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Friday, December 2, 2016

I thought the BDO had hit rock bottom and nothing they could do would make their atrocious product look any worse.
Well I was wrong, and you got to give it to the BDO, that takes some doing considering how appalling things were to begin with.
What I saw of this last 32 in what is described as "darts oldest major" was nothing short of embarrassing.It was possibly the worst last 32 of any event I have ever seen on tv in almost 4 decades of darts, only the 1994 Lakeshite can come close to it, and its a toss up which was worse.
Think I will do a poll for this and ask the members on The Darts Forum
It was abysmal on every single level bar the comedy which was unintentional.
The presentation was deplorable, I cannot see how even this channel will want the darts back , Dave,tv must be relieved they got out when they did.
Turned this shit on at the ending of the Martin Phillips match where he was jobbing to some useless dutch cunt, and it was like it was filmed in wonka vision, it was so orange and warped I was expecting oompa loompas to appear at any minute.The nearest we got was little Richard who looked ashamed to be there.
The few dolescum that managed to turn up were humped in to little clusters and shoved to the front and the lights turned down low to try mask the empty hall.

The first walk on with Medallion boy ( sans glove) and household name Raymond Smith was like a flashback to a bad paper sun episode which had me thinking "what the fuck".
The sound and audio was like a ringtone going off in some fat cunts back pocket played over a megaphone with almost wasted batteries.
I will admit I found the thing funny the longer it went on
The commentary team were so shit it made assholes like Mardle and John Gwynne seem ok.
My favorite comments during this game was when the Aussie jobber has 124 left and after hitting 20 the comms said he can't finish now.
Then again this is the BDO how often can any player take out 104 in 2 darts.
Comms said Harms was excellent......yep, his 88 average was excellent, considering what was to come is was slightly prophetic.

32 players played and only 5 of them managed to get an average over 90
only 2 players averaged over 91, and one of them lost.
there was SEVEN who averaged in the seventies, and the comms said these were the best players assembled....they actually had the gall to spout that shit.
Some other beauties today was when the Carpenter was 2-0 up in sets, 1-0 up in legs and romping to a 3-0 win and comms said "at the moment Waites looks favorite" shit.
Or when  Geert de Vos who was also 2-0 up in sets, and 1-0 up in legs and comms said "relentless pressure from De Vos"
The Belgian fuckwad was averaging 81 at the time.
 Also on the De Vos game, that first leg was possibly the worst start to a match I ever witnessed.
The first 11 throws (33 darts) saw the following scores in succession
40, 25, 60, 43, 24 , 41, 41, 60, 41, 38, 38.

They also were mentioning how Meaney was captain of the Republic of Ireland while the graphics on the screen had the Northern Ireland flag next to his name.
This is beyond laziness and amateur levels,

  Its a bad state of affairs when internet streams, winmau and their facebook  streams are crashing but when the TV station itself is riddled with problems, pixelated screens, transmission breaks etc.
Just to rub it in, every time the channel went down and they played adverts to fill the time,  which were adverts advertising the very comp that was now fucked up, with quotes like "One of the greatest occasions in darts" being repeated over and over.

Sky TV must be shitting themselves at this powerhouse of BDO and Premier

Another great moment was seeing Cork man and sound bloke John O Shea beat that bearded prick Adams, and said yesterday on the Darts forum he had a great chance of doing it,
O Shea even threw shit, an average in the 70s and still won, I owe john a few pints when I see him.

Still I am sure Jeff Smith who travelled from Canada for the 250 quid he earned will see it as a great
Raymond smith traveled even further for the pitiful 250 quid, then he is Australian so no surprise he is retarded.

The fat vile looking munter whores who laughingly refer to themselves as "ladies" turn up tomorrow, so that promises to be another session of pure shit.

The BDO, the comedy gift that keeps on giving.
You just know Matt Porter, Barry Hearn, Tommy Cox, Eric Bristow, and a host of others will have laughed their bollix off at this clusterfuck of an event.
Seeing the bdo fans on forums trying to defend this shit has also been hilarious, them muppets spouting the same shit over and over in the hope of convincing themselves at least.....and failing.

To see the worlds longest running "major" reduced to this calamity is indicative of how bad things are in the BDO. What is even sadder for those retarded enough to support the bdo is it looks like things wont get better.
No fucking chance in Hell will Premier sports be dealing with the BDO again, Channel 4 will dump them after Lakeshite and the fans the retarded cunts they are and the counties will whine, moan and complain and when the time comes to do something about the entire board and directors, wont do a fucking thing, so fuck them all as they are getting exactly what they deserve.

I hope whoever wins this , says in the winning speech he is using the money for Q-school to piss of a load of people.
The demands like last year will start again how the player should give back the money.

Also a mention this week for that fat farmer cunt Mitchell who is always fondling and interfering with himself. Like Daryl Fitton another cunt who moans about PDC players in BDO events but quick enough to take the PDC coin himself.

Friday, November 25, 2016

It was always gonna happen, you just knew the jobbing fucking was gonna keep his abysmal record going.

Todays defeat was his first comp since losing 5 times in  8 days in the first round stage.
In total its not 7 consecutive first round defeats in PDC competitions.
In fact he has failed to reach the third round of any comp for 20 games now, losing in either first or second rounds, and even prelims.
I wonder if he is gonna boast about his earnings now, seeing as he must be spending far far more than what he is earning.
Noticed he aint challenging me to a darts match either, maybe worried I would beat him as well.

The funniest part of all this are some moderators on a dying forum who lock threads mentioning these stats as they want to see the baldy diabetic jobber prick return to the forum.

Wonder if his wife has apologized to those she mistakenly accused of being me, one innocent lad in particular who this week also had those scumbag inbred cunts the selectas on his case.

That queer waiter married to that fucking heifer cunt and their feral inbred deformed scum bag  adult offspring have not only abused the innocent guy on facebook and make serious false claims against him, but they posted pictures of his kids.I can see ending badly for some racist prick in Lincolnshire.
And they try act like they are the victim.
Even if in their inbred uneducated autistic retarded they were correct in guessing said innocent person was me, how does posting pic of his kids validate their victim mentality complex.

The Selecta Jacklins go around acting like they are important as if the queer ex waiter who has to share a bed with that vile fucking thing is some sort of streetfighter, where they can go around abusing people, threaten to assault people, posting pics of their kids, making criminal allegations,wishing those who suffer from cancer die, etc, and then cry like a 2 faced wimpy pricks when people give them shit back, suddenly they are the "victims".

I read on forums this week that one them made some more vile posts on facebook and a lot of people in the bdo were angered by the screenshot of what was going around, like Des Selecta who is going to be on the disciplinary board will have to deal with his own family.
Wonder how that will go...probably swept under the carpet as usual.
The BDO, the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

to be cont.....

Friday, November 18, 2016

The award this week goes not to any one person but the whole BDO Org itself.
Lets start with the Grand sham of Darts and more precisely the pathetic showing by the BDO begging cunts and hypocrites.

Daryl Fitton: That fat headed useless cunt who had the audacity to complain about PDC challenge tour players playing BDO events, on the eve of that fat vile jobber cunt drawling cap in hand for the PDC coin in the GSoD.
His highest average in his entire GSoD griup stage was 87,  and his last 16 average of 92 saw him lose 8 legs on the trot in a 10-3 defeat. This is a cunt that won...wait for it 17 bdo "majors".

Jeff Smith : Seems a decent lad, but a total fucking jobber, well out of his depth, and got  some confidence from beating the kid Evetts. Had one single decent win against Shitlock but was inevitable the longer format would show his flaws and faults as it would all those BDO beggars who managed to make it.

Scott Mitchell : The usual shit from the self molesting fat faggoty looking pig farmer cunt, one decent game followed by more shite his wellies wades through on his farm.
Of course the mushrooms will claim how he beat the great Adrian Lewis, but thats no surprise when Benito and Dobey did the same.

Scott Waites : Absolute rubbish from Waites, and delighted to see the ugly thick cunt piss off early.
Some of the excuses for his shit results were hilarious, my favorite one was from a mongo who claimed  " Waites was shit all year"...forgetting that Waites won Bob Potters mickey mouse Lakeshite this actual year. Also Waite's averages in the GSoD were the same that won him Lakeshite, it got him 3 defeats in a PDC comp......I wonder why that is.

That Bearded Cunt : Was my personal highlight seeing the prick lose all 3 of his matches, and with his false pretend laugh and giggling like a Hinton on Day Release. I also enjoyed MVG berating Spineless for his ridiculous giggling. As usual the excuses came out for him as well, the Cancer was used by most of his fans, one fan on a forum said he lost cos his brain was riddled with it, and this was a so called Adams fan.
Adams himself never once made that excuse to his credit. Adams lost the matches for the simple reason, because he is Shit, simple as that.
The bearded cunt is a liar, cheater, bullshitter, a beggar, devoid of any principles and a total fucking cunt, that said I was glad to hear he beat that dreaded disease.

Jamie Hughes : The new wave of utter scum and pig ignorant chav bastard the bdo produce in abundance. Used every cheating tactic he could to put off Dobey during their game, stalling tactics especially, and as for the shower of inbred scum that supported him, a total embarrassment.
Dobey was the better player throughout, scored and finished better, and was only his inexperience that allowed the baldy scut prick back in the match,and Dobey showed what bottle he had, when most players might have thought they well and truly fucked it, Dobey hit a maximum to give himself a chance, you could visibly see Hughes shit himself, his first 2 darts for double 12 almost hit the number on the outer ring, Dobey then taking it out first dart showed the lad had great bottle.
Dobey was also not even in the PDC top 50 and Hughes was a Top 3 player in the BDO.

Melted Plastic Bag Face : What a slow cunt, mentally and movement wise, wonky eye is like the English Brendan Dolan, horrible to watch no matter what he is scoring. All he has is confidence from beating up old men in the shit BDO, if that fire damaged facial disruption ever grew a set and joined the PDC his clutch throw wont serve him well, and by the time his confidence is shot, he will the new Justin Pipe, another cunt who cried about me on forums. Perso0nally I hope the ugly cunt stays in the BDO, fuck him.

Danny Noppert : The only player worth watching out of the entire begging brigade and the only one who did not get butt fucked, although he looks like the sort who would get off on that. Lad played well in all of his games, and if he has a backbone, set of balls, some ambition and desire he would kiss the travel club goodbye and get the fuck out of the BDO.

The bigger picture of this grand Slam was this is the first year the BDO fams could not make the excuse the BDO did not have their best 8, they simply had no excuses on that part, and not one of them made the last 8.
You can spin it any way ye like that is an abysmal stat for the BDO
Which begs the question, why are the PDC still inviting these begging cunts into an event that is now ranked ?
What do the bdo players offer ?
Certainly not competition, they are always gone early, only one player out of the 8 in my opinion would be an addition to the PDC and that is Noppert.
And why is the PDC board even allowing these begging cunt in at all, they should be looking after their own.
Which brings up another point, the final score between PDC and BDO players was 18 - 11.
If Ted Evetts, Nathan Derry and Darren Webster were not there and Huybrects, Bunting and Klaasen were instead, I doubt the BDO begging scum would have won 3 games.

Uncle Barry needs to take a serious look at the state of this competition , it allowing beggars and hypocrites from the BDO to enter, as well as looking at its own qualifying criteria, when guys like the aforementioned Klaasen Bunting and Huybrechts are sat at home on their hole while midgets, kids and useless cunts can get in like Webster, Evetts, Derry and the useless Hopp (even if he did beat Adams the bearded prick ) can qualify by just getting to the last 8 in some depleted floor qualifiers.

I am sick to death of floor qualifiers and the useless cunts that infest that thing, Ian White, Darren Webster, Pieman, Jamie Cave-in, and you just know if Wonky Eye Durrant switched he would stink them out as well, he would make Andy Hamilton seem exciting.
On the brightside cameras on the floor might shake things up a little, look at how floor shark the baldy diabetic telescope inspector is now jobbing full time in these now.

A mention also for that spastic Wayne Mardle, Sky TV need to get rid of him, along with Dave Clarke who looks more like Durrant ever day with his wonky eye, and John Gwynne the genetic throwback, the shit spouted by these 3 stooges stooped to a whole new level.
And if you are gonna keep John Part, put him in a studio, behind a desk so we dont have to see that fat disgusting belly that gets more like Fordham's every week.
I genuinely though Wayne was gonna excuse himself at one point and give Noppert a blow job live on the stage, and both probably would be up for it.

Have to mention the scum the Selectas who are still obsessed about me , trying to find out my details and info on me.
Here is a tip for you ya bisexual ex waiter and hog fucker, if you are gonna ask people about me, it might be best not to ask those who are more loyal to me than they would ever be to some heifer humping homo like you..

I almost forgot that Welsh prick and cheat Gerwyn Price, who knew he had 31 in that match with Robert Thornton. Yes Russ Bray fucked up and believe he genuinely made a mistake, but Price knew prior what he had left when he fucked up, so was delighted Dolan beat the taffy cheat.
The downside was Dolan got to play MVG in a game that was a fucking abysmal heap of shit earlier, thankfully I missed it, the first match of the Grand slam I intentionally missed.

Lastly, it now seems the BDO got some sad little minor tv station to show the Winmau Masters, that gives them a whole fortnight to advertise this shit on a channel most people never even knew existed.
The channel is called premier sports, which shows nothing that constitutes premier and on eir sports in Ireland, which also is not a free to air channel, and not available in Ireland on the Horizon/virgin package.

The Winmau world Masters....roll up roll up and be part of an empty hall where you get to watch players like Spineless Adams and Mr Potato Head Waites fresh from their raping by the PDC players
bore you shitless while they chuck their low 80 averages in front of half a dozen giro collecting cunts  in a hall that looks like the stockroom from  "are you being served" on  a channel no one ever knew existed and all watched by  global audience of about 104 people.
Amazingly tickets for this event are still available , so make sure you get them before they sell out.

Friday, November 11, 2016

This 2 faced hypocrite sack of shit made a late charge for the award this week.
Here is a cunt who recently moaned about PDC players in bdo events, like those challenge tour players in the same week this potbellied northern scumbag cunt is playing in a PDC events like the Grand Sham of Darts and crawling like the begging cunt he is for the  PDC coin.

He should have been banned for life years ago already for the time he and that self confessed cheating prick Ando rigged a game in the Grand Sham a few years ago. The most blatant cheating I possibly ever witnessed in a game of Darts, up there with that other cunt Gary Jobson who all were part of the same group.

Then again, when the Grand Sham money is the biggest comp financially the bdo scum will every play for, is it any wonder they come begging cap in hand.
The excuses will be coming thick and fast this week when the bdo scum get tore new assholes. It might be better for them to go out early in the groups before they disgrace themselves over the longer format.
Already the bearded prick Adams has his fans crying, after the prick fell about the place drunk like a common cunt in Italy last weekend and lost in the final with a 57 average...yes 57.
When I had the audacity to laugh at his average the cancer excuse was out straight away.
I suppose it was the cancer that made the prick this week moan how there was no bar for the players in the practice area...imagine that, the PDC players not treating a major tournament like an extension of a piss up on the travel club, what cunts the PDC must be.
how dare they not encourage the piss up.
Already this week I saw morons on facebook wanting Munters in the Grand sham..seriously, they allow these people breed, and vote.

Also in contention this week for Knob of the Week was a player who made the news initially cos of his knob,and his habit of taking pics of it and sending it to mongos.
 Jelle Klaasen might have a knob, but the dutch prick lacks a set of balls to go with it, had he a set he might be in the Grand sham this weekend.
How ? Because if he did not back down to that hunchbacked prostitute visiting MVG and demanded his spot in the PDC World Cup team he would now be surely in the Grand Sham, instead he withdrew and allowed Barney in, who now has a spot in the Grand Sham he hardly deserved.

Klaasen should have stood his ground and if MVG wanted him out of the team, let it all be out in the open, no fuckin way should he have withdrawn, unless he was publicly forced out.

Speaking of this clusterfuck of a joke that is this years Grand Sham of Darts, this is the first year the BDO squad of begging scum don't look as bad when compared to the players that made up pot 3 in the draw.
A sorry sad list of useless cunts and inexperienced players for the most part.
Take a look at those in pot 3 below and opposite them are the players who miss out and will be at home sitting on their arses watching Darren fuckin the name of fuck.
How can anyone think this is a genuine major when guys like Bunting who has won full competitions is at home, like Klaasen who has made finals, and Darren fuckin Webster who only reached the last 8 in a depleted field can get in....utterly ridiculous, and then to compound this shit they have only gone and made this crap a ranking event.

We will get Adams -v Hopp instead of say Adams  -v- Bunting
Durrant -v-Nathan Derry , instead of a possible  Durrant  -v- Klaasen
We have Daryl Fitton -v- Darren fuckin webster....sweet mother of Jesus.

Barry Hearn may be the king of Darts, but he has royally fucked up this event with the qualifying criteria.

Also a mention for, not Darren Fuckin Webster yet again, or Dave fuckin Whitcombe but Darts for Windows or more precisely its owner and designer Roger Boyesen.
This feeble minded bag of dirt, went on last week about his program in connection to the draw rigging in the Turkish open by those Lincolnshire scuts the Selecta's.
In an amazing coincidence he has "decided" the draw was not rigged.He just decided that today.

Yes thats right, its a coincidence,
The draw in turkey that had odds of millions to one of happening was also a coincidence
The new admin of BDO Fanatics who bans any discussion on the rigged draw is a friend of the Selecta's...that's another coincidence as well.
An awful lot of coincidences lately concerning the draw.
Its also a coincidence that Rogers biggest customer is the WDF, so imagine all our surprise when shit for brains Roger did a u-turn and claimed his biggest and only customer would never do anything underhanded.Who saw that coming.
But this is the best part, you would think if he was gonna lie or take a backhander he would have get his withered gums shut instead of mouthing off in the first place and dig the hole even deeper, the hole he is now standing in.

If you want to be seen as professional you hire professionals.
If you allow amateurs run a business its not surprise if its in the shit and amateur.

Also a mention for the great Eric Bristow, the greatest of all time when it came to mind games and pushing so called fans.
This week his tweets have had the bdo mushrooms crying non stop and has been a joy to behold.
Some defective cunts even called for his titles to be stripped....that is the level of lunacy being spouted over King Eric.
Another bdo loving cunt wrote that Bristow was shit and once averaged in the 50s in a PDC comp,forgetting that Eric ran amok in the bdo and won 5 pre split world titles.

For any new readers to this blog, I suggest you join this forum The Darts Forum
 The busiest Darts forum on the net for the live darts.
Also a big thank you to all my readers, as the site continues to grow and each month becomes the busiest.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Another award for the scumbag , draw rigging cheating sack of shit Des Selecta.
Seems the draw for the event in Turkey was rigged as in all four competitions not one single Turkish player drew another Turkish player,. the odds on that  over four draws with the number of entries was approximately one in 13 million I was told.

No doubt the draw was fixed so all the traveling frinds of the scummy selecta's all got a turkish jobber and increased their chances of further progress and of course those valuable "worth their weight in gold" Lakeshite ranking points.

Of course the scumbags , insecure as always try hoodwink people, with their bullshit on facebook so their cunt offspring, retarded friends and arse kissers can try deflect from the issue.
So when people started to question the draw, the usual horseshit is realeased by them, like this little nugget

Almost brings a tear to my eye, except it is all bullshit, everyone knows what the racist cunts think of the Turks, they must have forgotten they posted this 2 years ago

Other people then decide to question the scumbags on Facebook, and the BDO Disciplinary Officer starts on his power trip:

The retarded cunts think they can haul anyone in front of this comittee.
These scuts are beyond retarded.
Speaking of scuts, their own feral offspring  taking after the parents are no better, one of them, a while back was moaning about draws being fixed and claiming he complained to the WDF, wonder if he will complain about his cunt of a dad rigging draws.
Or how about Aaron Storr who I read is Bo Selectas bastard from a previous relationship, .he  seems like another delightful addition to society.

BDO Fanatics is filled with posts by the Selecta moaning about past rigged draws, and now they rigged a draw, the posts started again, except this time they are now being deleted.
Warty the prick was busy deleting everything before going into hiding yesterday.

I was unable to get a comment from

The comedy gift that just keeps on giving.
On the topic of comedy, I see there is still no sign nor mention of any television deal for the winmau Masters, thankfully.
Who wants to see a bunch of pub players trampling the piss soaked floorboard of Bob potters run down dump, chucking shit averages in front of a hall a quarter full.

Wonder if Winmau TV will stream it, I am sure there must be almost 100 people on this planet of over 7 billion who might tune in..

I read earlier this week the Sweaty Dutch postman has promised to do the full tour next year, of course heading into the time where Premier League selection is coming to the fore thats hardly no surprise, even that human gland of sweat, Fatpot Lewis, is mouthing off how he is gonna get serious, just in time for a glorified, non ranking exbo that dont matter a fuck, you think he would have given a fuck about things like the European Championships instead.

I cannot wait to be called in front of the Disciplinary Committee, wonder who will be designated to "give me a slap"