Friday, April 29, 2016

There can only be one winner this week: step forward the BDO Board, with Sue Williams at the head of it all.

Another week of utter clusterfucks. The World Darts Trophy, only 4 weeks away today, was moved to Lakeshite only on Thursday this week, after people will have bought tickets for the event as well as booked hotel rooms, flights and train tickets.

What earns Sue the title this week is that she allowed tickets to be sold for up to SIX DAYS after the Manchester venue booted them out. Six days of people booking non refundable hotel rooms and travel before the event was announced as being moved over 200 miles away.

Will they get a refund? No fucking chance.

Add to that her letter writing skills. Two this week: one to the counties advising of a change in venue for next week meeting, on which she puts the wrong postcode and goes into embarrassing detail about the fuck up.

The other letter was sent to players, first of all blaming the forums for the mess the BDO is in, before then blaming the venue for having the nerve to ask for extra money for extra days!

Oh, and the WDT qualifier entry form had the wrong phone number on it until it was amended yesterday.

All in all, an utterly fucking embarrassing week all capped off by Grandad Potter saving the day. Pound signs in his eyes no doubt at people buying food and ale in his bar.

In other news, a special mention this week goes to Tony O'Shea. He isn't short of money, yet has decided to go to the Denmark Open on a COACH! The Travel Club lives on.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Another week gone and worse the situation gets in the shit BDO, and any sign of this useless cunt resigning ?
Of course not, why should she, all she has to do is announce there will be an announcement of good news, and the frightening part is the players will lap that shit up yet again.
Mushroom fans will believe it, defend the bdo against any criticism like it was a personal attack on their "family".
With only weeks to go for the sure to be shambles of the World Darts Catas Trophy no one seems to have a clue what the fuck is going on, whether its tickets, if it is televised, or even who is in or not, let alone those who have to go through hoops to find out how to even enter a qualifier.
So far it seems there is no tv deal, no sponsor, and no idea who is even in or not when it comes to the American players as their own rules and criteria keep changing.
Tickets now appear to be available to buy but no one is actually buying them.

The bdo fanatics who claim to love the bdo are not buying tickets, some fanatics they are.

Across forums the retarded mushrooms have instead opted to throw snide remarks at things like the ITV documentary "Mavericks"  since it was pro PDC, slate the Development tour for being in Germany, even though entries are not only up nut 3 times what they were last time, and of course mushrooms spending their lives moaning about the PL, which they obviously watch, as mocking something every week you do not watch would only make them look stupid...oh wait.

It dont matter, they wont know as they claim not to read here either, although they find time to moan about this site they never read....go figure.

My own personal hope is the bdo collapse, every event, not just the former proposed new events but the old events like the winmau Masters get canned.
Fuck the BDO , fuck the useless cunts running it, their autistic gullible stupid players, their retarded fans,
The faster that shit is gone the better, a black stain on the game that does more harm than good.

The PDC is over drive and these cunts in the bdo cannot even piggyback on the popularity of the game made possible by the PDC

If old yellow teeth ever develops a conscious or is eventually forced out, lets hope the scumbag Jacklins take over and kill it dead.

Also mention this week for Melted Plastic Bag Face, the guy who threw a hissyfit across multiple forums when people laughed at him for his stupidity in getting ripped off financially, yet he had no problem ripping of another spastic in the shithole that is the North East of England this week for 25 quid, and then in typical form proceeded to do what he usually does and have running arguments on social media yet again.
Then again expecting any type of decorum from an ugly cunt for a shanty town like Middlesboro is too much to expect, Its the bdo #1 way of acting on social media.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Award goes to Warren Brown, the fraudster, who hoodwinked the gullible and stupid BDO in to going into business with him
Click on this link for proof of this Con mans activities
 I wonder what the BDO make of all this ?
Surely only a matter of time before the Bournemouth Teletubby lookalike Scott Mitchell is on twitter trying to blame someone Scott would not invest his money with someone like that.

Seems now the Winmau Masters is in serious trouble as well, and the proposed Copper Box arena is not happening , as no way on earth is Warren Brown gonna stump up the deposit.
I hope every single BDO event goes tits up, fuck the BDO, fuck the stupid useless players, fuck their retarded dense fans, fuck the board and the whole organisation, faster it dies the better.

Speaking of dying, that fat sack of human not Andy the obese hun cunt Fordham, but the racist cunt that was Martin Fatzmaurice snuffed it this week.The former 4 time winner of Knob of the Week wont be missed

As usual the faux grief brigade is out in force, with some mental defects saying how he was a lovely guy and what he did for darts.
Guy was a cunt, and him drawing his terminal breath  as he was penciled in for a visit from the Angel of Death has not changed my opinion on him.
This was the racist cunt who when caught being the racist prick on camera came up with the excuse that he "did not know the camera was on", as if that mitigated the circumstances.
Saw on twitter a family member threatening to slice a persons throat....sound like one cunt of a family and the apple did not fall far from the tree.

On one dart forum one of the precious delicate wallflowers, a well known down syndrome from Birmingham with a love of corpses and sticking his tiny knob in the eye socket of his dead grandmother was so upset at people not being respectful he decided to wish death on people, such is his level of autism.
On another forum, a semen slurping, short arse baldilocked moderator slated fats, then decided to criticize and edit posts of others who dares be unkind, then had to edit his own post as it showed up his hypocrisy.
Seems the fat dead cunt who allegedly cheated on his wife as she was dying with cancer, was a proven racist, and a bitter obese fat cunt, suddenly ceased being that when he kicked the bucket, and is now according to some a "lovely guy" who will be "sadly missed by all".

I said before if there is a God its times like this I hope he is black, but it matters not, as its Hell that is where the cunt is going to.........still he will have Lorna Croft to keep him company.

Friday, April 8, 2016

none more deserving than the BDO fan for this weeks win.
When getting a competition that has always been on telly back on telly on a less popular station is considered a great success and the start of a new era, you have to wonder what sort of era this is and the levels of intelligence or lack there off among the average retarded bdo fan.

It would be like a PDC fan celebrating the Matchplay being on uk gold after sky sports fucked them off and calling it the start of a new era.....well actually it would be a new era, but a pretty fucking dismal one.

Of course all the pretend back slapping and shouting wont cover up the fact that every new proposed competition has been postponed so far this year.
Prizemoney is generally down across the board, and simply maintaining the status quo of previous years is a struggle, and progress is a pipe dream.

The BDO are claiming the World  Darts CatasTrophy will have a prizefund of 150k, and that is inflated due to one third of that fund is for a nine darter, and there is more chance  of Glen Durrant  getting on the cover of Vogue Magazine than there is of us ever seeing a nine darter.

Cannot wait to hear how the Bob Potter annual piss up getting shown on some shit station will also be deemed a roaring success and part of the new era.

As for the event itself, a shit field propped up with throwbacks like Hankey and Fordham who seem to get all the Wildcards rather than invest in some youth player seems all the rage, nevermind that these are wildcards to a ranking event, which in any code seems totally wrong.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Who else besides the BDO and everyone connected with them would be better candidates for Knob of the Week on a day celebrated the World over for fools.

Nothing screams fools more than the BDO, from the way it is run, to the players and supporters.
So much for the "announcement " that was promised in March.
Remember the last meeting where the players wanted to complain was cancelled cos it would affect the TV deal that was going on at the time, and as usual the players and fans bought and lapped that shit up,.
The BDO board don't feel under any pressure though, afterall these are the same people who know they never have to resign as the players and fans will buy any shit they spout

It must be absolutely sickening for the mushrooms having to realize they only time a BDO player might appear on TV will be while playing a PDC comp in the Grand Slam of Darts.

Uncle Barry should now use this time to tell the jobber cunts to FUCK OFF, the PDC do not owe them a living, tell Spineless and the other beggars  who come begging cap in hand devoid of any shame or principles where to go.

Also a mention for Bellyboy who was dumped out of the Premier League and deservedly so, the fat sulky strop throwing prick will not be missed, and neither will deformed earlobes and inbred Chiz-Nil, the PDC version of Tony O shea, except unlike Bottler O Shea, Chiz-nil can average over 83.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Another week and another choking performances from Chiz-nil, no surprise the deformed lobed  one has never won a single thing of note in his entire career, and that even includes the shitty BDO.

The new Terry Jenkins, was thinking bottler O Shea first but as least Chiz-Nil can average more than 84 unlike O Shea.
Thornton who had a dismal PL so far at least has some passion and fight but Chisnall just chokes.
This guy is no spring chicken either, when you consider he is years older than Wade who seems to have been around for years you realize how dismal his career has been.

I hope he gets relegated, he has added nothing to the Premier League this year.

also a mention this week on the BDO announcement that was due in March concerning their "TV deals".
3 working days left in the month for the announcement to be made, but does anyone seriously believe there will be one ?

Also this week saw Warren Brown celebrate his birthday, bet with the BDO he must think its Xmas, as these idiots are buying his shit, hook line and sinker.