Friday, December 19, 2014

The one thing you can be assured of in Darts is that there will always be someone who will make a Knob of themselves, this week it is Paul Hinks.

Any ref can make a mistake, regardless of code but what made Hinks a bigger spaz was he was being informed by Wes Newton and he still chose to ignore it.
It seemed to me that Reyes who I believe has little English was being informed via his friend stageside, but this is where the dullard Newton should have stepped up.
Wes Newton, the black hole of entertainment , who has as much charm as a bucket of piss on a hot summer evening did not do enough either, this from a guy who has played in countless world championships, and for him to have a whine after his deserved defeat only makes him look more pathetic,
Reyes was in control of the leg that was later abandoned, and Newton had a reprieve and still managed to fuck it up, then deleted his twitter account after spending last night crying,
He went out simply cos he was not good enough.

In a warped adverse way, this has been almost a good thing for the PDC, the publicity it has garnered has been big and you could argue their is no such thing as bad publicity in this sense.

Even the retarded low IQ BDO gimps who claim to never watch the PDC circus are posting like mad on forums and twitter, bringing more attention to an event they claim to despise, the irony is lost on them.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Another pathetic week in the piss stained BDO.
The Zuiderduin Masters was as bad as we expected, when jobber Gary Robson is getting to a final you know how bad things are, although I enjoyed his win against Spineless.
BDO no mark gimp fans were wetting themselves over a 100 average in a best of 9, and sure enough when the longer format matches came about spineless lost with an average in the 80s, to Robson, this is a guy who lost 13 straight legs to Hughes, another jobber who recently in Northern Ireland averaged in the 60s...yes the 60s.
Then we had Wesley Harms slapping Ted Hankey, Fitton the hobo, slapping jobber Ronson, one big happy family.

The Romanian Open prize fund was then released, and the shit women.s game prize money made for hysterical reading.

20 quid to enter, and if you can reach 5th place you get your entry fee back, seriously you could not make this up.
The winner of the munters title gets a whole 200 quid, and thats euros, surely travel and  accomadation would cost more that.
The mens prize fund is as bad, 1,500 euros for the winner, would ya even bother ?.

There is some good news apparently, it seems BT are on board with showing lakeshite, this is being heralded as great news, strange that the BDO board and fans who for years slated the PDC for selling to sky and not being on terrestriall tv are now claiming the BDO made a good move to BT, the hypocrisy is astounding.
Also seems the final, will not be live on BBC either, we will see how the viewing figure pan out now.

In fact the PDC now show more darts on terrestrial tv than the BDO do.
Next stop Lakeshite, followed by announcements of announcements to bullshit the players who might think of switching or going to Q-school.
Expect the "super series" to be brought up again so people like Kong will buy into it and stay and then complain when fuckall happens.

Friday, December 5, 2014

No surprise really this week it is Richie Burnett. Some people will think so what its only a bit of coke or whatever, but the simple fact is it was total stupidity on his part. He knew randoms tests were done, he knew it broke the rules so has only himself to blame.

If that is not bad enough, it also fucked up the draw, we now see a possible bunting -c- Wade second round tie, and that means one decent player out early, where it could have been bunting against Wright, and would loved to have seen bunting paste the snot out of Wright again.

The DRA dont come out of this any good either, this horseshit crap of Richie missing for "personal reasons", why dont just come out and admit it, and now we have stories of Burnett appealing.

If he is not in the World champs solely due to personal reasons then what is he appealing against ?

Some stories are claiming its not cocaine but an enhancement performing drug, and what in the blue fuck would he want that for. ?
If Richie wanted to enhance his game he should do what a lot of other players do to enhance theirs, rock up to the oche with a bottle of vodka lining your stomach.

Shame Richie's stupidity has cost him a place in the worlds, as I always liked the guy, and his replacement in the Worlds aint gonna be uprooting any trees and certainly wont offer the same entertainment as Richie would.
Lets just hope his punishment aint to severe, then again we all know the cunts in the DRA and certain people in the PDC think they are doctors , look at how they diagnosed Wade and now are the cunts trying to take credit for Wades return to form.

Wade returned to form not because the wannabe doctors of the PDC  left him out, but because he wants to prove a point to the cunts who wrongly left him out.

I am no fan of chemicals,be it prescription or recreational but it goes on, and I would not be surprised if a lot more are doing it, and you do have to wonder if certain players are being singled out.
The old bullshit of how darts is now a sport and drugs wont be tolerated is a bit strange,hardly a sport when the best player ever is a 54 year old, whitlock appeared in a world champs with a broken ankle, others are pissed out of their heads, a few more stoned, and some obese, and one even is proud of how much he can stuff down his throat.,,and they call it a sport...get real.

Darts is not a sport, and if the DRA is gonna ban people in their attempt to make the game look more professional then do it properly, name those who broke the rules and state why, not bullshit people with crap excuses and lies like "personal reasons"

Lets hope we see Richie come back stronger, and if not then at least I can take comfort that all the Welsh morons who defend him simply cos he is Welsh will be upset, its as bad as the Scots supporting someone just cos he is Scottish, narrow minded parochial xenophobic bullshit

Friday, November 28, 2014

Last Friday night Jamie Lewis was in the Players Championships Finals, all he needed was a couple of wins on the weekend to solidify his spot, as the only people with a realistic chance of putting him out were Richie Burnett and Christian Kist.
Richie Burnett no showed the weekend and Christian Kist needed as least a couple of victories each day to have a sniff, and hope Jamie Lewis would completely fuck up.

Sure enough that is what happened, on the Saturday, Jamie lost to Ryan Palmer 6-4 in the very first round, a woeful result for him, still he could chalk it down to a bad day and make up for it the next , and Sunday he again went out first round, this time losing 6-0 to Steve West...yes Steve West, that result alone was worthy of winning Knob of the Week in itself.

Meanwhile goldfish mouth Kist managed to scrape a couple of early round wins over players in some godawful matches, he eventually got to a last 16 round  where his 80 average was not gonna cut it.

So Lewis misses out, and Kist regardless of what happens now gets a minimum 4k for reaching the finals, 4k Lewis should have been banking.

Pity headshaker did not miss out as well.