Saturday, December 16, 2017

This weeks award goes to Paula Jacklin who this week on the bdo facebook group managed to abuse the wives of Daryl Fitton and Bob Anderson because they had the audacity to suggest her husband who is a director in the BDO should have a separate account rather than a shared one, as she should not be using the same account a bdo director uses.
Of course if  the Jacklins had even the smallest modicum of intelligence they would realize it was a valid point, but no, straight away on the defensive and calling anyone that dares to question them "haters", the victim complex brought up right away.
Of course the supporting scum with their " say it to my face" rubbish joined in to defend the thing.
 I laughed when Popcorn Teeth last weekend that Paula Jacklin was "in form" ...should have said "has form".
She has not won a match on tv in a major this entire year........this is what popcorn teeth calls form.
These Jacklins are the people who could be running whats left of the BDO soon, if Popcorn Teeth had any shame and she and her old cunt of a husband did the right thing and fucked off.

With the PDC dominating the media for all the right reasons, the hype for the true proper world championships, the removal of entry fees for the pro tour it should see a whole heap of people from the BDO going to Q-school.
Those that stay loyal to the BDO deserve everything they get, as do the mushroom fans for supporting the morons suffocating the life out of the BDO with their constant lies, arguments, bullshit, false promises etc.
Part of me dont blame the Jacklins for acting like the cunts they are or the Williams, because they know they can do what they like as no one is going to do anything, and the retarded cunts will continue to allow it happen.

I saw contant moaning on social media and forums about Phil Taylor again this week and how the PDC were kissing his hole and making the World champs all about him.
What do people expect, of course Uncle Barry is gonna play this up and  look at the media publicity it has got, you cannot refuse the free publicity and advertising this gets, then that logic is lost on the Taylor haters who for the most part are mostly bdo fans.

I am no fan of Taylor myself as a person but his records and what he done in the PDC deserve it.
When Taylor won his first PDC world Title in 1995 he got a first prize of £12,000, today a first round loser in the last 64 gets £11,000, That shows the progress of the PDC and Taylor was a major part of that, although the cunt would have you believe he was solely responsible for it, which is part of his ego, Uncle Barry, and the other players who left at the time of the split all contributed to making the PDC the juggernaut it is today.
Q-school will be interesting this year, not because there is a single person in the entire BDO that if they switched would improve the standard of the PDC,because there is no one in the BDO that would make an impact on the top 16, this year it will be about how the switchers affect the BDO.

The PDC don-t need the BDO players, its a case of the BDO certainly now cannot afford to lose them, and as said with the removal of entry fees it is gonna make for some interest times in the coming month or so. and those who dont reach the semis in Bob Potters run down hotel cup  could be out the gap fairly quick.

I am just waiting for the BDO to make an announcement of an announcement with more lies, false promises etc, that will inevitably turn out to be bullshit., with players like the self groping mincing fat farmer Mitchell spouting his yearly claim the PDC tour is too expensive....the same guy traveled all over Europe this year for the BDO for pittance.

Since Bo Selecta won this week only fitting I repost one of the funniest real pictures I have ever seen in Darts from an event a while back

Friday, December 8, 2017

Last week I spoke of the Lakeshite draw and wrote "maybe they will do it live and give us all a laugh like they did last year when this draw took place".
Sure enough it was advertised to be shown live, and the time was announced, and sure enough the BDO still fucked it up, it was not live nor was it on time, it was way earlier, and the reason then it was not live was it now appears to have been recorded a lot earlier, possibly a day or more earlier as Andy Fordham who was part of the draw was otherwise engaged it seems in Torquay at the time.
In the draw, players names were spelled incorrectly, some even had the wrong nationality, also by the draw being done earlier it could have affected the prices in the bookies.

We have all come to expect fuck ups from the BDO, its what they are consistent at, but this happening right after Uncle Barry , the King of Darts scrapped entry fees for PDC events which could mean up to 4k for players in the PDC, the timing could not have been worse.
We all know the BDO dont give a shiny shit about their fans, or even their players, but there was always a little clique of top BDO players who remained loyal and staunch, but now even those are getting sick of it.
Even Warty took to social media to spew his illiterate ramblings about his anger.
Shortly after the draw Popcorn Teeth sue Williams posted a press report on the draw, which had some hilarious comments, especially the part about Paula Jacklin coming in to form !
Bo Selecta it seems has won just one single match this entire year on TV, and that was when she won with a 50 average in the Northern Ireland open, yep folks, that is what constitutes form in the BDO.
You could not make this shit up.
Unsurprisingly the same mushroom cunts who I mentioned last week moaned about the PDC World championships draw being an hour late went suddenly quiet, who saw that coming.

With the news from the PDC of fees being scrapped surely anyone in the BDO who might have considered giving Q-school at shot have more impetus to now give it a go. I am sure Popcorn Teeth will try find a way to stop players, drag up contracts, or preach the old Loyalty card, but the truth is no one in the BDO owes them Loyalty as loyalty has to be earned in some way, what has Sue done for the players ? not just this week or this month but ever ?
Years of lies, false promises, announcement of announcements, from saviors like Warren Brown, New Era and other outright lies and false dawns.The BDO are not just awful, they deserve to resign in shame.
The BDO is in a worse state now that it was when she took over, even Olly Croft left the BDO in a better shape than it is presently.
Regardless of what I might think of certain individual players, the people in the BDO deserve better.

Then maybe the players and the fans deserve it, it is their own fault for allowing it to happen, and to see them call the January Jobber Jamboree  the "World Professional Championships" still makes me laugh.
There will always be a need for the BDO, someone to run the pub game, county shit, the munters, the cripples game etc, but as a top org, its done, over, they are cooked, and even if the Williams resigned another Uncle Barry type could save that shit now let alone a chubby waiter and bo selecta.

A mention for Chris Mason this week who yet again started his hardman act on forums and social media threatening people, mentioned how the net is closing on me.
Wonder if that means what I say about the BDO will be less true, he took to threatening others as well,luckily for him I am not the type of person who would report his actions to ITV and possibly cost him his job, but its only a matter of time before some of the other people he threatens will.
Only a fucking moron who has a criminal record and was lucky to get a decent spot with ITV would be acting like he does on social media, its like he is too thick to learn.

The CiderCan Masters was on tonight , and what I saw on the stuttering Winmau site was woeful.
Rick Hofstra averaging in the 70s against that self groping mincing cunt Scott Mitchell I thought would be the worst performance, but I was wrong, The Wouter Vaes match was even worse, in one leg Vaes had thrown 18 darts and was still on 245, The disgusting obese hun cunt Andy Fordham coming out to I'm too sexy by right said Fred had me in stitches. The look on the faces of the one third full room was priceless and the fat fucker quickly got his elephant arse handed to him via forklift.
I love my Friday night comedy.
Remember the BDO call this a MAJOR, this piece of shit that has a first prize far less than HALF of what the lowest ranked floor comp in the PDC offers for its winner, all shown on a stuttering stream. Uncle Barry must be shitting himself.I gave up watching around half past ten when there was no sign of anyone breaking the mythical 90 average barrier.

A mention also for Steve Maish, the second person ever back to back winner of Knob of the Week who this week got 2 years in prison for Tax evasion.

Friday, December 1, 2017

This is gonna be quick and short, much like the Warren Brown "New Era" but the EDO announcing their version of the PDC " JDC Tour" takes the biscuit..
They have announced this new tour for 2018 without a mention of a single sponsor, let alone a venue, god forbid a TV deal. This just reeks of some small minded insecurity complex.
Seems its gonna be 375 quid  per comp....PER COMP.. Jesus Christ I am not sure I would turn up to that event even if I was assured of winning first prize.
This just seems like another well intentioned but sadly misguided attempt to seem relevant. in darts where the significance of the EDO , let alone the BDO has never been at a lower level.
Of course the timing is just one huge coincidence as well, much like those BDO announcements of announcements that never have anything of note that also coincidentally always seem to suddenly pop up in the weeks prior to the PDC Q-school.
Before the whingers complain the PDC JDC tour is pittance also but at least this is all sorted and set in stone with venues sorted , sponsors involved etc, the EDO could not run a fuckin bath.

I have been reading on a forum that seemingly the BDO also will be making an announcement about the Youth system, this would of course not surprise me, as the EDO and BDO try to one up each other  yet again  all while both completely making themselves look fucking retarded as both go from fuck up to fuck up.,

I seem the begging cunt and his wife the Parlettis (its sound like some New York jewish reality tv show) continue to beg on social media with the requested amount increasing every time the wife needs something. Already he has earned more from this begging than he has ever earned in fro a single darts comp. Even a semi final at Bob Potters piss soaked dilapidated  would not have made him this much money. The Parlettis could do with a couple of weeks in the sun after this, they should be upping the request for this shortly.

Earlier the draw for the PDC World Championships was delayed an hour and I even saw some people complain about it on social media and forums, no surprise those complaining the most were bdo scum who conveniently have been silent on the Lakeshite draw .
Where is it ? Last time I checked weeks ago the field was set so where is the draw, the masters long since over, so whats the delay.
Maybe the thing married to bo Selecta is busy sorting out a rigged draw like those done in Turkey, or maybe they will do it live and give us all a laugh like they did last year when this draw took place
I still laugh at the silence from Little Richard and the look of bewilderment on the face of Popcorn teeth, her cuckold and old man Potter.

so with less than 2 weeks to go to the Greatest Show on Earth at Ally Pally, the media swarming around the PDC and all the hype that rightfully goes with it, all we need now is for the morons on the other side of the divide to give us their yearly promises , lies and bullshit, it would not be christmas without it.

Friday, November 24, 2017

This week winner is Dave Parletti, and before the snowflakes start crying about his illness this is about his utter stupidity.
Here is a guy that goes on about "loyalty" and the "bdo family", so why isn't his "bdo family" not helping the cunt out ?
He  was too mean to pay for travel insurance and his wife is now begging for money. He is probably getting sick pay anyway. He wrote on twitter in the past "
PDC on the BBC, I might as well retire now and I haven't even started yet!!! Why's it all about money and not just for the love of the game!?.
If money is not that important why is he now begging on facebook, the prick won almost 3k last week, can he not pay travel insurance or his own bills like most of us do. Freeloading cunt.
I have zero sympathy for his current financial problems which were of his own making and stupidity.
Maybe his wife wants him home quick and not miss out on all that overtime he would make working for Royal Mail.

A mention also for Phil Taylor who last weekend stated after he battered Daryl Gurney that Gurney showed him no respect for not pouring him out a glass of water...POUR OUT YOUR OWN WATER YA OLD FAT LAZY PRETENTIOUS CUNT !
He compounded his arrogance by then claiming the PDC would not have existed without him, which was tantamount to saying fuck you to all those others like Bristow, Bob Anderson and the others who not only were bigger names than Taylor at the time of the split but also put their own money in to the PDC to get it going. All those who got together to form the PDC at the time were equally responsible for the set up and success of the PDC, except turncoat Mike Gregory and Chris Johns who shat their load and went back to the BDO with their tails between their legs.
I am still convinced with the form of Wade and others who wont be in the 2018 Premier League, Taylor will be in it.

Another Cunt with an over inflated ego is the hypoglycemic postman who this week stated he wont be entering Dutch qualifiers for the Euro tour as he made the game in Holland,another cunt with a sense of self entitlement.
Still I guess it makes a change from Barney the cunt spouting his usual winter bollicks of how "next year I will be playing the full tour" all done to make it looks like he gives a shit and help his selection for the PL.
The number of cunts in Darts that think they are some sort of superstar seems to be growing its not like Darts is on a level with football, tennis etc.

I would love to see Taylor, Barney, Wade and Fatpot fucked out of the PL and no one wants to look at the likes of gurney with his head down every Thursday night either.

Other mentions
Gary Anderson for losing tonight to Micky Mansell who is as boring as Wes Newton, and as slow as Justin Pipe. Rawling in the comms called Mansell the clonoe cyclone, you would think he would check his facts before making a bigger moron of himself.

Kevin Painter going for 2 double 20s when left with 80 and 2 darts against James Wade, since Painter once whined about Wade going for 2 double 20s in a match against him years ago calling it disrespectful, how things change.

I see Chris Mason who dresses like Syrian refugee got some flak on twitter for calling Jamie Cave-in a Cyclops, something I first started years ago, so no doubt Mason in his position on TV will be forced to grovel and offer some sort of apology to whiny bastards quick to defend the baldy headed jobber.

Krusty Wright for jobbing to Steve Hine tonight.....wonderful result,and Krusty said in his interview afterwards that Hine was one of the best players in the comp....fucking Hell.

MVG has been nominated by the BBC for Best Overseas Sports Personality of the Year.
The same guy who made the newspapers for an incident with a prostitute in Bradford while his then pregnant wife waited at home....does that count now as "personality" ?
Knowing the BBC he was possibly only picked as the token white guy to make up the numbers before some Muslim, Homosexual or non white person  from some minority group eventually wins it, as that is how the BBC work.
MVG is currently having a less successful year than last year, but got the token nomination because of no football and other major events on this year.

The PDC Players Championship Finals seriously needs to go back to 32 players.
Andy Boulton, Robert Owen, Peter Hudson and a slew of others have no place on TV, will be Sunday before we probably get a session that wont include a heap of one sided matches, the only plus was Steve Hine winning

Friday, November 17, 2017

Time for my view on the Grand Slam of Darts this week.

Saturday Afternoon:

Right from the off we had contenders, in the first match was Jobby Dodger who had 64 left and while Bellyboy was on 265, Jobby not only missed the big 16 with his second dart, he returned and when on double 8 shat his load and went for double 16 and lost the leg and the match.missing NINE darts for the leg, and he was a former BDO #1
Simon Shitlock in his game missed 6 match darts against the atrocious Benny van Peer, and then sulked like it was someone else's fault that he was utter shit.
Wayne Mardle called the Annoying Dutch cunt game as "one of the bravest performances in sport"....besides it not being brave nor darts being a sport.
Later after the Krusty Poto game he claimed " I nearly weeped" over Berry van Peer winning. Mardle is some retarded cunt, then he also picked Phantom of the Opera to win the Grand Slam of Darts.
Phantom of the Opera did pick up a win against Krusty, nice he beat a clown, makes up for his loss to a postman last year.

Saturday Evening:
James Wade gets a mention for his atrocious effort to a Robbie Green in his retarded shit that he wore to imitate a gorilla, the shirt was not needed for that.
Poisonous dwarf grinned his way though his match as a terrible MVG still batted the Scottish cunt.
Barney got an interview after his match, as did Phil Taylor, the other  14 winners on Saturday did not get an interview.......must be just a coincidence. By the end of the day the bdo scum had lost 7 of their 8 matches.

The afternoon session saw the meeting between the present and a former BDO #1 in McGeeney and Wilson.....appalling shit it was. Mark McGeeney is absolute shit.
If McGeeney was utter shit, then that mongo cunt Hughes was even worse. He is the BDO #3 and got his arse handed to him by Steve Lennon the PDC # 83. It was not even close as mongo Hughes finished with a 74 average and he did not get a single shot at a double.
Robbie Green turned up in another shirt that was suppose to make him look like a gorilla or orangutan and when he had match darts to beat Taylor shat his load.

Cameron Menzies.....what a fucking clownshoe and a jobber. He lost to Berry van Peer and his 81 average.
Mardle continued his bullshit yet again about Van Peer describing his win as "super human".
Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant who has a face that looks like its been wrapped in barbed wire crying over hurting his finger was cringeworthy and even John Part was taking the piss out of the mutant.
Scott Mitchell that self groping obese mincing cunt could not even beat a shit bunting, and bunting even bust a 140 he had left in one leg.
In the last leg bunting went NINE darts without a treble and still managed to break the throw cos the fat farmer fuck hit so many fives..
Delighted to see the bdo jobber cunt get booted out, shame he was not booted up the hole for his slow meandering every time he went to reteive his darts.

Saw the exit of the poisonous cunt Warty Montgomery, almost as great as seeing that fat self groping farmer cunt go out the night before.
Robbie Green was absolute shit lost to bdo clogger jobber Peter Machin...both averaged in the 70s, it was turgid shit.
And the fat scouser paid for it later when Wade beat Taylor.
It was a magnificent night of results as Mongo Hughes battering Harvey Price meant both of them joined Kong and Warty in being turfed out of the comp while Wade and Lennon went through.

The highlight of the night was seeing that fat cunt Bunting getting beaten by Krusty who is miles from his best. I still laugh at the retarded cunts on forums who said that bunting was one of the best 3 players in the World.I always said after he was 2 years in the PDC he would not be in the top 16 and not only was I proven right, I seriously doubt he will ever be in it again.
Chizzy jobbed again, he is another player like Fatpot and Wade that seems like his best days are long behind him, when he is reduced to losing to Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant who spent years as Bunting's bitch in the shitty BDO.

Depressing night of darts watching that vile horrible hunchback cunt MVG romp to an easy win, and the other vile cunt Gurney destroy an embarrassing Wade, who has surely made sure he is done with the PL not just for this year but for good.

Friday :
Still laughing at tonights results. watching Krusty beating Bells palsy was hilarious, seeing a guy a guy dressed as a clown beating a guy throwing like a clown. Wright even said before the game was over he was trying to motivate Poto during the interval, such was the lack of any challenge from melted plastic bag face. Just because Bells palsy cunt beat Wright in a best to five, he was mouthing off how he wanted to meet wright again , but as we all expected come the longer format the bdo jobbers are out of their depth.

So Knob of the Week goes to the BDO...its boards, its players, and its retarded fans. A backwards organisation supported by retarded cunts watching old men and jobbers.
This week the top 8 of the BDO turned up in the shithole of Wolverhampton, and by the time the group stages were over 7 of the BDO scum were out and on their way home to their council house in some shitty estate.....and they were not missed.
Yet of the 8 PDC floor jobber qualifiers, 3 managed to make it out of the groups.
The BDO #1 lost every single one of his games.......a sure indication of the state of the BDO.
The BDO Lakeshite Champion Poto was the first BDO player to make it into the last 8 in FOUR YEARS,and he was turfed out by Krusty who was not even near his B-game.
The top 8 of the BDO managed just a single win against a top 8 PDC player, and that was Poto beating Krusty in the groups, which Krusty sorted over the longer distance.
3 of the BDO scum's wins came on Tuesday when they won 3 games, except all 3 BDO jobbers were all already out and on the way home so their wins were all worthless to them. Mushrooms on forums even tried to say the BDO scum did well. Always makes me laugh.. its up their with the simpletons who cry it should be 16 bdo players against 16 PDC players.

If their top 8 are that shit and do worse than the PDC floor qualifier jobbers, can you imagine how shit 16 of the bdo scum would be ?
The sad reality is , its time the bdo shit were fucked out of this competition, they are nothing but jobbers making up the numbers, with Uncle Barry feeling sorry for their sad begging cunts, but fair play to Bazza he is kind and generous enough to give them a pay day and we all know they need it.
This is the 11th year where the BDO have attended this event and usually send 8 players each year and in the entire 11 years only one single player from the BDO has ever made an impact, and its 8 years since that.

The BDO jobbers knew themselves they were going out early, as the self groping obese farmer, Warty, Mongo Hughes and others are all playing in the Czech open this weekend I believe. The fact they are playing shows how much they knew they would be out early of the PDC Grand Slam of Darts. They are even the top seeds for the Czech Open...hahahhahaha.
 The BDO is a joke.

So no surprise the PDC win the Grand Slam of Darts yet again

Friday, November 10, 2017

As head of the PDC Uncle Barry has to take the blame for the current state of the Grand Slam of Darts. As most know I deplore wildcards in ranking competitions regardless of whatever code.

The original Grand Slam had its original detractors mainly BDO loving scum crying because the BDO jobbers were only allocated so many spots and many mushrooms would complain that is should have been 16 BDO jobbers and 16 PDC players, and I would have no objection with that if the BDO put up half the prizefund , did half the work etc, but they don't.
Freeloading begging bastards of the BDO board provided nothing bar "allow" their players earn the chance to earn more money than 99% of their players could make in any BDO competition.
Nonetheless it was still a great viewing spectacle, and it was rightfully a non ranking comp.

Now its a ranking comp there should be no BDO players in it  as they are technically wildcards, and the PDPA should be objecting to the BDO players in the Grand Slam.
Its the job of the useless PDPA to represent the players to the best of their ability, and should be complaining about BDO cunts coming into a ranking comp and taking places from paid up members of the PDPA.
Since the PDPA do nothing and Barry Hearn has kept the BDO jobbers in it, then it should not be ranked, simple as that.

Then to compound the issue there was 8 places available via floor qualifiers. This alone earned Barry Hearn Knob of the Week.
Here is the problem, the Grand Slam is a TV event and needs the best TV players, instead we got 8 floor players  who now qualify for a TV comp. Floor players and TV players are 2 different species for the most part. Look at Ian White who is consistent on the floor and fuckin hopeless on TV.
Justin Pipe was dominating floor comps a couple of years ago, but had no TV game, and then you have the flipside where there are players who perform better on TV than they do on the floor.

The 8 spots won by floor comps should have gone to players next in the one year Order of Merit.
Look at the 8 qualifiers this year.
Joe Murnan, Robbie Green, James Wilson, Darren Webster, Jeffrey De Zwaan, Steve Lennon, Stephen Bunting, and Alan Norris.

Murnan is a floor jobber, Kong can barely walk. Jobby Dodger is shit, Norris is erratic and coming of the back of a 10-0 defeat on TV recently. De Zwaan and Lennon look good prospects but they are still green, possibly only Bunting seems like a guy that might make some little impact and ruffle feathers.

Now look at some of the players not at the Grand Slam this year
Adrian Lewis
Kim Huybrechts
Benito van de Pas
Jelle Klaasen

Everyone one of them is ranked higher in the OoM than the 8 floor qualifiers.
I would rather watch Kim Huybrects than Joe Murnan, or Jelle Klaasen than Robbie Green, etc.

2 of those who qualified prior to the qualifiers were Gerwyn Price and Corey Cadby were involved in a match last week that resembled 2 special needs mutants sulking over a lollipop.
The way they celebrated scores was an embarrassment. It was not like they were throwing sublime stuff. These 2 cunts are typical of the type of cunt in todays game who think they are something special, give it 2 years and they will be gone or as good as.
A couple of wins on the meaningless world Series events has Cadby the obese ex con cunt from the worlds largest penal colony acting like he is some type of superstar. Lets see how he does in the World Championships....oh wait, looks like he wont be going to that now after he jobbed to Josh Payne in the World Youth Championships, which followed his last 32 defeat in the Oceanic masters.
So he is out of the Worlds unless Uncle Barry gives him a wildcard for the Worlds which brings us back to my initial point that there should be no wildcards in a ranking comp.

The big question is will one of the bdo beggars who will turn up at the Grand Slam like that poisonous Scottish dwarf cunt Wart Montgomery who spent years slating the PDC only to do a u-turn like that bearded cunt Martin Adams did and be the first player to win a match in the longer format for the first time in year.
The best of nine legs means the bdo jobbers have a chance at least to get some wins and get out of the groups, but generally when it reaches the best of 19 legs this is when the gulf in class is evident.

Still its a handy pay day for the bdo jobbers who would be doing fuckall else this week.
Anyone notice how Warty Montgomery has been silent recently about PDC players playing in bdo events and his usual rants about picking a code and sticking to that code only.
Yep the same little dwarf cunt who slates others for playing both codes went quiet now he has sold out his principles and came begging for the PDC coin like his hero did the last couple of years.
I hope MVG batters the little shit without him winning a leg.

I wonder if Uncle Barry will threaten to punch me, or visit my house cos he dont like what I said like the scum of the BDO do when their delicate little feelings are hurt ?
I bet he has more class than that.

Friday, November 3, 2017

For months I have been saying how this lazy mess needs a boot in his fat hole, and after Rob Cross reaching the final of the European championships, it meant this weekend Fatpot needed a final spot in this World Series event. to qualify for the Grand Slam or face the playoff qualifiers.
The lazy fat cunt jobbed to Max Hopp.......max fuckin hopp, who himself is an over rated euro uber jobber. It was no close encounter either, he was well and truly beaten. It was the attitude of Fatpot that was the most disappointing, the Lewis of old would have goose stepped all over the hun in no time and be a contender for the trophy, sadly those days are gone.
Lewis along with Wade and Taylor are the only players ever to spend a decade inside the PDC top ten. Wade is now out of it, down to 12th, and Taylor has a valid excuse in that he is retiring but Fatpot will be rocking up to Ally Pally in December having to defend 150k after reaching the final in 2016.
Long gone are the days when you would include him among the top 3 favorites, now you are thinking how much of the 150k will he be able to defend and halt the slump he will be on.
Lewis is also defending a quarter final (15k) in the Grand Slam of Darts and I cannot on current form see him get anywhere close to that that is if the fat lazy cunt can even qualify via the jobber playoffs.
In the up coming Players championships finals he is defending a final spot and 35k.
All in all in the next 3 TV events he is defending £200,000.......I expect him to drop down the ranking and quick on current form.
The only loss Fatpot should be celebrating is weight loss and there is little chance of that.

Spreaking of fat bastards a mention for that childlike stroppy cunt Bellyboy Michael Smith.
How can someone allow themselves to get that fat ? Its not like cancer that creeps up on you or some other disease, you dont go to bed and wake up obese , this took a long long time of neglect and bad living to get in this horrific cruel shape.
Its fat cunts like this that cripple the health system, take up room on planes and other forms of transport, so you think since darts is the only job this mountain of  flesh would get and could do, you think he would get his act together. on the oche.

Another obese cunt worthy of a mention is Corey Cadby, did you see the gut on the baby elephant tonight ? He lost in the Oceanic Masters last weekend in the last 32, so unless he gets his carcass into gear in the Youth Championship he wont be at Ally Pally .....unless Uncle Barry decides to spot him a wildcard. The fat aussie criminal looks like he aint practiced since he was last on tv and celebrated tonight like he threw something decent.

Mark Webster.....if we never saw this 4 eyed coal scavenging plumber on tv it still would be too soon.
Listening to former inmate Chris Mason telling us Webster is "the Spider " was hilarious as a real spider has 8 legs, something Webster never got to.

Dave Chisnall, simply for losing to that cunt with the punctured face Justin Pipe, now we have to tolerate that miserable looking cunt and his shit throw for another game...fuck you chizzy .

Deta's Hedmans  little bitch, and houseboy, and Tommy Thompson's personal lackey Paul James:
Was hilarious reading some of his comments recently regarding his previous announcement of future good news in store. Gimpmaster General spouted about some exciting news for the Isle of Man event, then went quiet, when asked if this was going to be televised the obvious answer was No, seems some unemployed cunt with a mobile phone streaming this pile of horseshit is now what constitutes "exciting news".
The best part was him admitting they could not afford to pay TV companies to show their shit.
Uncle Barry has got it all wrong allowing ITV, BBC, and Sky pay the PDC for the right to show their product, what was he thinking.

Daryl Gurney : Another childlike cunt like Bellyboy who can go into sulk mode in record time.
His head down sulk against Rob Cross who tore him a new asshole in quick time was a joy to watch.
The mid session break where he could go backstage and gyrate andkiss the necklace of his dead boyfriend like a pikey on crystal meth did not work this time.
Image this ski sloped faced cunt in the PL every thursday, with his gomey head looking down at the carpet as he gets humped every week, fuck that .