Friday, March 20, 2015

Now here is a deluded moron  to beat other deluded morons, ladies and gentlemen I give you Steve Eggerton, one of the assclowns behind the BDO Fanatics group who are trying to get their members to pitch in and sponsor a darts event.

In 2 weeks these deluded souls have collected...wait for it 125 quid. I actually feel ashamed for them,When you consider that the group that call themselves fanatics and has a membership of well over 3000 , that is roughly donations of around 4 pence per member.
Thats not counting the fees that will have to be paid out, and what they will be left with is pittance.

In todays world of darts that type of money would not cover Kong's drink and drugs tab, or pay for  Glen Durrant to have a consultant visit with a plastic surgeon, or cover the costs of bleaching Sue Williams rotten yellow teeth.

They might have a better chance putting up a pic of Steve Eggerton in a charity poster, have you seen the fuckin state of him ?
He is like the poster child for Malnutrition UK, I am sure they would make money that way....something like this

Friday, March 13, 2015

A winner based solely on his ability to choke when the pressure is on, the Glen Durrant of the PDC.
His 10 - 0 defeat to Peter Wright must have had all the gimps pulling their hair out.
The thought of the PDC clown destroying the former Lakeshite Champ must have been hard to take for some.
To his credit he did bounce back well on thursday night although was only playing Abysmal Chisnall, a player he has a decent record against, but the kicker is Buntings loss earlier tonight in the Euro event 3 qualifer where he again failed to get through, this time losing to North American Ken McNeil.

Another special mention to the lying scouse fat cunt Kong yet again who lost in both qualifiers for the Euro events tonight.
Someone get the useless cunt a winmau Blade 4  with the bigger trebles and huge bullseye to play on, the former Lakeshite seed and BDO top player might then actually win a game.

At the time of writing James Wilson and Alan Norris also bombed out of the Euro event qualifier #3.

Special mention to melted plastic bag face Glen the Choker Durrant the only man to lose to Dennis Harbour in a final ....TWICE.
Choler Durrant failed last Sunday in the Isle of Man to beat Harbour who threw....wait for it...a 78.51 average. that is 4 points lower than what Bunting had in the PDC UK Open and he lost 10 -0, yet it won the comp for Harbour.

Also Choker Durrant spenttime on TDF boasting how he now has a van to take him to shitholes all over Europe to get points for Lakeshite . no doubt so he can choke when he gets there.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time for another Wallpaper..................................................

Friday, March 6, 2015

Since the World Championship we have seen Ando revert back to grinning spaz mode.
Last night he showed his old style "happy to lose" smile against Dave Chisnall who battered him 7-2.
This is the guy who said recently that if he was offered second place in comps he would take it, what sort of attitude is that to have, any wonder Bully Boy has such a shit attitude and choking mentality as well.
But he managed to even surpass that tonight, 8 - 4 up to Mervyn king in the first to 9 legs and manages to not only lose the game but miss around 14 match darts.

As usual another week where I have been spoiled for choice., lets not forget Kong the lying scouse scumbag cunt. Kong has buddies who make more money on the dole than he is making in the PDC,
Today he got the snot pasted out of him today by Stuart Kellet, , who looked more like Stuart Little next to the fat cunt.

Darren Webster, another poisonous little dwarf with small man syndrome arguing with the caller after he took his darts out of the board, caller should have kicked him up the hole and tell him to fuck off.

Adrian Fatpot Lewis after his lazy display last night and his shambolic performance today, glad the fucker is out.

And last but not by any means least, that hunchbacked baldy oompa loompa bukkake sponge that is MVG, who is turning into a whiny crying bitch, his complaints over Peter Wright showed how pathetic he is.
Tonight he is making out the sore arm, getting his excuses ready from when he flops this weekend or losses to Taylor next thursday. Odd how the arm does not affect him when he scores high or fist pumps.

Friday, February 27, 2015

This week Sue, spineless, Ted Hankey and the fans and everyone connected to the BDO gets it.

The World CatasTrophy has been an complete fucking disaster, then we all knew it would be.
From day one it was in the shit, a comp specifically created for TV struggled for weeks to find coverage, until Eurosport 2 took pity on them and took this shit off their hands for free.

The stage looks like it was furnished with black bin bags courtesy of Martin Phillips, the blue lighting like something from a murder scene, the crowd or lack of, an embarrassment.
The excuses from gimps came out as expected, how its hard to get fans on a Thursday night, although 10,000 turned up to a PDC event  on the same Thursday.

The walk ons were a cross between the funniest and saddest things I witnessed in darts since Ted Hankey's "stroke" , Martin Atkins "sore arm" and Tony Fleet's "nervousness".

Checkout the pic of  Bo Selecta on her walk on, no one around for the munter and the one official that had to be there was ashamed to death he was photographed.

Then there was the standard of darts, utterly shit standard, one game was one last night with a 72 average, a 63 average won a game tonight , then the opponent only had a 57 average.

Jamie Hughes ran amok today 6-0 with an 80 average such is the crap standard..

Still at least we saw Tony the Bottler O'Shea choke yet again with his mid 70 average in another mauling,
Trina the Bull Dyke sent packing also throwing shit
Ted Hankey act the total prick , and give it large when he actually managed to hit a whole 100, but the PDC youth player was not buying into his shit, nor was Bo Selecta who was running at the stage acting like the fat scumbag cunt she is.

The icing on the cake was the defeat of the Spineless one, and the fact he had to wait til almost 1am must have made it even more hurtful to the prick, also good to see the fans had little love for the coward cunt as in the pic below

Friday, February 20, 2015

This weeks award goes to Adrian Battersby, the idiot responsible for charging for the shit darts this weekend.
For years I have listened and read the comment of BDO gimps complain how the PDC are bastards for charging money for their darts, or how they spoil darts with their ad breaks.

The mickey mouse 6 nations cup is on tonight and this weekend, and viewers are expected to pay for this clusterfuck of jobbers, and the format in most cases are one leg matches , whats the betting those slating the PDC will have no issue with this.

Who in their right mind  would cough up money to watch Dennis Harbour and the jobbers in one leg matches,
This guy streaming this crap lives in cloud cuckoo land.

Also special mentions for the following :

Robbie Green who lost again today in the last 256, ....his PDC earnings so far less than half the cost of his entry fees. Stupid fat thick cunt,typical scouse victim mentality.....and a proven liar who makes accusations on twitter .

Norris, Wilson and Dekker, all again failing to even get close to the last 32.

Barney the headshaker, showing his frail mental state in blowing a lead against wright in the PL.