Friday, October 31, 2014


It appears James Wade during the Grand Prix Final Wade swore to himself of camera, which was picked up only by a stage microphone, only Mardle, the spotter and another person heard this.

Mardle I have been told has reported this to the DRA the rat bastard, and since Wade is still on some sort of probationary sentence after his last suspension the PDC are trying to find a way to brush this under the carpet..

Seemingly this is not the first time the fat dancing rat bastard has ratted some other player out.
Will the DRA go ahead and suspend Wade again, fine him or even name him or will Wade pull out of some comps , we will have to wait and see.

Bill Hatter....Who I hear you shout, who the fuck is this cunt.
This useless fucker is head of the World Darts Federation, the most useless governing  body organisation in any sport or game.

Why is the BDO giving an amnesty to players, all be it a useless 2 month ban when there is nothing happening for the players anyway ?
Surely if people want to return to darts in the WDF and to comps outside of Britain under the WDF banner then should it not be the WDF dictating policy, not some local national body, who should never be running a world championship in the first place.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Where would we be without Sue the Gash and her geriatric directors in the BDO when it comes to weekly comedy.
I am sure history will record that putting live jobber darts from Northern Ireland on tv from some shithole on the same weekend the Grand slam of Darts is on was a brilliant business decision from them..
Seems Spineless who won some pittance event in Belgiium, home of chocolate and kiddie fiddlers, which all go together was paid in suspect 500 euro notes, that wont be cashed..

You have to feel sorry for Spineless as he had his heart set on spending some of his money one of these these helicopters
 He has not looked forward to anything so much in weeks since he got his orgasm donor suit.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Only a spineless sack of shit could throw away a lead like that.
Then its not his first time choking like that, but still  as funny.

Friday, October 10, 2014

I had it all set up to give it to Ted Hankey this week, after seeing Ted's future get even bleaker after losing out in a a place in the Masters and Lakeshite, but at least Ted seems to care alittle, and at least tries, and gives a shit about losing.
Barney is a total disgrace, always an excuse, he should have retired after his Las Vegas  speech years ago.
His performance last night was awful, surprised the doctors on TSoD did not diagnose it as a stroke like they did with Ted when he made a fool of himself in the GrandSlam .

Speaking of doctors, last year Doctor Barry Hearn said James Wade was omitted from the Premier League citing mental frailties, well curious to see if Baz will make the same diagnosis of Barney who is in a far worse mental state than Wade ever was or will be.
Since headshaker is the reigning chump, I expect he will be back next year., no doubt hyped to the eyeballs by sky as usual.

Good to see the Irish fans deservedly boo the sweaty dutch cunt, maybe now mental midgets like Dave Clarke, Wayne Mardle and others who hype this barrel of monkey spunk might realize what all darts fans have known for years, that Barney is done and should fuck off .

Friday, October 3, 2014

The four women who decided to not play in romania  are the combined winners this week.
Here are four mutants who think that the public will be on their side.
Even the most loyal bdo gimps could not care less about these munters. They claimed they had no issue with the Romanian Darts organizers while at the same time blame them and hold them to ransom cos they cannot get what they demand.Its just a pity each and every one of these ugly bitches did not pull out, in fact a pity their dads didnt years earlier.

Then you have the crawlers, the cuckolded boyfriends, bag carrying husbands and feminized simpletons who think they are helping .
Take the senile old retarded Tommy Thompson, this genetic throwback wrote
"A similar situation happened many years ago in Ladies Tennis when Billy-Jean King, and a few more ladies had the bottle to stand up and fight for the future of their game, turn the TV on now and it is flush with Ladies Tennis Tournaments from all around the world, the players today have to thank the people who at the time were prepared to forfeit everything, to get where the sport is now."
 Thompson is another retarded hypocrite, when a handful of brave male players had the bottle to stand up and fight for the future of the game and formed the PDC Tommy Thompson and his crony friends were the first to blacklist them.I despise two faced old cunts.

As for this comparison to tennis, dear christ how can anyone compare the girls in tennis to womens darts, have you seen the fuckin state of the women playing darts, seriously, look at the fuckin state of them, now look at the slender fit, energetic,talented and good looking and toned athletic tennis players,
There is zero comparison.

The faster all womens darts is gone the better, useless overweight pot bellied talentless cunts, who should be nowhere near a tv , bad enough we have the men in the bdo dragging the game down