Friday, June 23, 2017

The obvious winner this week is the 6 Nations International shit.
Years we have heard the sad and pathetic claims by retarded mushrooms how International Darts is the pinnacle of Darts.

If this was true, can some one contact me and explain if this is true, how come the EDO, SDO etc are not sending any International team to the WDF world Cup.
When those people decided to not send teams to the World Cup, despite having FOUR FUCKIN YEARS to prepare and get ready, it was deemed not that important,....and now we are being told how great International darts is now again is cos of this useless shit from some muck savages shithole in coal scavenger land is on television.

Lets remember the TV station Frontrunner is not only the worst sports channel I have ever heard about, I now have even less chance of seeing it now this weekend its no longer on freeview.
If I am not interested it getting SKY for all their sports channels, the 2 eurosports, , premier sports, racing channel and other better sports channel, why the fuck would I want frontrunner ?

You have these dart orgs paying a tv station to show shit not fit for tv, and the TV station then not only getting paid to show it, they want people paying to be able to watch that shit.
You seriously could not make this up.
Why is this shit on front runner ? This  horseshit should be nowhere near tv.

One munter today took 42 darts to win a leg.
Another optical nightmare had a match average of put that in prospective Vincent van der Voort in his match today in the PDC has an average where his single dart average was higher than the munters 3 dart average.

Here are the scores in one leg by a useless scottish bitch that should never be on tv again.

That is the sort of shit that does damage to the game. There is zero positives from this shit being shown. None.
Thankfully only 280 people of the planets 7 plus billion people decided to tune in on youtube so there was some damage limitation.
As I type this, the few people in attendance too fat and lazy to get up and leave  are probably hanging around for the "disco" where some benefit fraud cunt plays music he ripped off with no royalty fees gets paid gets a few quid cash in hand, and the usual piss up, the real reason for all these events can begin in earnest.
Meanwhile on the other side of the divide, a PDC event is taking place in front of a sold out arena where first prize in the Euro comp is twice that of the wimau Masters, more than 3 times that of the Catas Trophy, another so called bdo major.

Here is the kicker, the prize money for this International shit in Taffyland is going to charity.
Mushrooms have said thats because the prize money does not matter as its all about the honour of representing your country....yep.....the same people who defended the EDO , SDO etc for not sending teams to the World Cup as that did not matter.
Work that one out.

A couple of other mentions.
Justin Pipe for being 5-3 up today and losing, which was beautiful
James Wade and Fatpot,and the Hypoglycemic headshaking sweaty postman for being the lazy bastards they are, and are giving two fingers to the fans who attend Euro Events,
Still waiting to hear what the "punishment" is for Wayne Dobinson or whatever his name is from the disciplinary hearing  in their kangaroo court.
Paul Nicholson deserves a mention. He is fast approaching the most retarded cunt on comms., he has even dropped below that annoying cunt Chris Murphy, the man with an yorkshire accent  that irritates the living shit out me...even more than Mardle.

Today Nicholson compared the Cyclops Andy Jenkins to Connor McGregor.
Difference is McGregor actually won fights, like Mick McGowan, a man that battered Andy Jenkins around a car park a few years back.
Nicholson said Tony Newell was like a right handed Phil Taylor.....faster Nicholson goes back to kissing the holes of bdo jobbers on you tube the better or stick to watching his gay wrestling, the retard cunt.

Friday, June 16, 2017

This weeks winner is Richard Swainston.
Who the fuck is that ye might think, as did I when I first saw this workshy benefit scrounging  and wannabe benefit cheat begging for money to go to play darts in Northern Ireland.
This idiot even used the internet to claim he was looking for cash in hand work to defraud the system,
To get the full picture of this patheticness you should read this thread on The Darts Forum HERE a hilarious read.
As usual I encourage people to send me their reports and pieces and this is one I got from a member on said forum

My punt for this weeks claim to fame was the Taunton tortoise Justin Shite who has been rattling on how he should have had a premier league call up between 2011-2013.
Is this cunt for real or what?, I blame the piss taking paramedics who put the spastic back together in 93 after the car crash that left him needing a double eye transplant from Marty Feldman and other limbs the medical staff cobbled together from recently deceased victims of motor neurone disease.
What type of heinous sadomasochist would gain any type of gratification watching this thing play darts when his stance looks like a clothes horse that's been run over by a steamroller and you could read War And Peace from cover to cover between his visits to the dartboard.
Anyway enough about this buckled streak of paralysed piss and onto this week's winner who has came from nowhere and will shortly be returning to nowhere after his brief moment in the limelight, stand up and take a bow Richard "the gruffalo" Swainston.
This morbidly obese waddling heap of festering dog shit with blue fluff on it has been shaking his begging tin on a go fund me page that loudly you'd think Dave Clarke was playing a tambourine via a amplifier.
Believe it or not this fat cunt wants every penny he can syphon from joe public to advance his "career" in darts because unfortunately the child allowance he is supposed to receive for his kids barely keeps the bloated mongoloid in fags and fucking drink!.
Hopefully if this Shirley Crabtree body double robs enough fucking morons he's taking his massive 80 yes fuckin 80 average over to the PDC and he'll be looking to clean up there faster than the greedy shitpipe empties his dinner plate.
Utter fucking pond life that is nothing more than a walking advertisement for the reintroduction of Zyklon B

I would not mind but the cunt calls himself a PDC and BDO professional, yet here he is tapping for fag money, cash in hand jobs and mouthing off about using child tax credits.

Still he wont mind me and others slating him.
Oh No, as this guy does not care what we say and is a firm believer in the freedom of speech , which is something I guess.
for those who dont believe check out this tweet.
If of course he does get upset and proves he is a liar and thinks dishing out a few slaps will somehow miraculously change the truth, I am sure he can start a go fund me page to tap for the airfare to Cork,
Good luck with that.

As to other mentions this week, as mentioned above Justin Pipe.
I know the cunt is thick but how the fuck did he think he was going to get in to the PL,
Even if we put aside his lack of personality, charm, charisma, his lack of ability, his boring style, what did he win to warrant a spot. ?
The retarded cunt with a face that looks like it has been punctured claimed he should have been in the PL in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
In those 3 years he won ZERO TV Majors
Zero secondary tv titles.
In 2011, he was 48th in the Order of Merit
In 2012 he was still outside the top 20 and had won a career total of 5 matches on tv and the retarded cunt thought he deserved a spot.
2013 he reached #10 in the order of merit thanks to floor events but his best record was one tv semi final, which he lost and that was in the Players championships finals, a second tier event.
So fuck off you useless deluded cunt, no one likes you, wants to see you let alone have you infect their thursday nights...asshole.

A mention for James Wade who was a disgrace last weekend with his 72 average and now reduced to joining that lazy cunt fatpot in the UK qualifiers for euro Events. I will be surprised if he qualifies .

Speaking of lazy cunts, that hypoglycemic 2 faced lying cunt Barney.
Remember last december he promised to do the full tour, play all events , get himself sorted ? ....just a week or so before the Premier League wildcards were awarded.
Now the cunt is seemingly not entering protour floor events til August .

And lastly, but by no means least the fat gay waiter and the hog he is married to.
Yes that scumbag cunt who threatened people with violence on forums , facebook and other social media platforms, the cunt who told cancer sufferer Tommy Thompson of the EDO that he hoped his cancer treatment would fail., the cunt who knowing broke the law and sold copyright material on shirts, and then used the bdo to advertise the illegal garments, who is head of the bdo disciplinary committee had the audacity to try bring Wayne Dobinson in front of a kangaroo court hearing for....wait for it....breaking bdo social media policy.

How the fuck is that cunt Des Selecta not charged with rule breaking ?
Then you have sue the Gash basically ordering the fat gay waiter to charge Wayne dobinson with something, as if to say find something and make it stick.
Except Wayne can simply tell them to fuck off, what can they do ?
Already rumblings of Wayne being taken to court, that should provide a load more future fun .
Lets face the comedy from these crosseyed halfwits is more entertaining than any event they put on..

Speaking of shitty darts event, The EDO are showing some more of their shit this weekend, but with this fine glorious weather not sure how many people will spend their afternoons indoors watching comedy darts, played in some piss soaked church hall  filmed on a phone with audio that barely works and when it does is out of sync.

The BDO/EDO/WDF....the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

Stay tuned for further updates later

Friday, June 9, 2017

The award has to go to Tommy Thompson head of the EDO.
Admittedly he is not like those morons in Lincolnshire and their mutant supporters who are intent on keeping up the feud between the EDO and the BDO, but Tommy seriously needs to wake up and realize some obvious home truths. like how the BDO does not want his help or give a fuck about him and his grandiose ideas and secondly he should concentrate on his own job of running the EDO,

The EDO  could not even afford to send a team to the WDF world cup, despite having FOUR FUCKING YEARS to prepare for it, instead they would rather waste their finances on paying a tv channel to show shit nobody in their right mind gives a flying fuck about.
The other EDO official houseboy Paul James, Deta's pet lodger who spends his time whoring himself out on facebook made the claim it costs the EDO nothing to be on TV as "sponsors" pay for it, which if true makes you wonder why another begging page was set up by  Adrians Battersby to beg for money to get more useless internationals on tv.
And why is Adrian Battersby running the go fund me page which has reached the grand total of ZERO last time I checked ?

The EDO would be better off saving any money they have to put towards prize money for the comps and opens they run which might attract a better field, and stick to keeping the shitty internationals on a youtube channel, as most people can watch youtube on their tv anyways if they are masochists and want to suffer it.

The BDO are just as guilty as the EDO for complete stupidity, mismanagement and  amateur behavior.
You wont see PDC officials abusing each other on facebook or their fans urged to go around sticking up A4 shitty posters around council estate pubs to advertise their events.They certainly do not start go fund me pages to raise money to try pay a TV channel to show their product, instead the media advertise their product. The TV stations pay the PDC for the right to show their product.
So how has the EDO and BDO become so shit ? Well the fault lies with those running the organisations. They are stuck in the past, showing shit no one cares about to a few hundred die hard simpletons and they think spunking what little money they have at some 2-bit tv channel hidden away up with the arabs channels and god channels will suddenly turn their fortunes around.
That is complete utter delusion showing shit on TV just for the sake of it.
The kicker is had the recent Catas Trophy got a bigger audience than it did, it would have just meant more people saw the fucks up they had, the shit averages, and the complete fiasco it was.

When even Mushrooms are saying enough is enough and people like myself only watch for the hilarious comedy element its time to take a step back from trying to put that shit on tv.

One of the funniest things I saw this week in darts was a news article by the Gazette where they ran a nothing piece on Melted Plastic Bag Face Glen Durrant..The so called journalist who did the piece not only put up a photoshop pic instead of a Glen Durrant pic he was to thick to even recognise it was the footballer Fabrizio Ravenelli who played for Boro 20 years ago.
It was the following day before the simpletons changed it. Thankfully I got a screencap of it

Shows how much the Middlesboro paper knows about their local "world pro" champ.
Reminds me of the time Durrant went on the boro pitch with bob Potter tin pot cup and the crowd were asking each other "who the fuck is he", they must have thought it was some old cunt from the spastic olympics.

A mention for Gerwyn Price , the manlet fucker who cried like a bitch in the PDC World. It takes some doing to appear more a bitch than Mark Webster, and the coal scavenging scumbag managed it.

A well done to Peter Machin who was confirmed for the Grand Slam of Darts by the PDC website, despite the bdo earlier in the week stating he had not qualified. Yet another fuck up by those cunts in the BDO, although the PDC are also fucking up allowing any bdo cunts into their comps, firstly its not right since it is now a ranking competition, and they have no business being there, and secondly the bdo players are shit and provide nothing.
Its years since a single one of them won a knockout match outside the group stages.
It is funny seeing cunts like that bearded cunt Adams sell his principles for the PDC coin and come begging cap in hand....although prostate hole and his fake laugh looks like he wont qualify.
Wonder if that poisonous bitter old jockanese pygmy Warty will come begging for Uncle Barrys charity ?
I reckon being a scot he wont turn down the money for finishing bottom of the group.

I just had a look at the begging page and its still at ZERO

Friday, June 2, 2017

How the fuck do I sum up the Vanity project that was the Catas Trophy ?
Where do I even begin ?
So I wont ...

I wont speak about how from day one the audio and picture were out of sync.
I wont mention the appalling averages
I wont speak about the crowd that only reached double figures when players and officials joined them
I wont mention how the graphics made numerous mistakes like Brain Dawson and Glenn Durrant.
I wont mention how one match on the weekend just ended on tv without any warning and went straight to another program.
Nor will I mention how another day finished early and the viewers were treated to a blank screen for 45 minutes.
I wont mention how the reduced prizefund was carefully avoided being mentioned.
I wont mention the power cut
And I wont speak about the final shown live on frontrunner....oh wasn't, even though they paid for it.
Still the BDO broke the contract so cannot blame frontrunner for fucking them off.
I wont mention Adrian Battersby who laid into the bdo this week and specifically the board and the Williams.
So yes all the blame lies with the BDO Board and its chairperson.
Take a bow Popcorn Teeth, you have really outdone yourself

Now on to individual mentions.

Melted Plastic Bag Face : I have always said said Phantom of the Opera Durrant can paste the snot out of pub players and simpletons who roll over against him but the first time anything comes back at him he will sink quicker than a mushrooms heart every time a PDC player hits a nine darter. His collapse from 4-0 up against Medallion boy was a classic example of fireball face shitting his load as he lost 7 legs on the trot. Another badly over rated pub player in a dismal organisation.
Remember this tweet of his a few weeks ago....hahaha

The Bull Dyke : Munters darts is shit but when the laughingly called Golden girl threw this weekend it was hilariously bad.
At one point going for a single 20 she hit treble 12, and another throw she needed 70 with 3 darts, threw for treble 10 and hit treble 13...TWO SEGMENTS AWAY, that left 31. She themn asked what she had left and was told and still managed to get the count wrong by hitting single 1 to go double 16.

Warty : His 78 average in the quarter final could not cut it, maybe if he could have reached the magical 83 barrier he might had made the semi finals which one semi finalist managed. The most over rated player in darts, even more over rated than the Birmingham mongo or Fireball features.

John Gwynne : This fucking maggot would make your ears bleed with his constant mention of counties, his love of Yorkshire, retarded stories of insignificant incidents in the 1970s, what people no one ever heard of said to him when he was younger and other nonsensical bullshit.
Him comparing Phantom of the Opera to Taylor was one of his worst moments. I laughed at one moment when a jobber who had left himself a non finish of 166 approached the oche and Gwynne asked would we see a 180.

Little Richard : He took to facebook to try defend the Catas trophy. Ran his mouth about the so called pro's and cons of the Catas Trophy, When asked to list these so called "pro's"  he failed to do so. He even called the officials paid to hang a few dartboards as "heroes". I think he needs to learn what an real hero is.
The winner Machin got less money this year than he did last year for finishing runner up  such was the drop in prize money.
I bet little Richard and the "hero" officials did not take a pay cut of over 50% like the players.
When he was asked if his money was cut  he logged out of the forum and deleted his post on facebook. He might think before running his mouth in future. Part of me feels sorry for him in that if he speaks out how he feels there will be scumbags ready to rip in to him about loyalty and family, or worse case a gay waiter might threaten slaps, or even affect his bookings which is his livelihood so can partly understand his position where he felt the need to defend the comp most likely said what he did out of his love for the game and frustration.. Guess even after quarter of a century there are some in the BDO who still see people who play both codes, be it officials, players or whatever as traitors.
Must be awful to be in the bdo and afraid to say anything or openly discuss issues for fear of retaliation or how it might affect you.Even worse when one has to feel they must delete posts in case it affects their livelihoods.Shame as the guy comes across as a decent lad.

Deta Hedman's houseboy : The biggest prostitute on facebook who spends his day whoring himself out on facebook and hand washing detas shitty knickers after every "tv event" tried to berate the PDC World Cup as if somehow meant the bdo and edo shit is somehow less bad.
The EDO official mocking the PDC World Cup was amusing seeing as the EDO wont even send their own team to their world Cup in Japan, the hypocrisy lost on the dozy cunt.
With some more meaningless internationals coming up for the EDO expect more whoring from deta;s bitch and you might find him in a town near your checking televisions outside shops selling TVs getting them to tune in to frontrunner to help viewing figures,,,,,providing they dont cut them off for dog racing and rallysport.

Team Scotland : Krusty and Ando  for the pathetic showing in the PDC World Cup. It seems quite clear there is little love lost between the 2 players, then Krusty only does what he is told by that fat thing he is condemned to, I watched the PDC Gibraltar TV show that was aired on Sky this week and in one part they interviewed Krusty in his hotel room, and a few times when the interviewer asked Krusty a question he could not even answer them as his mouthy cunt wife decided she would answer for him. He was like her bitch, like houseboy, he needs to grow a set of balls and should have fucked the elephant out the window and off the balcony. It was her mouthy gob that instigated the initial problems between him and Ando, you can bet had thornton been paired with Ando things would have been different. Was funny them going out seeing the Scottish making excuses, sadly it only means there is less chance of anyone stopping the Dutch cunts.

Simon Shitlock : Seems he hurt his wrist when he fell in the shower, the PDC would have us believe anything, no fucking way that filthy fucker was having a shower. Corrine Hammond was staying with him last week , reckon the pissed up jack Daniels swigging cunt tried to finger Corrine and she crossed her legs..

John Norman : The mentally retarded cunt playing alongside Part for Canada. Cunt even celebrated scoring 9 with one dart. Then celebrated in the face of the Hungary player who was due to throw next. If he tried that shit in my local he would have got a Cork uppercut. sadly we get to see the cunt again tomorrow.

Scott Mitchell : This fat horrible cunt who had the cheek to whine this week about Machin being slow. This prick who waddles to the board and takes out each dart slowly one at a time.
He then whined in the Bournemouth Echo (yet again), not once did he have the decency to congratulate Machin who went on to win the comp, but tried to make more excuses and make it all about him.Even the readers of that shit rag are sick of him and he got deserved negative comment. His face when he lost was priceless.
 The self groping fat farmer was not the only this week to lose to Machin who pulled a retarded face.
Checkout the face on spineless when Machin disposed him as well

2 cunts of the BDO used to turning up and expecting to win, but Machin saw to them with ease.
And in a final move of defiance by popcorn teeth, the winner of the comp had his Grand Slam of Darts spot whipped away from him........they hate foreigners.

And guess which member of the travel club just so happens to be in line in the ranking for the Grand Slam spot.....Warty...the guy who chucks 78 averages and slates the PDC at every opportunity.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Every single time for the last number of years when I see a BDO scum gathering I think it cannot get any worse Popcorn and the gang continue to show it can actually get worse.
Tonight was rock bottom, it must be damn near impossible to top what i witnessed earlier before I had to stop watching as there was only so much comedy you can take before it runs its course.

Right from the off, the venue looked worse than the derelict buildings you see in Sytia on the news.
The crowd and I use the term in the most loosest sense almost reached double figures, with not a single one of them under the age of 50.

As every match ended the crowd increased by 2...thats right the players were then horsing pints down so by the time the mid session arrived the crowd was almost at 30 with players and officials making up the bulk.

The BDO paid in the region of 20k for this shit to be "televised" and right from the off the audio was non existent, when it finally did work the boring tone of John Gwynne was fading in and other, almost in time with the pink screen we got after every throw.
Then it got worse, you could hear the darts hitting the board and echo around the empty dump before the player was seen throwing them as everything was out of sync.
Still the entire global audience of 744 on youtube at the time did not seem to mind as they were busy laughing.
Way to go popcorn teeth, that was some value at 20k.
Then there is the 50k prize fund, which would be covered by the sponsor....oh wait...there was thats roughly 70k the lost right away, and then they had to pay the officials with speech impediments,  a dwarf announcer (I wonder if he is half price) stage crew...they probably got some watered down pints and other shit.
Its not like they made money on ticket sales.
By the time Andy Fordham takes to the stage tomorrow there will be more weight on the stage than the crowd weighs.
I laughed at the comments on the stream as the small global audience basically ripped the piss out of this clusterfuck.
One lad slated Chris Mason and said Mason won nothing in his life, and within seconds Mason was on listing some floor comps from 20 years he won, when I mentioned he never won a Major, this fact upset him more, and asked was I still hifing in Chris, I fucking live here ya dozy cunt.
One member on the stream posted a comment which was hilarious
So over 75k lost, thats around a grand lost for every ticket they sold for each day,
The BDO rules say a comp must make a profit for ranking points etc, so they broke their own rules,.
Maybe the chubby gay waiter married to livestock, no not Scott Mitchell, the other one  who is head of the disciplinary committee can bring charges against the BDO, and the 744 on youtube when he is finished charging Wayne Dobinson of Shownights...good luck with that.
I had to fuck off at one point as there was only so much comedy you can take in one sitting, while I was gone I missed the oldest youth player in history, a binman, a beached whale and a scottish dwarf, all we were short was a wheelchair for the full set.

At one stage I started to feel sorry ...then thought why ?
Who would or should I be sorry for ?
Sue the Gash and her cunt husband and the board ? No, fuck them, they are responsible for this calamity.
The players ? No fuck them too, they could have gone to Q-school if the cunts had a set of balls or a backbone, instead of a drink problem. Useless travel club pissheads with zero ambition and talent.
The fans ? Even they do not attend events any more, even these morons had their fill of it, even the guy who passes his wife around for pints has given up attending event, had he turned up and pimped his wife out the crowd might have doubled and instead of them all arriving in one taxi, the could have filled Phantom of the opera's minibus.

I was told that it also finished 45 minutes early so those watching on frontrunner had a blank screen to stare at....only fitting the show ended as it started.
The funniest part today on the forums were the mushrooms who mock the PDC fans who buy tickets and attend events , whilst claiming they are real fans but they never attend that one out.
Their defense of this shit was priceless, nd the more the fuck ups kept coming the further they had to dig for excuses,
Come monday the disgruntled moaning by the players will start all over again and the whole pattern will start again and the rumblings of change will come, but nothing will happen.

24 hours earlier, in Dubai, a place synonymous with success, the stars of the PDC  all household names  filled an outdoor arena for a comp of superb standard to a huge global audience.
It was advertised, promoted for weeks, and sold out in hours.

The BDO with pub players in a dank shitty badly lit room in the middle of some shithole in wales could barely sell a ticket for their atrocious shit,.
One dwarf on a forum claimed that Taylor was the only difference between the codes and the bdo was proper darts.

At lest the EDO got a sponsor to cover the expenses of the shit they show on frontrunner  for their global ausience of 250 people.

Roll on tomorrow for even more comedy
I still cannot get over the crowd....check out the winmau stream here for a laugh
Comedy Show

Friday, May 19, 2017

I know some people will moan that how can I give Knob of the Week to a guy who finished second in the Premier League whilst the bdo continue to fuck up week after week but the simple reality is this week he was a deserving knob.
The bdo did fuck up but they are more knob of the year  material.
Seriously Krusty is a choking cunt, all through the night I expected to see the dope fuck up and by fuck he is consistent.
This is the part where I use analogies, swear words pics, and other such shit to rip the choking bastard  apart, but between a combination of me pissed and expecting him to fuck up, I decided why bother.
Here is a guy who has won fuckall of note , and yes some will say the UK Open but that was won in a depleted field,
I will give him credit, he is shit hot at busting up euro jobbers, players off form, and players on the decline but  when it comes to the crunch in majors in a full field the guy is sadly lacking..
The saddest part is I wanted him to win. The thought of that obese whore stiffing cunt lauding it over others again was unbearable.

So again,this is the part where I post a photoshop pic, make some type of witty comment, but I can't be arsed, its like I have accepted this is what we have come to expect from him..

I am sure the scum of the bdo who read this site and love getting offended by my words  will  be thinking where is the abuse and hate that they can get upset over. So let me allay some of that for you, you are all scum, the bdo is shit, and ye 2 faced dole sponging ignorant cunts who claim to be fanatics of the bdo can kiss my Irish white asshole, which I am sure is the right height for the giro dwarfs that infest the piss soaked community halls that is an embarrassment to darts.Ye can tweet each other and all the facebook warriors who think giving me a slap will somehow cause divine intervention where  me in a hospital bed will bring about a surge in tickets for that cluster fuck of a Catas Trophy and sorting me out will lead to a sudden interest by TV companies  so ye lie in your council houses and squats and drug addicted friends couches sadly trying to convince yourselves a new era is on the way..

I can hear it now....drunken fat potbellied low IQ morons thinking he would not say that to my face, feel free to pay me a visit.. One dysfunctional cunt on BDO FanZone warned me that Warty would see to me., that should be fun,whats the charge on step ladders  as luggage on flights to Ireland?
These inbred genetic  cunts who have fuckall in their sad existence that they cling to some outdated drinking club under the pretense of darts,and anyone that dares to point out the fuck ups must therefore be an internet warrior..

So let me say Fuck you All, the scumbag Jacklins the Williams and every single degeneate sub human cunt that thinks sorting me out will fix the calamity that is the BDO..

Speaking of the BDO, , I was looking forward to the live comedy on TV, but it seems they cannot even get it on TV. Ticket sales are so atrocious I almost felt bad for them, it only last around 6 seconds though..
Maybe this stream will break the global audience of 300 viewers.

A mention for James Wade who is dropping like a stone in the rankings and who is playing utter shit, his performance last weekend on the euro tour not only made sure he stays below Chizzy in the rankings, it was a fuckin embarrassment. Part of me hopes he is fucked out of next years PL and like the lats time he got kicked out hegets his arse in gear, as his 90 averages is not worth a fuck these days.

I was gonna write some shit about fireball features Glen Durrant  and his recent podcast where he made excuses for his loss in the Grand Slam to the sweaty postman but fuck it, the disfigured cunt ain't worth the effort.

Also I see the darts forum that is dying a slow death, the former stars of darts this week would not give out their prize of a dartboard to the winner. Seems since he is American he is not entitled to the prize on offer, which is tantamount to racism, then they have a history of not giving out prizes depending on who wins them.

On the topic of the choking cunt wright I saw this post which was succinct and to the point

However, special mention must go to Krusty the Clown, AKA Peter Wright, the fake Scot, who, to be fair,over the past few years has taken the professional game by storm and become one of the best players on the planet. His choke in the 20th leg of the Premier League Final against MvG ranks as high, if not higher than Mike Gregory's epic choke against Feel at Lakeshite back in 1992. Six missed match darts at one of the easier doubles on the board saw Billy Smarts Lovechild totally disintegrate and allow MvG to get his mucky paws on the Premier League pot yet again.
I was half tempted to apologise for this weeks blog lacking the enthusiasm and dedication of previous weeks , then thought why bother bother since every cunt who gets offended also claims to never read it., and I have other shit to be doing, like building a wall around my house, getting my black belt, fortifying my home security, hiring a bodygaurd and other such shit since so many hardmen a will layeth a slap upon me..what with the net it has for 7 years.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Had a few nominations this week and decided to go for Dur the Gash for the main reason of the Catas Trophy debacle. It is almost 9 days now without a single ticket sold for this event.

They really are the comedy gift that keeps on giving, and only made better by its simple retarded autistic fans trying as they will to defend it and make excuses. One clownshoe even went as far as to claim it would be full as people would pay at the door on arrival, since Barry is such a metropolis and hub of commercial activity and a world heritage center for tourism.
I cannot wait for the empty hall to have giant stained curtains hanging from the balcony that many a coal scavenger has previously hung themselves off to hide the empty hall and the lights down so low that a knitting needle will be almost impossible to see.
Lets hope the public toilets have solid working doors or we might get a repeat of the last bdo darkness event where the sound of flushing toilets echoed around the hall like a hollow warehouse.
Dont get me started on the prize money, or the advertising for this ...MAJOR...

Popcorn teeth was also the cunt who once tried to berate the PDC for its fancy dress, walk on girls, etc, citing you would not see that in the BDo, till weeks later there was walk on girls in a bdo event.
As for fancy dress, take a look at the black cloud in this pic.
Fairly apt she should dress as a cow,

Also a special mention for Genetic throwback and poor mans Peter Stringfellow, the Chairman of the EDO , the man that had no idea that a former treasurer of his in county darts threw thousands into a slot machine, and the pensioner who can drive a wimpy gay waiter to making death threats, yes, that pony tailed simpleton Tommy Toerag Thompson, who announced that England would not be sending a team to the World Cup in Japan.
Seems the FOUR FUCKING YEARS they had to get ready for it was somehow not enough and the excuse was it would cost £30k, which itself was total bullshit as some of it would be subsidized by the BDO.
But suppose it was 30k, last time I checked there was 43 counties playing darts in England, so if they collected a mere 3 pound fifty a week of each county for the 4 years they would have made more than 30grand, remember these are the people who claimed thousands upon thousands each week attend county darts, its proper darts, the backbone etc, these people are so called fanatics.
Yet these same people do not attend events, not buy tickets, in fact they do not even watch the events that are even streamed, cos it might interfere with their drinking, which is the crux of their existence.

On the forums the mushrooms as usual tried to makes excuses for the EDO, whilst others laughed at them for not sending a team, but in hindsight does it really matter ?
Who really gives a fuck if England are there or not, even if they won it, it is a pointless event, no one gives a flying fuck about except those who thought they were going on a freebie.
Like Scott Mitchell who claimed  he  was "numb",, maybe thats why Popcorn Teeth dressed up as a cow to turn him on and make him forget about Japan .
I would be shocked if even those superleague and county players know anything about the world cup or its history, or who won the last one or where its held,  it makes the PDC World Cup seem like the FIFA football one..

Another week and yet again that poisonous little cunt Warty running his mouth. Seems after he choked in the Danish Open like he was in the first round at Lakeshite, he tried to confront some member of the audience who turned up for the comedy.
Cos we all know how old men approaching 60 years of age under five foot 2 inches who are pissed to the eyeballs are such dangerous street fighters. Those big tall Danes in attendance must have been shitting themselves when the imposing and virile scottish cunt started throwing shapes.

And a mention for that kerb crawling hunchbacked cunt MVG who got raped by Coco the clown last Sunday.
I think this post sent to me  by a member of the sums it up beautifully
Firstly this week a quick mention to the Scottish Thumbelina who tried to attack a member of the Danish public straight after the defeat that won the miniature Cum guzzler last week's award.
Fortunately Geert de Vos managed to step in before the child in question managed to hit the wartless one with that many lefts the dwarfy cunt was begging for a right.
Next up is a big shout going out to the BDO (catas)trophy who unfortunately haven't sold ONE fucking ticket for this event in a entire week!... yet the event is still taking place as the mushrooms and Summer teeth Sue (aye, some are black some are green & some are fuckin missing) reckon the crowds will be reminiscent of a pilgrimage to mecca and be climbing over one another to pay on the door when & if this pile of dog wank actually takes place.
Stepping up to lay claim to this week's award is the misshapen fat Dutch shitbag Michael van Gerwen, yes the man whose oversized pumping hips have left more prostitutes laying star shaped and gasping for air than the Suffolk strangler has ironed out all his rivals with his performance last Sunday night against his usual bitch Peter Wright.
Not only did the cunt with a streetwalker season ticket get beat, he got fucking annihilated 6-0 by a painted bow legged mongoloid with a Buddha belly and a Vietnamese pot bellied pig wife who only stops fucking eating when her arms get tired.
How fucking humiliating must that have been for the Dutch Down Syndrome merchant as his usual gurgling rape victim fought back for once and bummed the snot out of his pantomime horse sized back end just for a fucking change.
Yep, no matter how much the Yul Brynner with a under active thyroid problem pulled his socks up or put on that fake fucking cough he couldn't manage to shake the clowns love root from rattling away at his clay pipe like a salvation army tambourine.
No surprise really as all cunts that live in windmills have a genetic predisposition for waving the white flag brought on by their masters in jackboots from bygone days.
And lastly a mention for those lazy cunts not attending the EuroTour this weekend.
I guess allowances can be made for Taylor who is retiring anyway, and MVG who claimed he is preparing for the PL finals night, and to be fair he does not miss many , and also Ando who has qualified.

However Lewis and Barney who wont be at the PL next thursday proved yet again what lazy useless cunts they are. Remember before the Premier League  participants were announced and Fatpot and Barney promised to make more of an effort ?

I said at the time those 2 lying fat cunts did this just cos the PL selection was on, and now the PL is done and dusted for the most part, those 2 sweat hogs are back to their lazy routine, and in the meantime we got a euro tour with extra Gibraltar jobbers, making todays euro tour possibly the worst opening day Euro tour I have ever witnessed even if the standard was still better than what you get in the bdo.