Friday, August 28, 2015

Another deserving award after yet another pathetic performance again this week in the world Series of Darts.
A player over rated to fuck by bdo loving simpletons.
This notion that because a player was top of the BDO he must be a world class player has been dispelled years ago.
Someone had to be top of the BDO that does not make them on a par with the elite of the PDC.
Bunting is a good player but some people would have you believe he is the third best player in the world.

As for his world Series performances, he has now lost 5 of the 7 matches he has played, his only 2 victories came against Shintaro Inoue and David Platt, 2 complete jobbers.

He has lost to Phil Taylor, MVG,Adrian Lewis, Kyle Anderson and Simon Whitlock.
He came to the PDC full of confidence and combined with a lucky run and draw won a UK Open qualifier in his first month, but since then has done fuckall, in fact he has been unfairly rewarded for some shit performances.

He got a undeserved wildcard for the premier league, in which he bombed, then got the invites for the World Series, when other players were more deserving and would have performed better, Dave Chisnall a prime example..

Bunting needs a good Grand Prix and World Champs cos come the new year when he starts to defend money while taking hidings he will see what the real pressure will be like.

Friday, August 21, 2015

On any other board or organisation in the world  she would have bee n sacked by now.
As the head of the BDO her record is appalling, its even worse than that Spineless cunt or Olly Croft.

The BDO is in a worse condition today than it was over 20 years ago at the time of the split, and not only have the got worse but did so in a fucking boom period for darts.
Even a moron could have organized something that could be piggybacking of the global love of darts.

When was the last televised comp from the BDO ?
I already have read some retarded cunts on forums saying how the Cidercan Masters is coming soon as if it is some major.
A category C event in Holland , shown on some provincial tv station, inundated with news breaks and weather forecasts, is the next event that might make a stream and that has nothing to do with the bdo seeing as its a dutch  run event.

Had she the slightest amount of shame she would resign, and let some other cunt try do the impossible and salvage something, but seeing as the AGM is not long over, seems this board of geriatric dinosaur bitter cunts are quite content to carry on being the laughing stock of darts

Friday, August 14, 2015

What moron at Sky had the retarded notion of making a darts show entitled 180 ?
This promises to be the bullseye of the 21st century,.
Yes darts is on a high thanks to the PDC, but this is a sure fire way of doing more damage than good.

Davina NcCall is ugly as sin and well past her sell by date, and an annoying bitch, and Freddie Flintoff is as funny as cancer with as much charm and presence as Wes Newton the black hole of entertainment.

If that was not bad enough the players lined up on this to boost their own ego are the likes of Phil Taylor, who lets face it is more suited to be on Jeremy Kyle with his dysfunctional family,
Gary Anderson who is still trying to come to terms with the English language, and MVG who is so fucking ugly a whole new batch of tv viewers will now be thinking "look at the fucking state of this ugly cunt"..

Can picture Taylor monging it up on TV, in fact this will be so bad it might be good for all the wrong reasons.

You think if they were interested in doing some darts programme they would do a show for sky sports like a magazine type show, one that concentrates on the players ,be it the youth, rising stars, possible world championship qualifiers etc, round up news, etc, not this heap of shit this promises to be.

I do wonder if the players selected will be the usual sky golden boys, that little clique of favorites, or could we see a BDO player on the show, cos a show this bad is ready made for Ted Hankey and his open shirt with the historic sweat stains

Friday, August 7, 2015

A recent post on the darts forum suggesting Tommy Thompson for Knob of the Week was as apt and to the point as you can get.

 Tommy Thompson, for putting himself up for election to the BDO Board and then promptly fucking off to a wedding on the day of the vote at the AGM.
 Remember this is not long after the same guy who is responsible for finances in both the Lancashire darts as well as England Darts saw his treasurer get a suspended sentence in court for robbing his organisation blind right under his nose and he as financial controller oblivious to this for years..

Maybe if he was the one robbing the organisation he might have a better chance of getting on the board, after all Sue the Gash is more or less robbing the BDO blind.
She paid herself 20k last year for her great work in losing the BDO 50k,.....she would do great at banking in Ireland.

As for Tommy Thompson who looks like a future Peter Stringfellow with AIDS, he does love his darts, then so do a lot of spastics, that does not mean you are good enough to run an organisation. or be part of the board.
If the BDO is to have any chance it needs young intelligent people who are capable and not stuck in the last century, but we all know what happened the last time players wanted tv comps and forward thinking people,.. and Tommy Thompson is not one of those people capable of changing anything had he made the board or not
Not sure anyone could save the BDO now and lets face it there is no need for the out of date, out of touch and out of talent shower of cunts.

Let each country run their own shit, WDF oversee said shit and let the BDO who have no business running anything in the first place wither and die.

I would laugh so much if the WDF who recently met with Uncle Barry and PDC officials decided to accept the PDC as the official world champs,

Friday, July 31, 2015

He is a guy talented as fuck with an abundance of natural ability yet has won far less that a player of his ability has.
Why in the blue fuck he has Deller as his manager still is beyond a joke as it is obviously not working, in fact he is worse than ever, time Deller was shown the door, as all he is good for is finding Lewis exbo's on boats and that is pathetic for a guy who should be in the top 2 or 3 in the world at the very least,

Lewis broke on the PDC in 2006 at the same time James Wade did and everyone said how he was the future star of darts, many thought Wade would be far inferior as he had nowhere near when it came to natural throw and ability.

Fast forward almost a decade , Wade has won 5 proper majors ( Matchplay, Grand Prix x 2 and UK Open x 2) and3 second tier events, the Premier League , Unibet Masters and the CLoD.
Wade threw away a GSoD against Waites, and a World semi nfinal against Lewis.

Lewis in that time has won 3 majors ( 2 world titles and a UK Open) and a single secondary title in a European Championship.
That is a pretty bleak haul for a player of his ability, and yes 2 World Tiles do mean an awful lot but when you consider one of those was gifted to him by Wade, who I firmly believe would also have beaten Hamilton in the Final, its not the most impressive list.

Never mind that MVG, Taylor and Ando are now above him in the Order of Merit, Krusty the Clown is ranked higher, and Wade will soon be as well.
Lewis is defending the European Championship this autumn which is 50k, another 20k as a semi finalist in the Gran Prix and 50k as a semi finalist in the Worlds.

If Lewis does not get his act together and dump that Deller and get himself motivated, he could be soon out of the top 8 with other players closing the gap

Friday, July 24, 2015

Runaway winner again this Week with Headshaker.
The good part is we might eventaully get the retarded Dave Clarke and the assclown Wayne Mardle to stop hyping the sweaty postman. For years most people have known his days as a top player were over but they insist of try to hoodwink us in thinking he is still a top player.
He has not won a ranking major in years, and his attitude stinks.

His aversion to playing in the PDC Euro events is proving very very costly now.
He along with the Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis have all suffered early defeats this week and sure enough all three have a habit of sticking two fingers up at fans in Europe by dodging PDC events after the fans turn up and pay good money to see these players.
That lack of competition has not only cost Barney any competitive edge it will hurt him financially now.
He looks pretty fucked now as in qualifying for the Grand Prix, and I hope he wont make it.
He needs to play he remaining players floor championships first and then hope that he can do better than those around him.

I personally hope he dont make it, and am glad Lewis andAnderson went out as well, if only Taylor the cunt would fo out now it would be sweet .
MVG might look like an autistic mongo cunt, act like one as well and deserve a smack for his bad gamesmanship at least the lad turns up to most Euro events and gives a shit about the fans, the people who make it possible for him to travel the world and make good money.

As for Lewis, he seriously needs to get rid of Deller, the guy has done nothing, in fact Lewis has got worse.
Also a special mention for Whitlock who lost a 9-3 lead in his match that saw Ian White win 7 straight legs.
Also Strephen Bunting, the player BDO mushroom gimps would have you believe  is the third best player in the World....yeah right.

And lets not forget the deluded fans of Barney, those who think he still is a top player.