Friday, August 29, 2014

A runaway winner this week.
Here is a fat arsed cunt who said prior to his match with New Zealand jobberWarren Parry
 I am gonna win this week.....simple

He spent the early part of the match doing his usual  bad gamesmanship of celebrating every throw in an effort to intimidate his opponent, at 4-1 and 5-1 up he celebrated like the true cunt on the oche he is, the look on his face leaving the stage after blowing a 5-1 lead to lose 6-5, I thought he was gonna cry like a bitch again, like he did when Taylor battered him in the matchplay, wonder if he cried when Taylor also beat him last week in Perth.

I laughed as the hunchbacked prick left the stage beaten, was another beautiful moment, it was the icing on the cake after watching his fellow countryman Headshaker bottled it yet again.
Also a special mention for Simon Shitlock, who showed why he too is not only a bottler but a spaz, by giving away the throw against Kyle Anderson, and he proved yet again when it comes to bottling he is starting to imitate Tony O Shea.

Oddly the MVG fans are now claiming its only an exbo and it dont count, just like the Perth final MVG lost did not count, and while true they are only exbo's, the defeats are starting to come for MVG, lets hope the rot is in and he slips down the ranking and takes Shitlock with him.

Gary Anderson, James Wade finding form, Taylor back to his best, Lewis set to return soon, the PDC is really exciting these days

Friday, August 22, 2014

Normally what the PDC do, they do well, however this time the PDC hype machine has them believing their own publicity.
The Perth Masters is nothing but a knees up for selected top players and officials, a glorified exbo.
Credit to the PDC for promoting the event and attracting interest, but if its not going to be shown live then why in the blue fuck would anyone giving a flying fuck except for Aussies and lets face it they are all pretty fucking thick anyhow, what do you expect being bred from the criminal classes.

Not only is this not being shown live, its only being shown on the PDC website for those that pay.
Why would anyone want to pay to watch an exbo let alone one that is gonna be weeks old by the time it airs?
Unless there was multiple games where both players averaged in excess of 105, a nine darter or 2 or MVG gets stabbed in the face why bother. watching it ?
The Premier League is an exbo, but a league ahead of this, and if that is stale and out of date then have a guess how little this will matter in the scheme of things., and if Barry Hearn thinks people are gonna now sign up to PDC TV to watch a shit exbo that is gonna be weeks  old then he needs to come back to reality.

Friday, August 15, 2014

No real surprise this week, still no word on this huge announcement, then again I guess its better to hear nothing that more bullshit and nlies, surprised the " super series2 announcement was not dragged up again.
As for the rumour that the BDO might drop certain barriers, well hard to believe, it would be like turkeys voting for christmas.Why would grade a jobbers like Spineless, Wart , bottler O Shea and Mitchell want PDC players able to play the BDO tour and win things, it would only serve to show up how shit things are in the BDO.

Maybe the fact the BDO and Sue Williams  (who is possible the worst chairperson in the history of darts, even Spineless had the decency to stand down after stabbing his so called friend Olly Croft in the back for the job) are saying nothing and offer nothing might be a good thing.

Their product is not good enough for TV, their standard shit, presentation appalling, prizemoney pittance, and even has former diehards now realizing there is no defense for this shit.
There will always be players however that will bitch , cry and moan but never leave , threaten to join the PDC but never do, and retarded enough to keep buying into the bullshit,

Meanwhile on the other side of the divide the PDC continue to show live darts, today the world series, which amazingly upsets some people on forums, the idea that darts players are travelling the world, playing in superb venues, live on tv for good money seems almost like a crime to some gimps who take the success of the PDC as personal

Friday, August 8, 2014

After another week has passed where we heard fuckall out of the BDO, or from BDO events , things were bound to be made public after this weeks BDO AGM...or so you would think.
Again absolutely nothing,seems the meeting was another fiasco, which does not come as a surprise, from reports across forums and info gleaned from private bdo favebook groups it appears no questions were allowed to be asked at the AGM, no financial accounts were checked and if anything of note was discussed it is not available.

I am glad we don't get more BDO shit comps on TV, the last couple were  utterly pathetic in every department, but you expect some news being available.

The rumour mongers are busy saying the BDO will be making a huge announcement this monday, wonder what it will be ?

2 hours of tv for the Winmau Masters
The Zuiderduin first prize has been improved so it nearly matches that of the pdc challenge tour
The Launch of the Super Series.....for the 11th time
Martin Adams rejoining the board to do fuckall again
Sharon Adams is back with Wolfie
Ted Hankey got an invite into the Masters
Co Stompe is gonna do the full BDO Tour
Romania have added a new Transylvanian open to the calender
The raffle at Lakeshite will now include free organic vegetables.

Someone seriously should do a documentary on the BDO, their history, the morons who run and past genetic defects like Olly Croft, Spineless and others, it could be shown as a horror movie to business students, could also show it on history channel although probably more suited to the comedy channel.
The BDO board the greatest clusterfuck of idiots in the game

Friday, August 1, 2014

Here is a group heralded by the BDO Gimps that would bring a new start.
On their website  a website that is updated as much as the shit BDO one, it claims

"We are committed to our plan to bring the BDO back to the level of recognition that we feel it deserves."

That might explain why we have heard fuckall since the end of February/ start of March this year
Maybe this is the recognition they feel it deserves.
Nothing ever changes, one shit group replacing another shit group with the same old results.
The one and only calamity they were involved in was appalling and not fit for tv, so maybe we should be thanking them.

Thank god for the PDC, the ever excellent PDC will come to the BDO jobbers aid again this year and help a few of the  misfortunate jobbers of the piss soaked BDO earn a few pound, in fact a couple might make more of a single PDC event this year than what they could on  the BDO tour for the first 9 months of this year.

Mark my words as soon as the dust settles on the upcoming Grand slam of Darts, the BDO will be back spewing more false promises and new dawns, we might even get told news of the Super Series,, the BDO's answer to the PDC Premier League..(snigger).

Friday, July 25, 2014

Spoiled for choice this week.  bdo bringing in a youth comp, James Wade blowing a 4-0 lead on shitlock, and the usual Ronnie Baxter choking, but the ultimate King of Choking and Bottling in the PDC has to go to Headshaker.
 I have always said most people in darts are thick as pigshit, common and stupid, Rod Harrington, Wayne Mardle and especially Sky certainly believe that to be true, why else would they hype this fat sweaty bottling dutch cunt week after week as if he is some superstar, have they not realized people are sick listening to bullshit about him.
Barney who was #16 in the world prior to this event claimed there is not 15 better players in the world ahead of him, he is right, there are even more than that, there are players outside the top sixteen who will soon overtake him and players I would back to beat barney on a regular basis, guys like bunting for example.

We all know the cunt is done, he knows it too, and even if he slips to world 116 he will still get PL wildcards, invites to the likes of the aussie and world Series events, and the spastics at Sky will keep convincing the ignorant people that Barney is back, how he is a world class player etc

Wait til he misses even more euro events and floor championships and his ranking drops even further, and we will then see the hysterics, it will be like Las Vegas all over again,

The World Series , a mickey mouse invitation coming up right after the Matchplay, where players wont really be giving a fuck, Barney might have a good game and all the " Barney is back" shit will start all over again and the retards will lap it up again.

His performance and attitude this week were awful as usual, faster he retires and fucks off the better.