Friday, February 27, 2015

This week Sue, spineless, Ted Hankey and the fans and everyone connected to the BDO gets it.

The World CatasTrophy has been an complete fucking disaster, then we all knew it would be.
From day one it was in the shit, a comp specifically created for TV struggled for weeks to find coverage, until Eurosport 2 took pity on them and took this shit off their hands for free.

The stage looks like it was furnished with black bin bags courtesy of Martin Phillips, the blue lighting like something from a murder scene, the crowd or lack of, an embarrassment.
The excuses from gimps came out as expected, how its hard to get fans on a Thursday night, although 10,000 turned up to a PDC event  on the same Thursday.

The walk ons were a cross between the funniest and saddest things I witnessed in darts since Ted Hankey's "stroke" , Martin Atkins "sore arm" and Tony Fleet's "nervousness".

Checkout the pic of  Bo Selecta on here walk on, no one around for the munter and the one official that had to be there was ashamed to death he was photographed.

Then there was the standard of darts, utterly shit standard, one game was one last night with a 72 average, a 63 average won a game tonight , then the opponent only had a 57 average.

Jamie Hughes ran amok today 6-0 with an 80 average such is the crap standard..

Still at least we saw Tony the Bottler O'Shea choke yet again with his mid 70 average in another mauling,
Trina the Bull Dyke sent packing also throwing shit
Ted Hankey act the total prick , and give it large when he actually managed to hit a whole 100, but the PDC youth player was not buying into his shit, nor was Bo Selecta who was running at the stage acting like the fat scumbag cunt she is.

The icing on the cake was the defeat of the Spineless one, and the fact he had to wait til almost 1am must have made it even more hurtful to the prick, also good to see the fans had little love for the coward cunt as in the pic below

Friday, February 20, 2015

This weeks award goes to Adrian Battersby, the idiot responsible for charging for the shit darts this weekend.
For years I have listened and read the comment of BDO gimps complain how the PDC are bastards for charging money for their darts, or how they spoil darts with their ad breaks.

The mickey mouse 6 nations cup is on tonight and this weekend, and viewers are expected to pay for this clusterfuck of jobbers, and the format in most cases are one leg matches , whats the betting those slating the PDC will have no issue with this.

Who in their right mind  would cough up money to watch Dennis Harbour and the jobbers in one leg matches,
This guy streaming this crap lives in cloud cuckoo land.

Also special mentions for the following :

Robbie Green who lost again today in the last 256, ....his PDC earnings so far less than half the cost of his entry fees. Stupid fat thick cunt,typical scouse victim mentality.....and a proven liar who makes accusations on twitter .

Norris, Wilson and Dekker, all again failing to even get close to the last 32.

Barney the headshaker, showing his frail mental state in blowing a lead against wright in the PL.

Friday, February 13, 2015

This week the award goes to Dave Ahmetnil, Stubby  and all the retarded ass rimming morons of the TSoD marking scheme.

I read how Dave Ahmetnil was trying to get a better deal for the markers and when the PDPA basically told him to fuck off, the markers stabbed Ahmetnil in the back.
If this is true then the markers showed no loyalty to the guy who goy all the suck up cunts their job of a lifetime.

However I dont think that is the full story, it might be a rose tinted view spouted by Ahmetnil supporters, cos lets face it, if you were trying to get a better deal for the markers you would have made sure the whole scheme were in agreement or would be acting as a unified unit, it seems to me Ahmetnil was going about seeking his own personal gain, and the increase he wanted for the markers secondary.

The markers unsurprising will carry on without him, and personally I think those shower of cunts had a choice, either support Ahmetnil who while wanting better for the scheme also had a separate personal financial interest, or carry on without him, and that is what they seem to be doing.

Hardly surprising though as markers by their very nature are not well people mentally.One of these markers who uses the name stubby on the forums is so utterly deluded and has a pathetic existence sees dart players as some sort of heros or celebrities.
This baldy cunt once referred to the players he did donkey work for as his "colleagues", how fucked up mentally must you be to come up with that, then this is also the same guy who once kissed his PDC shirt , mental illness of the highest order, and his "hero" is a convicted sexual offender.

The PDPA who told Ahmet to sling his hook when his personal demands were not met must be pissing themselves laughing at this shower of morons, arse kissers and sad pathetic cunts with a shallow existence.
Why should they pay them when this idiots will not only do the marking for free, but will even sign contracts  that silences them from even commenting, afterall they do not want to lose that well paid job...oh wait.

Not that Ahmetnil has been removed from the scheme , I wonder how long the markers who have their own private section on Ahmetnils forum will be there.
Cannot see Ahmetnil happy letting his forum continue to have a private markers section for those he obviously think should have showed loyalty.

If said section does continue you would have to think Ahmetnil deep down knows he is not the victim as he has played, were it I that was stabbed in the back for doing the right thing, those cunts that showed no loyalty would get no favors from me.

If I said it once I have said it a thousand times, darts, be it players, officials, markers or fans, has some of the most retarded people walking the earth..

Friday, February 6, 2015

Here is a wench who claims to love darts, if she did she would resign and fuck off, and take the dopey useless octogenarian cunts on the board with her.
The most retarded bunch of imbeciles in the history of darts.

Darts is booming at the moment , thanks to the superior PDC , you would think the BDO would try piggyback of that success, instead they have gone even further backwards.
The World Darts CatasTrophy a prime example.A comp created solely for tv to supposedly showcase the talents of the BDO is not even on TV.
The prize half of what it was last year, even the morons who bought the bullshit of annoucements of announcements like Jobber Robbie Green even fucked off..
I believe The Dart Forum is the only place not offering free tickets to this castastrophy, such is the difficulty in selling them.
Would not wipe my hole with the tickets.

Speaking of Jobbers from the BDO who switched, Kong , Wilson, Dekker, and Norris all bombing out early today in the UK Open qualifiers, still I bet they are happier jobbing in the PDC.

Also a special mention for the fat childish Michael Smith who spat the dummy out after his raping by Max Hopp in the UK Open Qualifiers. He took to twitter saying Hopp who beat him 6-0 was no good at darts, what a wanker.

Friday, January 30, 2015

This weeks award goes to the Amateur Lakeshite Chump.
A pretentious jobber who now after winning a watered down Lakeshite has seen his ego get as big and fat as himself.
He whines like a bitch on twitter over any criticism. A perennial Uber Jobber who following in the footsteps of Spineless  milking a depleted Lakeshite field and thinking he is a true World Champion.
Reduced to boasting about winning a leg of darts on the radio shows his mentality.
Gary Anderson , the True World champion stated recently he would love to play Mitchell for real, of course the moron with the invisible dog refused to comment knowing full well Ando would tear him a new asshole

A worthy winner of Knob of the Week