of the bdo/wdf side of the divide, the entry forms for the romanian open were posted on line again which led to people making up fictitious names and address for "entrants", which then led to an EDO official wishing cancer on those people, which makes him as bad as those scut cunts the Jacklins who revel in that behavior. In his defense, his partner was the target of racism, but wishing cancer on people is hardly the type of reply needed, and shows he is just as bad as those he was having a pop at.

And if that was not bad enough the BDO are still continuing to sell dart shirts that have broken copyright infringement laws, which is a criminal offence, and anyone that points this out to them is met with a flurry of abuse on facebook.
The same BDO that threatened a forum with a solicitor over my images on a forum that had a BDO logo on them, then that level of hypocrisy is nothing new to them, while they profit of illegal means.
The BDO fans have done their best to try deflect from it as usual, only a matter of time before some mentally deficient cunt tries to blame the PDC for it.

Also this week I read reports that the PDC Premier League night in rotterdam sold all its 8000 tickets in 8 minutes, which led to bitter mushroom bdo cunts trying to come up with excuse, my favorite excuse was "touts bought them all".
Which only solidifies the point that the demand for these is huge...why else would touts buy them ?
How dare the PDC sell their tickets to strangers and the public, what bastards they must be.

Meanwhile in the land that time forgot, the Winmau Masters tickets went on sale, yes, the second biggest "major" in the BDO, and they have sold.....drumroll......42 tickets in 3 days.
No  its not a typo, 42 tickets in 3 days.
And to think the BDO mushroom supporters call themselves "real fans" when they wont even attend their own events.
God only knows if this shit is even being televised, I hope its not as that would surely please their fans who moan there is too much darts on TV.

Remember to be a "real fan" you must not attend events,you must despise darts on tv as there is too much, live in the past, and if you do ever part with your dole, you must spend it on shit like raffle tickets, and illegally copyrighted shirt being sold under the counter to avoid prosecution.
You must complain about PDC players taking part in BDO events, while be a fucking hypocrite and demand the PDC have more BDO players in the PDC Grand slam of Darts.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Another week where this poisonous little cunt shows his bitterness and self interests yet again.
He posted on a facebook group :

This is a guy who claims to love the BDO, which of course is a blatant lie, if he truly loved the BDO he would want the best players in the BDO regardless of where they play or where ever they did play in the past., instead he has only his own interests at heart.
A genetic mutant throwback who should be on his puny knees thanking the PDC , were there no split he would never have been anywhere.He longs for the same old boys clubs and travel club pissheads getting together for a piss up every year under the false banner of a "world pro"
And we all know if Uncle Barry lost his fucking mind and offered him a Grand Slam spot the prick would take  the PDC coin, just like that other cancer ridden cunt Adams......and before any liberal do-gooder faux grief loving cunt who thinks Adams is now exempt from criticism think again, as having that dreaded disease does not mean he is any less of a cunt, he was a cunt before he got it.

So who are these 100% bdo players ?
22 of the bdo top 25 seeds for Bob Potters January Jobber Jamboree at the Palace of Piss have played in some sort of PDC or PDC affiliated comp.
Even the cunts like Fordham, Hankey, Wallace and Walton have tried the PDC...and failed.
so again who are these 100% bdo players.
They could hold their meetings in a phone box.

A mention for Fatpot Adrian Lewis, who was again a disgrace in his battering by the hypoglycemic postman Barney.
His blank stupid expressions as he looked to that asshole Keith Deller in the audience was sickening.
He needs a good hammering in the Worlds as well, might be the kick in the fat hole he needs.

BDO #1 Glen Durrant traveled to Ireland to watch the Grand Prix but as his "special bus" approached Dublin he saw a sign that said "Harbour ahead" , he promptly shit his pants and turned around and went home.

A mention for Cheato van de Pas, who got caught this week cheating, bad form, he did apologize, possibly cos he only got caught, as did Phil Taylor when he did similar,
Ryan Searle never apologized, then thats to be expected in the BDO.

Wayne Mardle is a cunt, his predictions were the worst I ever heard.
Not only did his pick of Wade, Taylor, and others in the early rounds go out, he even claimed bunting would beat Huybrechts as kimmy throws his darts too hard.
Kimmy destroyed fat bunting3-0 in sets, who now is out of the top 16.

Friday, September 30, 2016

What a poisonous cunt with an over inflated sense of his own importance Warty, the President of Lilliput is.
In a week where it was officially announced that the bearded prick Martin Adams got cancer, and no not in the zodiac raffle, but that dreaded disease, Warty deleted a thread on BDO fanatics that wished the man best wishes.

All darting politics aside, forum and facegroup vendettas aside also  I personally wish the man a speedy recovery and disgusted that Warty would delete a thread where people would wish him the best, especially on a group that is suppose to be for bdo fans by bdo fans.

Warty is total cunt who should be on his knees thanking the game of darts and its fans, including the PDC, cos were it not for the split that prick would never ever have qualified for any thing major in darts.
A hate filled short arsed mentally and physically stunted idiot.

Cannot be long now til that other scumbag pile of human feces Des Jacklin spouts his shit, remember this is a guy who has history of vile comments towards cancer sufferers, like when he told Tommy Thompson of the EDO that he hoped his cancer treatment did not work. ...classy.

In other news seems Phil Taylors wife wants half of his "fortune".
Money grabbing cow.
What sort of woman stands by their husband who not only cheated, but sexually assaulted 2 women, that says more about the type of woman she is, why in the blue fuck should she get half of his money anyway ? Its not like she is some super model well used to living in mansions, driving lamborghinis etc
Its not like she is currently raising their kids, or looking after them, I believe the state does most of that, and she was not content with 800k.
Why did she not leave when Taylor was shagging that female trainer he had ?
Maybe she was waiting for the fortune to increase so she could claim more.

Also on the subject of Taylor , he pulled out of the players championships this weekend in Dublin, despite being in Dublin  and is now well outside the top 64 for the Players championships Finals, granted there are 2 more comps to go, and hope his arrogance where he thinks he can simply turn up and win comes back and bites him.

I will give Taylor some credit though for his magnificent performances in the Champions League of Darts, seeing him destroy MVG twice in 2 days was a joy.
The bewildered expressions on the dutch hunchbacks rubber looking downy face were a joy to witness.

Barney at least did enter today, for all the good that did him as he lost first round, and now lies in 65th place for the 64 man field. Another player with a lazy attitude who I hope fails to make it to the PC Finals.

But the King of Laziness, Fatpot Lewis really has become a joke, a third straight first round defeat, this time to Dirk the Divingboard who made a splash today.
Guess getting motivated while in Dublin cannot complete with the glamour of a 30 year old ferry sailing out of Hull or whatever godforsaken shithole it is in the northeast of England and the chance to impress pissheads on their way to the red light districts of  Tulip country.

Also a mention for the comment made by MVG last weekend in the Champions League of Darts.
The BBC did a piece on the Beau Greaves the female kid who is making a name for herself, they showed her playing MVG in some sort of exbo, in which MVG said about the girls performance " Jamie Cave-in did not put up this much" or words to that effect.
What a kick in the gonads that was for the telescope inspector, and am still giggling at that.

Another great comment was the one Taylor made about Judas Mike Gregory , and had the added bonus of upsetting countless mushrooms who were already seething because the PDC were on BBC, but Taylor winning too was a further kick in the balls, the Gregory comment was the icing on the cake which led to meltdowns a plenty.

And now we are on to the Grand Prix, one of my favorite tournaments of the year, which will lead to more bitter mushrooms complaining there is too much darts on tv, they only play on toyboards, the prizemoney is too much and killing the game, Uncle Barry is a cunt and all the other nonsense spouted by the deformities that support that shit known as the BDO.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Another award for these failed medical experiments from that shitstain that is Lincolnshire.
This week saw these inbred mutant cunt trying to flog some vile looking darts shirts with the help of Popcorn Teeth's dysfunctional organisation.
If it was not bad enough the shirts looked like something even homeless refugees would  not wear in a blackout, let alone daylight, there used copyrighted images in them.
They have an image of Brad Pitt in armor on the shirt, and how exactly that has anything to do with the scumbag jacklins is beyond me or darts for that matter, but when asked on facebook if he had copyright to produce the shirts Des Jacklin deleted any negative or intelligent question as if that somehow negates the reality he broke the law.
He went as far to suggest that one person who asked a question had a man city avatar on his facebook account so therefore he could use the image.
How fucking thick is this family of cunts?

what amazes me even more is the BDO who are aiding him in selling these shirts is the same BDO that threatened a forum with a solicitor cos they were upset at my pics mocking the BDO with a BDO logo on them, despite the fact I was not selling them.
Now here is the BDO blatantly supporting the selling of copyright material themselves.

I know that Warner Bros, who own the copyright image for "troy" have been contacted by some members on the darts forums, what will scumbag Jacklins do, give the Warner Bros. legal team a slap, after all this seems to be the BDO mentality on how to sort everything out.
The Warner Bros. legal team would be no match for the hugely successful and influential world wide Jacklin Corporation. 

Meanwhile is some godforsaken shithole somewhere in the land of dykes, tulips and hash the WDF Europe Cup is taking place.
The mighty England team are getting their arse handed to them.
Scott Mitchell who managed to get to Windmill country in under 2 hours got handed down a lesson in darts by some cunt from Malta...yes Malta that hotbed of International darts.
Melted Plastic Bag Face Glen Durrant  had not long parked his "special bus" up before he got beaten by a simple Irish mick in the last 128.
And Jamie Hughes, the guy that makes Dave Chisnall seem like a nuclear physicist  got battered by the Scottish munchkin Warty, who himself got hammered next round to Luxembourg superstar and world famous player Steven Miles who is living the dream.

An abomination of a competition full of Euro jobbers, over rated English old men, Welsh retards, and neanderthal Scots. I am only waiting on some prick to claim "strength in depth".

The stream for the Glen Durrant game had 175 views, the so called BDO audience of "quarter of a million who watch on illegal streams"  were nowhere to be seen, maybe they were all signing on and the view count will go through the roof later tonight as they sit down with their cans of dutch gold and rolly tobacco while their staff like dogs usually kept on a rope licks the shit of their trainers.

Also a mention for the following morons

Chris Mason, who said Richie Burnett, Mark Webster or Gerwyn Price should be in the champions League Darts, just cos the event is held in Wales.
The 2017 UEFA Champions League Football final is being held in Wales, he probably thinks Wrexham should get a bye to the final too.
He will probably now get upset and threaten to sort me out, its the BDO mentality.

Adrian Lewis for his appalling attitude and performances.
When the rest of the PDC elite are playing in the European championships for a TV title, and of course good money, Fatpot will be entertaining pissheads on a P&O ferry for pittance.
Well done Keith Deller on helping a natural talent with 2 World titles turn into an exbo slut.You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. 

Speed jobber Vincent Van der Voort, and total lack of Speed Jobber Justin Pipe who lost their place in the PDC Grand Prix.
Whats makes it even better is besides the fact they wont be missed by me, is MVG will miss his best friend so hopefully it makes it a harder week for the mongloid looking hunchback.

And of course a mention for all the bitter, jealous and unhappy mushrooms out there who are seething over this weekends PDC Darts on the BBC.
The fuming and anger has been a joy to see, lets hope we see lots of great games, ton plus averages and maybe even a nine darter, that will cause them to go into further meltdown. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Another week where the write up is done by a member of The Darts Forum

This weeks KoTW goes to the sorry sack of Dutch shit knows as Raymond van Barneveld.

At the time of writing, he is through to the Last 32 but hopefully he will lose on Saturday. Failing that, early doors on Sunday.

But why, I hear you ask? What has the Dutch adulterer done this week to warrant the famous Knob Of the Week accolade?

The answer: he has done nothing. Quite literally, nothing. Nine months of utterly fuck all.

Before last night, Barney had only entered one third of the available floor/Euro ranking events open to him. Nine out of twenty-seven.

By means of some comparison:

MvG = 19/27
Anderson = 14/27
Taylor = 12/27

Yes, Anderson and Taylor have hardly been prolific but the difference being they have managed to qualify for all the TV ranking events being held this year whilst managing their schedule.

Meanwhile, outside of the World Series event Barney has been sat on his arse in Holland (or his grief-pad in the Canary Islands), sulking. The middle of September comes around and he suddenly realises that he is in danger of failing to qualify for TWO television events, So he decides to enter five floor ranking events in one week. Breathtaking arrogance to think he can waltz in at the last minute and get into both events, no doubt one of his sponsors have got the hump and told him to do something about it.

Hopefully he will crash and burn: he failed to qualify for ET10 last night and he is currently in ET9, where with any luck he will lose in one of the early rounds.

A quick mention for the BDO this week who put all the Lakeshite tickets on sale last weekend. The event that "sells out within days" still has hundreds and hundreds of tickets still available, including plenty of availability for the Final. Another darting myth we can all put to bed about the popularity of the tournament, which will have the same prize fund in 2017 as in 2016, meaning the Ally Pally winner will get £11k more than every single man and woman playing in Lakeshite put together....

**Update  by JC**

Next week marks the 4th year full year of Knob of the week awards.
Ironically the first ever Knob of the Week 4 years ago on September 2012 was Barney, the hypoglycemic , sweaty , headshaking  ex postman.

Friday, September 9, 2016

This weeks award goes to  popcorn teeth Sue the Gash thing.
Here is someone who sits on a board that wants to bring in a discplinary board to the BDO, which i think is a good idea seeing as the BDO board, rank and file are full of scumbag cunts.

Of course mushrooms are crying about how much it would cost, but suspect it will cost less than what Warren Brown caught them for, and the board could at least make money back in fines as there is no shortage of scum ready and able to show their lack of breeding and class on multiple social media platforms.
Its the choice of scumbag cunt who they want on the panel that beggars belief, the misfortunate cunt that has to share a bed with that thing Bo Selecta.

Here is a guy who previously back in November 2014 in a county match between his county Lincolnshire and Lancashire told EDO Chairman Tommy Thompson he hoped his cancer treatment did not work., threatened other people present and along with player andy Heaton acted like total arseholes.
Des Jacklin even had the audacity to say at the match up before he acted like scum himself.
despite the antics and somewhat underhanded tactics from someone who can only be described as the most RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL M.C. Lincolnshire has ever come across, but quality will always prevail !!!!.
Staggering hypocrisy and double standards, and this is the person supposedly being picked to handle discipline issues in the BDO.
Wonder if old yellow teeth will be fined seeing as that withered up old cunt has no problem going on forums and abusing people, or maybe her cuckolded cunt of a husband who travels around to peoples homes and places of work threatening people and their families , and using bdo players subs to cover his expenses ?

I am sure if any PDC players from the challenge tour who is doing well in the BDO system  even makes the slightest comment it will be pounced upon, as I expect it will be another case of who says what rather that treat everyone the same.
The thought of the biggest culprits, which are the board, hiring a degenerate scumbag to oversee discipline is what makes the BDO the gift that keeps on giving.

Wonder if Melted Plastic Bag Face and bdo #1 will still act the prick on social media. or will all those who threaten people will be overlooked cos it will depend on who they threaten and abuse ?

In other news, the England classic is on this weekend, and they struggled to get 32 things that refer to themselves as women in to the draw.
Of course there will be no shortage of partners, lesbian lovers and gimpy sexually frustrated mushrooms who will tell us how munters darts is important.

Seen some reports on county still exists, some would have you believe it is still important, there were legs of darts that were over 50 darts, one leg in a match saw a munter start with a 180, and she had 70 darts...yes Seventy darts in the leg and STILL LOST THE LEG, and this is county standard., countless averages of around 30 for 3 darts
And to think some people think this shit should be televised or on a stream.

Seems Dean Reynolds, the PDC Challenge tour player hit a 9 darter in the England classic tonight, on an "official board", yes the same boards mushrooms say is harder to get one on...go figure, wonder what excuse the mushrooms will come up with when its known a PDC player can hit them on any board.
I am sure Warty Mouthgomery will find some way eventually or some rule to try have him disqualified from Lakeshite.

Maybe Warty will be the next to get the hump and threaten to call to my house, in which case I better lower the door bell in case he cannot reach.

A special mention for that cunt and snide little goblin faced bastard and trouble making prick Kim Huybrechts for his choking in the final of the Euro event last Sunday, was a joy to witness and glad to see Mensur get the win and his first PDC title....although I should not have been able to see it, since he was supposedly "invisible" and part of the "90%" of players who never get shown on tv or a stream., according to a crippled child stalking cunt in Northern Ireland whose timing for such a retarded article could never have been any worse. (see last weeks Knob of the Week award)