Friday, February 24, 2017

The award this week goes to the Belgian cunt Huybrechts.
He tried to provoke Taylor with mind games and his celebrations he knew would piss off Taylor and then cried like a bitch at the end of a game he choked at winning.
Cried like a bitch when Taylor had the last laugh..actually laughs, as he firstnot only nicked a point to keep him joint top of the PL but had the gomey looking prick fuming in his post match interview by not getting the simpleton to sign the board.
Regardless of whether you like or dislike Taylor who himself is well known for mind games and his antics, it takes some colossal  dickhead to start shit with Taylor and then cry on tv watched around the world when your tactics did not work and you choked in the end.

Of course the PDC hating mushroom cunts were all over it  citing how Taylor is a criminal etc etc, whilst they ignored the newspaper story this week how Richie George the former Lakeshite semi finalist and criminal lost his job because of not one but 2 assaults. The mushrooms avoided mentioning this though.

A mention for Wade who nearly lost the plot at 5-1 up  and was lucky in the end to get the draw.

The mutant Scott Mitchell who seems to live on twitter these days trying to piggyback of the success of Snookers Welsh Open champion and tried to massage his own already over inflated ego,. by writing :
Scott Mitchell @scottydogdart Feb 20
@Stuart__Bingham congratulations buddy on your win this weekend, something else we done together, I'm current Welsh Ipen champ too !!!

Not sure what Ipen is, Mitchell is more at home in a fucking pig pen with the rest of his family.
Forget that the snooker player earned well over 10 times as much, people actually watch snooker unlike that shit in the bdo.

A post on the Darts forum in relation to the Taylor -v- Huybrechts match

And to finish up with....a pic using the ideas of another member on The Dart Forum

Friday, February 17, 2017

Here is a guy whose bitterness and ignorance is only matched by his complete stupidity.
The same bitter cunt who came running for the PDC coin with hand out like a begging bastard quick as usual to have a dig.
This is what he wrote on twitter this week

Putting aside his hatred of the PDC, and seething over the tours they put on, he actually thinks county darts actually is a test of resilience.
I guess you must need some amount of determination and of course resilience to  to be able to turn up each week or whatever and associate with council house potbellied scum with criminal records in run down scum bars playing for nothing for the same scum that would as quick slap you, rob you  or slate you to someone else.
Even in the last century county darts were past it and still the BDO would have you believe this shit now only matters but is somehow a true test in world Darts.
The part I find the saddest and funniest is when the bdo commentators think people like me who live outside of the UK actually care about it when they harp on about Yawkshire and some other bomb sites of the north.
Most of the people in the UK dont even give a fuck about it so why anyone outside of the UK does is beyond me.

A released mental patient called Stephen Bonnets on twitter cried
"The youth tour is still at the end of the day just a part of the money making machine of Barry hearn. It's still our system that provides the future players of the pdc."

That poor cunt obviously too stupid to realize the tour does not run for a profit but to enhance the game for the future, then to most mushrooms they do not think that way.

Another moron called Carlo Vercammen from Belgium the home of Chocolate and Kiddy fiddling wrote:
"in belgium is happening the same and across europe too, youngsters are blinded by the money going around in pdc"

These people's bitterness knows no bounds, and thankfully it upsets them.
Then everything upsets these precious cunts. Eric Bristow had them eating out of his hand yet again this week when he said on Twitter after the Wright Ando match in the Premier League where the average were 106 and 109, that it was no wonder Melted Plastic Bag Face stayed in the BDO.
And sure enough,The hideous Durrant was replying in seconds, poor deformed bastard spends his life looking at twitter and forums seeing who might be mentioning him.
Take a look at what this inbred cunt wrote
Steve Fitzgerald ‏@stevefitz
@ericbristow Durrant doesnt have the wonderful life you do ordering takeaway from a pub. Where did his life go wrong you wanker.

I love how Bristows comments has them up in arms, and how they now disregard his 5 undisputed World titles, a sure sign of the anger and hatred that eats them up.

At least Tommy Thompson has a few marbles left rolling around in his stupid ponytailed head to admit the death of the BDO lies in the fault of the BDO board and not trying to blame the PDC for the fuck ups of the BDO.

Speaking of the Williams, see they are now awarding ranking points for the Lincolnshire Open, no doubt its all a coincidence the BDO disciplinary Officers own event gets the points, to help that fat vile looking thing he has to fuck get the chance to make Lakeshite seeing as she is not good enough to qualify like the rest of the munters.
The Selectas also were on social media saying how some 11 year old was playing Super League, as if this was a good thing, while only recently the kid Justin van Tergeouw was taken out of a mens event he was doing well in because " they wanted to protect him", odd how its now ok for an 11 year old to be hanging around pubs drinking with county scum,and the criminal element of Lincolnshire.

Other things this week was the Barney- Taylor post Premier League match interview.
It was fucking atrocious, not as bad as the Las Vegas speech Barney did a decade ago where his career died, seeing it was the last time he won a ranking major, but pretty damn close.
One post on a forum summed it up perfectly
Another mention for Fatpot Lewis, yes Wade did throw some super darts near the end, but not only would the Lewis of old maybe match it, but would have buried the poor start by Wade were Lewis the player he was.
What he is now is a joke and a jobber and only in the PL cos of his ranking which is dropping due to his appalling record lately.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Is there no end in sight  (excuse the pun) to this streak  the telescope inspector is on.
Even I am feeling sorry for him. There are kids who have earned more pocket money in 2017 than Caven has earned, come to think of it has he actually earned anything. ?
He lost yet again today in his first match.
That is now 13 consecutive defeats, and a running total of 9 consecutive defeats in front of a camera.
Overall its 23 games since last summer on the trot where he has FAILED to reach the third round of a competition.
I wonder if he feels retarded yet for boasting about his income and challenging me to a match, or having his master...I mean wife spout the legal rubbish.

Speaking of cuckolded feminized former men, I see Houseboy a director in the EDO was posting on forums about the success so far of ticket sales for the British Internationals, so imagine my surprise when  I found out they sold ....drumroll......32 tickets. Yes..32. I am shocked, did not think they would sell that many considering its a shit event that no one really gives a flying fuck about, containing players simply not good enough to be ever seen on tv, even if its an obscure channel that no one will watch.

I was informed the scumbag Des Jacklin and the thing he has the misfortune of being married to showed their class yet again this week, this time with another facebook post aimed at me, or at least my mum who has lung cancer.
Bo Selecta and the waiter updated their profile pic in february 2017 with this pic seen here
Mocking Cancer
 Then they have a history of mocking those with cancer.

MVG hit 2 nine darters today in a match, and it will get all the attention but the whore loving hunchback again acted like a prick, when asked by the ref to stop walking towards the camera he ignored the ref and carried on, then had the audacity to moan after the match with the ref after he broke the rules.
Then nothing will happen with him, after all this primma donna cunt can get away with most shit, look at how he forced Klaasen out of the last World Cup.

If this was a lower player the DRA and that cunt Gardner would be all over him handing out fines like the fucking Nazi facists they are acting like. I am the first to praise the PDC for all the good they do, but when they get it wrong they deserve the criticism that comes with it.
I looked through some of the fines handed out this year by the DRA, players getting fined for not doing interviews, and players fined for swearing, so effectively a player who does not want to do an interview has to do it or face a fine.
When you force players who are not in the right frame of mind to do interviews against their will you have some fucking audacity to fine them when they then swear in said interview.
Imagine trying that shit in the pub, you go up to get your winnings and some cunt says, I am taking this much cos you swore, there would be an ambulance called in my local for the cunt.
Peter Dyos got a 4 month ban for calling the special olympics "divs" are they fucking serious ???
I am sure some liberal pc cunt will says they are the same as us and all that pc bullshit, but the fact is they are not, that is why they have their own olympics, cos they are divs.
Would Taylor or MVG got a 4 month ban if they had said it ? I seriously doubt it.

Then you have the PDC with retards like Mardle try to hype "needle" where it really does not exist, and then try gloss over the shit like Klaasen and MVG where the hunchback has genuine needle with Klaasen.
Watch the Premier League this week and watch how wonky eye dave and mardle pretend there is no problem when MVG and Klaasen play each other, or how Sky wont show the handshake, cos there wont be one, seeing as MVG dont like sexual deviants like Klaasen despite the fact MVG has visited prostitutes and has no problem shaking the hand of Phil Taylor who has a sexual offence on his record....anyone spot the hypocrisy ?

Had to laugh earlier today with a comment in that Scottish rag, The Daily Record who love that poisonous cunt Warty, they lick the arse of him like the Bouremouth Echo try fill their shit newspaper with stories of the self groping fat farmer Scott Mitchell.

Warty claimed to be proud of his performance in the Dutch open final....the cunt not only lost. but then celebrated on stage his defeat, he should have been ashamed, especially with a average in the 70s in the final, even the Munters averaged more than him.

Even funnier was the comment in the paper that his £2,000 win moves him closer to the top 10 in the one member on the busy TDF darts forum wrote "Says everything about the state of the BDO ".

A big shout out to the JOB Squad who are back to doing what they do better than anyone....jobbing.
 Appalling stuff from them.

Update :
I read this reply to this weeks Knob of the Week on a forum tonight and thought it was hilarious so added it for others to enjoy

Friday, February 3, 2017

Suck it up hog features and your leech waiter who has the misfortune of sharing a bed with you.
After months of the Selectas trying to tell anyone that would listen how I am not worth it, no one reads this blog and what I say does not matter they hired a private investigator ( seemingly) to try gather information on me.
So much for me not getting to them. The best part is if they ever do find out anything what will they do ? Thats right fuckall, its hilarious that a family of scum with feral offspring and multiple court convictions in that family and a history of threatening behavior, and wishing death on cancer sufferers are the ones upset with the truth I post.
Seems I am the bad guy, thats right me a person with no criminal record from a decent family that has no criminal records, never threatened anyone yet somehow I am painted as the bad one.....go figure.

I hope the slimey waiter cunt and his vile thing he married and the runts that constitute his family try sue me. I would have a field day showing the media the type of person the BDO disciplinary officer is and what sort of family he has, their convictions, their veiled threats etc, make more people aware of the types of scum in the BDO like Popcorn teeths frail cuckold husband and his tour of England visiting forum owners , ex con players and scottish dwarfs who make their threats , go fuck yerselves the lot of ye.

This blog aint going nowhere..

A few mentions this week, first up Jamie Cave-in....what a fucking jobber.
At least with my banning on one certain dying darts forum, I am not getting accused of causing his defeats, as the baldy jobber can lose in front of a camera quite well enough on his own with any encouragement of me.
For those counting that is 9 consecutive defeats on the trot in front of the camera, of which  the first 8 were first rounds, and todays loss was his first match and only match as he got a bye as a seed.
Also it is now 22 matches in a row where he has failed to get to a third round, which goes back to last summer. Oh yeah, the baldy telescope inspectors cunt of a wife is another who has said she would go to a solicitor cos she does not like the facts, good luck with that, with your husbands career earnings presently you should apply for free legal aid.

Next Up the EDO, ...their "huge news" was getting 2 events no one cares about on a channel no one knew about , that will be watched by no one.
Part of me initially thought fair play then upon further thought getting events on TV for no other reason than having them on tv serves no purpose, and if anything is counter productive because if the production is shit, the presentation shit, and we know already the darts will be shit, it will do more damage than good, and the kicker is the EDO are paying them seemingly.
Still it stopped houseboy ranting on and on about Deta for a few hours, and how she hits ton plus averages all the time except the time she happens to be in a comp and magically they somehow disappear quicker than warren brown on twitter.
When Deta's bitch does read this he will wet himself and think he has achieved something and then promote this blog for me even more on a forum where the bulk of members claim not to read it. he is so predictable.

As for this channel front runner, seems they are already showing the old episodes of the Indoor league, so when the EDO darts start I can imagine half the 14 people watching thinking what year is this from, and then them going into shock when they find out that its live.
When they see TT in his pony tail and blazer, houseboy like an Indian bride ten steps behind and a stage set up like something from the old tv show bullseye the viewers will think they are in a version of time tunnel.

I will give Tommy Thompson one bit of credit though, he has managed to piss of the BDO board which is always a good thing, and who knows maybe all the subs and money  the bdo rank and file pay to the BDO that Popcorn teeth used for "fact finding missions" like that one to Las Vegas and the filling of her husbands fuel tank so he could drive around the UK threatening people , maybe that money might go on solicitors to sue the EDO.
Oh wait,....the BDO already have solicitors, they too threatened to sue me as well.

Anyone sensing a pattern here ?

quick mentions for the following
Stephen Bunting who went out early again today....still laugh at the dwarf from rochdale who claimed  there was only 2 players in the world better than bunting.....mind you he also said Phil Taylor was the only difference between the codes.

That prick Justin pipe going out early is always a welcome sight, as is that welsh cunt Gerwyn Price.
Long may it continue.
And of course that dutch cunt MVG getting beat by Ritchie Edhouse, a wonderful result, made even better by Willie O Connor beating Edhouse.....yes that Willie O Connor that some moron on the betfair forum tried to claim was me. ...another forum I am not a member of but have threads on there devoted to me.

Time to stop writing since I was told no one reads this blog, and the thousands of visitors I get each week all got here by accident and left right away....

PS. Congrats to Tony Martin (yes he is a good lad) and his wife Anastasia on the birth of their child, and born on my birthday too. sure you dont call him Justin

Friday, January 27, 2017

Jesus christ, can the BDO go a single week without a complete fuck up ?
They released this statement this week concerning 2 proposed events, events that were previously hyped to players in order to stop them attending PDCQ-school

"It is regrettable that owing to contractual issues the British Darts Organisation has to announce today the removal of the following two events from the 2017 BDO Calendar
“The BDO Shownights European Open & The BDO Shownights European classic”. These events were scheduled to be held on the weekend of July 28th – 30th 2017. We apologise to our members if the removal of these tournaments from the calendar causes any inconvenience."

I love the use of the word "regrettable" , or how they "apologise" like they really give a flying shit.
Needless to say the usual murmurs and stirrings among certain people in the bdo started.

One of the posts that followed on social media

The stupid retarded cunt fans now whining  as if we should feel sorry for them.
These same cunts are the ones when they had the opportunity to rid themselves of the cancer in the bdo, old popcorn teeth and her cunt husband they did nothing.
These morons are getting exactly what they deserve.
I liked the fact that in another week where the BDO continues to disintegrate the PDC launched  their new monthly magazine TV show, which is like a kick in the hole to these mushroom cunts.

The promoter of these shownight events wrote on Facebook
 "I'm absolutely gutted to say after all the hard work, financial burden and heartache I went through standing by the board and doing what I thought was best for BDO darts. After being begged in many phone calls from Sue and Wayne Williams to keep the European Darts Weekend last year going because they thought if I pulled it last year after the Deluxe Fiasco, it would be the final nail in the BDO's Coffin. I had many a phone call with Wayne Williams with me questioning to cancel lasts years event due to the lack of confidence in the BDO system, but he said it wasn't an option to cancel.
Wayne Williams told me the BDO would pay any shortfall, and it had to go ahead.
There was also massive losses due to aggressive social media promotion and signage costs etc, that I was hit with due to Deluxe Billingsgate Fiasco but I personally covered this and also paid back all tickets that was sold via the Shownights platforms back in February.
I feel they have used me for there own personal Benefit,
It was in the diary for over a year, with £17k worth of sponsorship so far.

So the event was in a far better place than ever before.
But in the last 4 weeks they added an additional burden of a £10,000 sanction fee and £12180.00 set up costs, insisted on the prize fund to be paid up front and all income from entry fees go direct to the BDO.
And they wouldn't answer my questions to how and when the new sanction came in to play and if other promoters or organisations would be also getting this ridiculous sanction fee added to there events
I asked for a breakdown of the additional £12180.00 costs but that never even came across even though the figure was very specific."

I laughed at Sue the Gashs pleading how it could be the final nail in their coffin, yet the stupid cow demands thousands from this promoter, or more likely Popcorn teeth was told to demand the thousands by the new Warren Brown, I mean Sportotal  who think they can cream some of that along the way.

I want Sue the Gash and the cuckold husband to stay on and continue to provide laughs for us all for months and years to come., and the reality is it would be a surprise if those moaning now ever do anything to replace them, they will have their little cries on facebook before bending over and accepting it.

Still it was not all bad news on that side of the divide seemingly as Deta Hedman's feminized houseboy and EDO official spouted how the EDO had a huge announcement coming this Friday ironically a day the bdo usually post their announcements of an announcement about events that never materialize.

And the announcement came, and the huge was

How fucking shit is that.
An event that no one gives a fiddlers fuck about.I know houseboy is unstable but seems dementia has truly set in with Tommy Thompson if he thinks this reminder of some shit comp constitutes huge news.

I was going to write a whole list of other stuff, but after watching the PDC darts tonight, the thought of spending any more time dwelling on the shit that is the bdo annoyed me to the point I am ending the post now.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Had started to write some parts of this earlier in the week, when this little geebag ran his mouth yet again on darts. Remember this is the cunt who was suppose to make his "chilling" decision after lakeshite ....which in his case always just constitute one match before he is turfed out on his ear, so instead of retiring and doing everyone a favor he has started on his new rant which is to boycott Potters Dump, becuse there are so many top class venues only lining up to show that bdo shit.
So instead of me writing my opinion on the fucker I thought I would use the words of someone else who put it very eloquently in a hilarious and concise way.

Tom Thumb impersonator, Scottish international and all round miniature shitehawk Warty Montgomery will take some beating for this week's award.
The king of the delete button over on BDO fanatics (a site that implements immediate & permanent bans if any members are caught using soap) has had the audacity to berate Potter on line this week because the Piss riddled old cunts ramshackled hotel is dropping to fucking bits.
YES the very same dementia blighted octogenarian with the new choppers he stole from Janet Street Porter who let's Sue the Gash & the Selectas decend on his hovel whenever it suits the BDO'S very own waste of fucking bone marrow.
Cuntgommery also appeared in this week's favourite jock bog roll the Daily Record to bang the drum on how he was happy to collapse like the bellows of a broken accordion against wet pubic hair head Richard Veenstra because his opponent had needed to play world class darts to beat him.
Aye a earth shattering 91.47 was needed to hold off warty who left the treble twenty looking brand new with his 86.25, the poisonous little cunt with a chip on his shoulder bigger than him couldn't hit porcelain if he was sat on the fuckin toilet.
I fuckin hope warty and the rest of the travel club spastics do a Viola Beach and drop off the end of a fuckin bridge somewhere in the forgotten bowels of eastern Europe, they won't be missed.

The best news to come out of the ashes of Lakeshite this week was the news that Hiroshima Head, Glen Durrant would not being going to Q-school.
The thought of that cunt on PDC TV on a regular basis would have been a sickening prospect, even if it was only for a few short months till he took a few hammering, his confidence shot to shit, and ends up jobbing week in week out.
And before anyone of ye think that could not happen, look at the results from Q-School, former bdo #1 Stuart Kellet getting the brush of Ryan Harrington, can it seriously get any worse that that.
Johnboy Walton could not win a game on the challenge tour, never mind the main tour
Remind me again how did buck toothed cross dressing alcoholic criminal Les Wallace goet on in the PDC, or that obese sack of human faeces Fordham,
Hankeys performances were hilarious before he left and the PDC players were able to breath properly again. Richie Burnett jobbing in Q-School.
Phantom of the opera Durrant made the right decision, as the most mentally fragile player I have ever seen in almost 40 years of darts would be mindfucked within a month of the PDC.
This is a guy who had to use the death of someone 8 years ago to motivate himself for a semi final, and then said thankfully, as if he was delighted someone was dead.
Mucksavage cunt

Thankfully we wont probably see Melted Plastic Bag Face on TV for at least 6 months, in fact the next time they could be on tv could be the Grand Slam when they come begging cap in hand for the PDC coin and their yearly beatings..

Notice how as soon as Q-school was closed for entries the bdo have been silent, as there is no need to bullshit the players with promises they wont ever keep.
Bet the cobwebbed cunted Popcorn teeth considers this a success.

I am still waiting for the SAS to extract me to the UK to face charges what with all the people claiming to bring legal action.
The Cave-ins,the Williams and the Selecta's must have hired Lionel Hutz.
I am also waiting for them to reveal who i am, the suspense is killing me.

A mention for the maniacal Lee Hayes. This guy is comedy gold.
He was the 10th winner of Knob of the Week back in September 2012 and has never been out of the news for long....for all the wrong reasons.
So when he signed up for Q-school you just knew something was bound to happen , and sure enough.
He wrote this
"As every body knows on here I have scrimped and scraped to get the money to play Q school to which a family member was very kind to lend me 55 minutes Before dead line.... To which I was over the moon with what i have gone through and the stress. So today I played well but got beat 5-4 thinking it was first to 6 legs and it was first to 5 hahaha anyway as I have a autistic son and kids to look after I got a text off my daughter to ask am I picking her up from HE football practice and as I replied yes I will the security staff called me over and took me to the main desk as all INTERNET devices are banned from in the hall unless listening to music. Anyway I went to speak to the security and was told not to do what I done and I explained the it was my daughter and I needed to reply and I was then violently escorted out of the building to the degree one of the guards tried
Twisting my darting arm. As I pushed him away I was told to calm down to which I was calm I have then been suspended from anymore events in the Pdc. I have contacted the players representatives and they have contacted the DRA. I have this second got a call from the DRA to say I have to email them to appeal so I will miss Q school anyway. I have no choice but to file assault charges on the 2 security guards and sue the Pdc and Pdpa for the stress embarrassment and hassle that they have caused today"
Saw a lot of stuff on forums over the past week, some of the hilarious ones were the comments of Deta Hedmans houseboy who would have you believe all the things trying to pass themselves off as women all hit huge averages. All he was short was actually coming out and saying "pressure of the stage". With the exception of Ashton, the rest need to be fucking ashamed of themselves.
The truth is even as bad as the mens game is, that munters shit drags it down even further.
The munters know without the mens competition no one in their right mind would pay to attend that shit or watch a womens only event.
The BDO are struggling to get fans for the mens game outside of Lakeshite.
Speaking of which I saw one guy on a forum suggest the BDO buy Lakeshite...I shit you not.
The could not afford to hire venues in the past, let alone buy a rundown hotel on prime real estate worth millions.

Now that Lakeshite is done for another year, no bdo shit for months and pretty soon it will be constant PDC darts in the Masters, Players tour, World Cup and the Premier League , expect the usual bitterness from the mushrooms.

The moans about how the PDC world cup is not official, what with the WDF being so important, and having such a global presence.
How the Premier League  with gates of up to Ten Thousand PAYING fans, are not real fans.
The bdo fans who dont attend events are seemingly the "real fans"
Moans about Q-School, and how all these players are unknown.........but they also complain if its the same 32 players in the PDC as well.
How dare these people pay money to enter Q-school, and how dare Uncle Barry take the money.
The "leisure center" moans will be starting ...yep those floor championships where the winner of a single floor comp can make around 4 times the money someone in the bdo gets for winning the finders masters , and they call that a major.

On the issue of the Lakeshite final, it was the lowest viewing figures ever.
I am sure the mushrooms will try spin that as well.
After a week of watching lakeshite and the worst jobbers and chokers in history,  the PDC Masters next week cannot start quick enough.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Where do I start ?
I don't think I ever had so many candidates in one single week.

Scott Mitchell : This fat prick has become one of the biggest assholes on that side of divide.
He has no sense of awareness, and the mouthing off he has been doing for weeks on end have seen his complaint get steadily worse and worse.
This is the self groping public exhibitionist who spent weeks on twitter criticizing the PDC fans on how they dress up and don't watch the darts, but says nothing when it happens in the BDO.
Quick to highlight the "faults" of the PDC but he is quick to make a beggar of himself and come running for the PDC coin in the Grand Slam for his annual battering.

This week he reach a new level of retardation, when he claimed in an interview in the Bournemouth Echo
"If our guys had 25 goes a year on telly then we would be doing 100 averages because we would be more used to the situation "
The thick fat cunt from a family of fat cunts thinks dedication, talent, ability, bottle, mental strength etc play no part in anything, as if any muppet walking the street could average a 100 if he was handed 3 darts and flung on the stage 25 times.

Needless to say I was delighted to see him lose to Geert de Vos,since the Lakeshite scum really hate Johnny foreigner coming to Lakeshite and upsetting the "family" on their yearly piss up.
Then there is that simpleton, Phantom of the opera and Simon Weston tribute act Melted Plastic Bag Face  who claimed someone would need a 100 plus average to beat him.
If that simple, stuttering and stammering sack of shit Paul Hogan had not shit himself at 3-0 up in sets and 2-0 up in legs Fire Damage features Durrant would have went out to a 93 average.
Hogan shat himself so much the stage must have smelled as bad as the rooms in that dump of a hotel.
By the time the worst choking on that stage ever finished we had wonky eye pointing and squinting at the camera before grabbing his shirt and pointing at the Middlesboro badge.
Why exactly he was doing this is beyond me, then I guess you need to be some sort of primitive moron from that north east dump to get how a badge of a football club would be a factor in anything.
It is really pathetic and sad that a grown man would have to affiliate himself with some football club to make his own dour existence seem more important and make himself feel he is part of something of fill some sense of belonging like a lost sheep trying to fit in and be accepted.

Tony O Shea turned up this year to do his annual bottling exhibition but he is so bad these days its not like he has a lead to blow. He was battered by a queer looking taffy 3-0 in a repeat of last years match.I enjoyed the comms trying to come up with excuses for his average in the 70s.
At this Rate O Shea, or the "Stockport wonderkid" as Tony Green once called him a couple of years ago will be up there with that poisonous little wart infested dwarf from Scotland in terms of first round jobbing.
Always pleasing to see the midget fucker for haggisland battered each year, as he laughed and giggled his way to defeat. I laughed more, as did Tommy Cox of the PDC and countless others around the world.
Almost every single player in the entire Lakeshite is a choker, jobber or over rated pub player.That fat thing Anca Zilstra who the ref called "hankey" in a hilarious moment lost every leg of her match to a person averaging in the 70s.
Only in the bdo can a person whitewash their opponent with an average in the 70s in the last 16 of a so called "World Pro"

Then there was the Dean Reynolds army of fatties and faggots supporting the simple looking fist pumping taffy, who showed he is up there with Paul hogan, Warty and Toplad the Stockport wonderkid in the choking department.He gave it all the gurning and fist pumping as if he was some MVG before shitting himself and skulking off the stage a loser with an average in the 70s

Then there is the female queen of choking, and Deta wins this hands down, its the only thing she will ever win at Lakeshite, and when factor in that Aussie munter Hammond has reached the "world final" without ever averaging more than 72....yes SEVENTY TWO.

We all know there has to be losers but fuck me the choking has been something atrocious.
Jim Williams was a joke, Jeff Smith a glorified jobber, don't even get me started on some of those freaks that call themselves "ladies".

The comms all week trying to tell us how this is sport, while a 61 year old cancer sufferer and a 9 month pregnant woman wobbled about the stage. it was almost as surreal as Paul Nicholson saying the lakeshite has a great health and safety record, I am still laughing at that one.

Lovely to see that Spineless the parasite the man who sold his principles for the PDC coin get bowled out, whilst putting on his fake laugh., and  I just finished watching Mr Potato head ,Zika from the Dales. Scott the Carpenter get fucked out by Danny Noppert.
We wont have to put up with the deformed headed cunt coming on the balcony pissed asking bobby George if he pulls his chain will he flush.
I am sure he can find some carpentry work at Potter shack, as with the usual Warty first round defeat there must be some doors need fixing.
Waites , ever the bitter cunt said in his post match interview he did not believe the best man won and it was 50/50. I dont know what deluded world that spastic inhabits.
The crowd were silent as well, a nice bonus seeing the foreign lad win, as those bdo scum, EDL, National front loving UKIP type dole scum hate the foreigners.

Cannot leave without mentioned the comms.
Paul Nicholson has been truly abysmal, he is like the new Tony Green.
He said Warty was one of the most under rated players in the world,Melted Plastic Bag face with his 91 comp average was the #1 player IN THE WORLD, said Lakeshite had a great Health and Safety record, and countless other retarded statements.
Amazing what some would do for money.
Then this is the bdo where everyone is a hypocrite for a few quid, remember spineless rushing to take the PDC coin despite saying he wanted nothing to do with Hearn ?
so when it comes to hypocrites look no further than ex con Chris Mason., a cunt who months ago got offended by me mocking the bdo, involved himself in something that had nothing to do with him and acted like he was personally offended and issued threats to me.
The cunt is still making them and false accusations, and he better hope his employers don't find out, although the insecure twat will probably blame me for that too as his scum behavior will no doubt be my fault as well.
I can only imagine his intial sulking was at the time he went crawling for the job with the bdo/bt
Here is a guy that spent a long time slating and mocking the BDO and now whoring himself out for a few quid.
Check out his comments slating the BDO here  in this clip
Mason bashing the BDO
and now look at him sucking up.

So semi finals tomorrow and final of the munters comp.
May as well hand Ashton the munters title, as her opponent will be happy to have made enough to cover her bar bill and flights home.
That wench made the final with a comp average of around 72....SEVETY FUCKING TWO...which is equal to 62 on a smaller unicorn board..

Hopefully Noppert continues his run, takes out another fat English glorified county player in Fitton and pisses of the pleb in surreys open zoo and makes plans to donate most of his winnings to Uncle Barry in entry fees for the PDC circuit....that would be sweet.

In the other joke of a match passing itself off as a "world pro" semi final we has the British inbred national championships between Hughes and Durrant who combined, know 21 letters of the English alphabet,  and both share a love of making up their own language and words and have a combined IQ of 27
The only good thing about this would be if Fireball victim won, and along with Noppert he too fucked off to the PDC with his winnings and filled the coffers of Uncle Barry.
He could be the new Justin Pipe.
As of the time of writing this there still has not been a single 100 plus average despite them playing on toyboards that adds ten points minimum to the averages.
In fact there has only been 4 x 95 plus averages in the ENTIRE comp,

PDC 100 plus Averages : 26
BDO 100 plus Averages : 0
PDC 95 plus Averages : 53
BDO 95 plus Averages 4

If anyone wanted to read the entire summary of Lakeshite 2017 and its complete list of fuck up check out this hilarious thread, well worth a read.
The Lakeshite Howlers

another hilarious thing i saw this week on a Darts forum
Fat Farmer gets dumped out of Lakeshite